Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 9)


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Recap: Ragsan fight.
Precap: Rags slaps sanky and swalak frndshp.

@ cafe
Lucky: hey bhaai, I asked u sorry na, y r u angry yet? Plz talk to me…
Rags gave an irritated look.
Sanky: lucky, I came here to talk to u in private, not vth strangers. He gav a tough look to swarag.
Swara speaks to rags in a low voice, and lucky saw it.
Swara: Ladoo, plz chalo na. Itz late and U know na shailaja aunty….
Rags got alerted and nodes.

Just then she got a call,
Sumi: Ragini, plz come home soon, ur dadi has got a mild stroke.
Rags stood up vth a shock.
Rags: what? OK mom, dn worry I’ll b there in 10 min.
Swalak looked at her being worried while sanky didn’t care. He got a call and went aside to attend.

Rags: swara, dadi has got a stroke. I hav to reach soon. Come soon I’ll drop u and leave.
Swalak got worried too.
Lucky: Rags u go soon. If u dnt mind I’ll drop swara.
Just thn sanky came. He didn’t hear the complete conversation. He got angry listening to lucky. He thght these girlz hav trapped him. He walked outside the cafe in anger.
Swara was not willing to go vth lucky. But she nodded for rags. As she knew she wud not allow her to go alone.
Swara: ragini, don’t worry abt me.

Rags: but swara shailu aunty….
Swara: itz OK ladoo. I’ll manage. Ur presence is more important for dadi than me. And plz call me wen u reach hospital and keep updating her health.
Rags hugged her and said to take care.

She came out in urge. She was worried for dadi. Just then sanky came and blocked her way.
Sanky: I know everything abt girlz like u. U and ur friend both are a big cheat.
Rags: what rubbish?
Sanky held her arms. His rude touch reflected his anger. Rags was trying to pull him.
Sanky: Don’t u dare to talk to me like tht again. And stay away from lucky. U cannot trap him as long as I am vth him. Go and search for some other guy.
Rags lost her control. She pushed him and gave a tight slap.
Rags: what hav u thght of urself huh? Learn to respect girlz first or else u cannot come up in ur life.
She looked at him once and went to her car. Sanskar was fully drenched vth insult and anger. He touched his cheek vth his hands.
Sanky: u vl hav to pay for it!! I’m not gonna leave u both. Think tht ur worst time has started.
He fumed looking towards her car.

@ cafe
Lucky: shall v move?
Swara: itz OK luc….
Lucky: no itz not OK. First time rags has told me something to do nd I’m gonna follow tht. Now plz come and sit in my car, I’ll drop u safe.
Swara nodded unwillingly.
They both went to their car. Lucky started to search sanky. He thght he might hav gone in anger. He thght to convince him later.

@ car.
“Zindagi ek safar hai Sahana, yaha kal kya ho kisne jaana…..”
FM was on. Lucky was enjoying the music. Swara was thinking how to handle shailaja. Shyam too was not in home. He had been to a business trip. AC was on and she started shivering lightly. Lucky saw her and turned it off . Swara noticed him. She felt she was wrong.
Swara: Lucky I’m sorry.
Lucky: huh? Sorry? For wat?
Swara: I completely misunderstood u. I thought u as a flirt. I’m really sorry.
Lucky: ha ha ha……. U didn’t misunderstood me Swara. I am a flirt.
He winks at her. Swara smiled at him.
Swara: stop !!. I’ll go from here.

Lucky: itz ok. I’ll drop u. I too dnt hav any work to do right now.
Swara: no lucky. Itz ok. Thank u. Bye.
Lucky: my pleasure. Bye.
She stepped out and started walking towards home being tensed. Lucky was smiling looking at her and went back. But unfortunately Shailaja had seen swara stepping out of a car. She saw a boy inside it but cudnt recognise him.

Swara came inside being worried. She saw entire house. She didn’t find shailaja. She was abt to go to her room.
Shailu: O welcome madam. V r happy to hav our princess back. Wat was the need to come today? U cud hav stayed out for some more days. However v r here na to serve u and do all the things in home!!
Swara was in tears. Shailaja shouted.
Shailu: stop ur crocodile tears. I’m not gonna melt fr tht. Why did u cme now? V don’t care evn if u leave this house permanently. V vl b relieved at least. Don’t u hav shame? U stayed out fr two days and now u r coming vth a boy.
Swara was shocked hear tht.

Shailu: what? I saw everything. U stepping of a car. I saw tht boy too. Now don’t try to fool me. If u want to b in this house thn b in ur limits. I know u don’t hav any shame. But v do hav. At least don’t cheat ur uncle whoz wealth u r enjoying.
Swara was completely disturbed vth her words.
Shailu: U r not going anywhere from tmrw. Not evn to ur clg. Now enough of ur doings. Now b in home and do wat I say. Or else u can move out. Got it? Now go and wash the clothes. I’m tired of doing all tasks. And tell tht rags not to come here frm now. I’ll talk to ur principal and inform him tht u r done vth studies. Now wat r u waiting for? Go inside.

Swara rushed to her room. She started crying bitterly. Studies was the only way tht helped her to come out of all the stress. Now she was not allowed to do tht too.

Swara: Why god? Why me always? Wat hav I done tht u r giving such a huge punishment? Is it such a big sin I hav committed tht aunty refused me to study?

She hugged her pillow tighter. It has seen her tears everyday. She always hugged it to get a feeling tht she had someone vth her,to console her. Tht pillow was the proof of all her sufferings. She cried whole night.
Moon and stars were staring at her in grief.

Screen freezes at helpless tears of Swara.

Precap: Rags tells lucky abt Swara and some light moments…..

Guyz was it too boring? This was necessary for my plot. Sorry if I disappointed u by this episode.

Credit to: Aishu

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