Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 8)


Guyz actually this is my 7th episode and the episode updated as 7th is the 8th episode.. Sorry for confusion. Really sorry.

Recap: Lucky made friendship vth Swaragini.

@ baadi
Swaragini were lying on bed. Ragimi was talking abt fresher’s party. Swara was lost somewhere. Ragini noticed this. She gave a naughty smile.
Rags: What r u thinkng so deeply Shona?
Swara didn’t get her intensions. She looked at her confused.
Rags: ohh don’t act smart baby, I know u r thinkng abt tht Lakshya, r8? I too observed him. He was staring at u in the car.
Swara was shocked. Swara: what? Omg.. Ragini y shud I think of tht guy. Moreover I think he is a flirt. I feel uncomfortable to b around him.
Rags: I think u r the only girl who hates boyz attention. Just utilize ur beauty baby.
Swara: Ladoo, I’m not getting wat u r talking abt. Ragini beats her forehead vth her hands.
Rags: dumbo, u r the national waste. Itz useless to talk to u abt boyz. Whatever, I’m tired. Letz sleep itz late and v hav classes early tmrw as it is Saturday.
They both said good night to each other.

@ midnight
Swara got up as she didn’t get sleep. She was looking at rags. She was sleeping like a baby. Swara caressesed her cheeks vth a smile.
Swara: how good u r ladoo. U hav a pure soul. U r doing lot more for me. I wonder how can a person love another unconditionally? I wish u shall b happy like this forever. I am ready to sacrifice anything for u.
She kissed her forehead and kept staring at her.
Rags: I know tht I’m cute Shona. Olz don’t stare at me like tht. Now come and sleep.
They both slept peacefully hugging each other.

Itz morning.
Lucky’s phn started ringing.
Lucky: hey Rita dear, gm.
Voice: oh oh Rita, new gf?
Lucky woke up suddenly. Lucky: bha… Bhaai..
Sanky: yes I’m ur unlucky bhaai.
Lucky: bhaai y did u call me so early. Plz cut the call and go to ur office and let me sleep.
Sanky was bit disappointed. He was abt to cut the call..
Lucky: bhaai… I remember today is Saturday. V shall sure meet at cafe.
Sanky gave a broad smile.

@ clg
Swaragini came to clg. Ragimi went to Amy. Swara was thinking how to go home today. She was sure Shailaja wud not leave her. She was worried abt her punishment. She came and suddenly collided with a guy.
He was our flirty boy, lucky. He didn’t see her.
Lucky: hey u can’t u just…
He saw swara and shut his mouth looking at her. He was losted completely by her beauty . His face lit up vth brightness looking at her.
Lucky: hey swara, gud mrng.
Swara: gud mrng.
She ignored him and went to ragini.

Lucky, ” how can a girl b so very polite. I mean I never saw anyone like this. How can a person b so silent. Omg!! She is a silent killer and tht ragini..” He looked at rags who was chatting vthout taking a breath” uff… Violent, in fact too violent. Itz true tht opposites attract, so only these two girlz vl always b together. So many differences between thm”.
All of thm went to their classes.

@ classes
Lucky was throwing chots @ omi and rags was playing vth her pen.
Sir saw both of them and asked them to go out. Both looked at sir angrily.
Sir: stop ur acting and get lost. I dnt want students like u in my class.
Swara gave an angry look yo rags. Rags went out vth a smiling face.

Lucky and ranges went out and started laughing looking at each other. Lucky was mesmorized looking at her laugh.
Rags: I think v both share many similarities.
Lucky: yes v do. But I think u and ur sister don’t rags gave a confused look.
Rags: sister? Where did u meet my unborn sister?
Lucky: what? I am talking abt swara.
Rags started laughing. Lucky can’t take his eyes off her.
Rags: ha ha ha she is not my sister. But even more. V two are best frns.
Lucky: but I thght u both are not siblings. Thtz y I wonder how can u two opposite poles can b sisters!!

Rags: true. She never opens her mouth. But me, I cannot shut even for a moment. She is innocent and I’m a flirt. She is a topper and me u know na….. as I’m out of class.
Lucky: hey u hav all qualities tht I do hav. V can distract many students over here together.
They gave a hi-fi to each other. They spent great time and became good frnz.
Rags: do u hav any plans in evmg lucky boy?
Lucky said no, suddenly he remembered and said” yes I hav to meet my bro”
Rags : (raising her eyebrows) so u hav a brthr too?
Lucky: yes,  he is not only my bro my best is and god father. By the way wud u like to join us? I mean with swara( he stressed tht)
Rags: with pleasure.
Just thn swara came out. She didn’t respond to lucky but went to rags,
Swara: rags are u hurt? I know tht sir was rude, u do…
Rags: o my drama queen, I am happy tht I’m out. I was not at all bored as I got a great company.
Rags winks at lucky. Lucky smiles and looks at Swara.
Lucky: so rags, v shall meet @ evng, bye. Bye Swara.
Rags and swara waved bye.

Swara: evng? Watz gng on ladoo?
Rags: uhh… nothing Shona, he’s just crazy.
Rags didn’t tell her abt the meeting as she knew very well tht swara wud refuse to join vth Lakshya. They went out of clg.

Lucky was waiting at cafe.
Lucky: Where r these 3? For the first time I came early somewhere and they are making me wait.
Lucky came early only bcoz of Swaragini.

@ car.
Swara: Where r u taking me ladoo? U know na from sterday I didn’t go to home. Shailaja aunty….
Rags: I can understand. Plz don’t worry Shona. I’ll personally drop u there and I’ve already informed shyam uncle. We both vl take care of ur Shailaja aunty. OK? Now just keep quiet vthout asking any questions as u do always. OK my drama queen?
Swara pouted her lips.

They reached cafe. Ragini was searching for a place to park the car. Just then they crashed vth a car. They both came out being worried. The episode ends vth worried faces of swaragini.

Precap: Swaragini meets tht person……. From whom their lives change entirely

Credit to: Aishu

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