Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 7)

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Recap: Ragini’s car crashed with a car @ cafe.

Swaragini came out of car worried. They were looking for the person inside the car. The person opened the door and stepped out. He turned out to be Sanskar. He had wore a black T-shirt and a thick black leather coat over it. He was looking stunning in tht look. Any girl wud fall for him for his looks. He gazed Swaragini who were looking tensed.
He was totally in rage.
Sanky: How dare u hit my car? If u don’t know driving stay at home. Y do u risk ppl’s lives?
Rags: v r really very sorry. V were in hurry. V didn’t do tht intentionally.
Sanky: shut up. Do u ever know who I am?
Rags lost her patience.
Rags: u Mr. we did’t hit the car knowing the person inside it. Don’t try to show ur attitude. I am sorry. Now plz let us go.
She gave him a tough look. Sanky bursted out.
Sanky: How can u talk to me like tht. Don’t u hav manners? U don’t evn know the way to apologize. Mistake is urz and more over u r arguing for tht. U vl hav to face very tough circumstances bcoz of ur behaviour.

Swara who was quiet till now, cudnt hear a word against rags. She shouted,
Swara: hey look, we agree it was our mistake. She apologized u fr tht too. Y r u dragging the topic? Ur car didn’t evn get a single scratch. First of all u learn to talk to girlz. Later u can explain us abt the circumstances. Got it? Ladoo, come now, enough to fight vth this person on streets.
She took rags from tht place who was utter shocked. She cannot believe her ears. It was the first time she heard swara speaking to someone in that tone. She always saw swara who was scared enough to utter a word but today…..
Sankar was too very angry. It was the first time someone was dare to speak infrnt of him.
Sanky: how dare they both talk in this way to Sanskar maheshwari? It is a great insult fr me. They shud repent for this. I’m not gonna leave u both.
He was fuming inside.

Rags was not yet out of shock.
Rags: Swara plz pinch me. Am I dreaming?
Swara: what?!!
Rags: Who are u? I think I hav brought someone else vth me. Where is my drama queen?
Swara looked questioningly.
Rags: what? I don’t know this tigress. I hav brought a doll vth me who only nodes for ppl, but I hav lost her somewhere.
Swara understood wat she was saying.
Swara: nothing like tht rags. He was a badtameez. Is that a way to behave? How can he talk to u in tht way?
Rags: ohh so my tigress vl come out only if someone scolds me. So possessive fr me Swara!!!!! Not bad!!
Swara: I donno rags. But I cannot hear anythng against u. Tht too his tone was very rude. I cannot tolerate someone talking to u in that way.

Rags laughed and hugged her. They both went inside smiling.
Rags saw lakshya sitting. There was someone along vth him. They cudnt see his face. As he was sitting facing opposite direction.
Swara saw lucky. She came to know tht they came to meet him. She was abt to scold rags, just then
Rags: Swara plz, I know u don’t like him. But v already made a plan to meet here. He insisted me a lot to bring u along vth me. Plz come vth me this last time. I’ll not force u again. Plz plz. V shall leave early , pakka. Plz.
She made a puppy face.

Swara nodded OK. Rags smiled and waved Lucky. Lucky waved her back. He was happy to see swara along vth her.
They were about to hav seat, they saw the person along vth Lucky,
Sanky and rags in union, “U….!!!”. Swara too was shocked.
Sanky: What r u dng here?
Rags: oye hello, I hav to ask this. Y r u sitting here?
Lucky was confused
Lucky: guyz wait. Do u both know each other?
Rags: yes, he is a very mean person.
Sanky was abt to scold rags.
Swara: mind ur tongue before saying anythng to her. Sanskar was irked totally.
Swarag in union, “Lucky, y r u talking to him?”
Sanky: bro, do u know him?
Swaragini: bro?
Lucky: we….. Well yes he is my bro Sanskar and bhaai, they are my friends, Swara and Ragini (he pointed both) But y r u guyz behaving like this?
Rags: bye lucky, we r leaving. V dn wanna b vth ur brthr.
Sanky: no one over here is eager to b vth u.
Lucky: Guyz plz sit down. Plz dnt fight. I donno wat has happened betwn u all. But letz forget all and shall hav a fresh start.
Swaragini sat down.
Sanky: Lucky how can u bring someone else here? U knw very well na, v spend some private time together every Saturday.
Lucky: sorry bhaai. But v all are already here, so plz letz enjoy forgetting the bitter happenings. OK?
The trio nodded unwillingly.
Rags and Lucky started their talks. They were discussing abt lecturers and were cracking jokes on them. While sanskar and swara were watching thm as they both didn’t liked each other’s presence.

Swara was not at all comfortable vth sanlak. She started to think how to face shailaja and was worried. She was looking here and there. Sanskar was busy in his phn. Meanwhile he was observing swaraglak. He saw rags who was busy talking to his bro and saw swara who was worried. He felt something strange looking at swaragini. He thought they were trapping lucky. He was irritated by their behaviours.
While lucky was busy talking vth rags. He was looking towards swara who looked tensed. He thought y vl she b like this always. He thought to ask rags abt this but felt not to interfere in their personal matters and kept quiet.

Different thoughts were running out in everyone’s mind. All had started to build their own opinions towards each one of thm. They were unaware of the fact tht all of their lives is abt to take a drastic turn.

Episode ends vth separate faces of swaragsanlak.

Precap: Rags slaps sanskar and swalak frnshp.

Guyz plz give me ur views and suggestions. Love u all.

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