Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 6)


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@ party hall.
Lakshya’s frnz were teasing him for the song.
Ritesh: omg lucky…. Wat a song!! I challenge u, evn a crow cannot sing worse than u. I had become a fan of ur voice dude!!!!
All started laughing and gave hi-fi to each other.
Lucky: Stop teasing me u Dumbos. I’ll kill u if u evn utter a single word now.

Lucky was drenched with insult. He had come vth many dreamz to b the dashing boy of the eve but all his plans went in vein. He was fuming in anger vth with himself.

Lucky to himself ” Wat I hav done to myself. I thought to gain everyone’s attention but……. ” He hit the floor vth his shoes. “What those girlz might hav thinking abt me? I hav made fun of myself infrnt of thm. But, no worries, I’ll surely make thm to come after me. Chill lucky boy, better luck next time.”

Ragini was still reminsing Lucky’s actions and was laughing vth her frnz. Swara started to worry as it was already very late.
Swara: ladoo, ladoo come let’s leave itz already very late. Aunty might b waiting. Ladoo!!! plz listen na.
She shook rags hands.
Rags: oh swara, nothing vl happen. U were never late before. This one day vl not affect ur aunt. She’ll scold evn if u go early.
Swara was very much tensed. Ragini cudnt see her like tht.
Rags: “U never concentrated on party. U r just making faces, worrying unnecessarily.” Swara was abt to say something.
Rags: OK OK, now plz don’t start ur lecture. I know evn my mom is waiting fr me.

Lucky too got a call from Dp. He too started to leave unwillingly.

Swaragini was abt to go, just then Vicky blocked their way. He looked swara vth nd gav tough look.
Vicky: what is this, wat kind of dress u r wearing? Where were u frm morning? My mom is working continuously. And u, u r just wasting our money lavishly.
Swara was abt to cry. Just then Rags spoke, “hey u Vicky, mind ur tounge, she didn’t go anywhere to spend money. She was vth me in my home. She has rights to do whatever she wants, u plz do mind ur buisness,. And don’t u dare talk to her like this again.

Vicky fumed in anger. He was abt to shout on Rags, swara just dragged her from there before the situation turns to a quarrel.

Swara was damn worried. She knew she vl gonna meet hell tonight @ home. She was thinking how face Shailaja.
Rags: Swara y do u act so dumb? Can’t u answer him? U hav to take care of urself in this selfish world. If u keep being silent na everyone starts to dominate and impose their rules on u. Plz grow up Shona.
Swara looked at her innocently. She was unaware of wat all she told. She was unable to think anything right now.
Swara: Rags plz, not now. Plz drop me to my home.
Rags: No swara, today u vl stay at my home. I know how they’ll treat u if u go now. Plz swara listen to me. Don’t go.
Swara thought for a while. She too was scared to go there. She agreed half heartedly.
Rags: Thank god Swara! U agreed so soon vthout any drama. I am very happy, v shall hav great fun.

Swara smiled looking at her. They went to their car.

Rags: offo, wat happened now? Itz already late and this car is not starting. Today momz gonna take class for us. Ohh god plz save us.
She made a puppy face.
They stepped out of car and started to move in hurry.

Some boys were on road. They saw them vth such a beautiful attire and started to tease thm by following. Rags was abt to answer thm, Swara stopped her and reminded tht they were already late.

They started to move faster, but those guys started to come closer.

Just then a car came and stopped at thm. Swaragini looked @ each other thinking who it might b.
The glass slides down. And it was lakshya who was smiling @ thm. Rags didn’t evn speak and just stepped inside the car and dragged swara inside.
Lucky: Oh oh wat r u dng? Don’t u hav manners to ask my permission before stepping in.
Rags shouted “Please move” .
Lucky: what? He asked being shocked.
Rags: oh yar plz move now. U can give us ur looks later.
She said like an order.
Lucky moved his car, the guyz went from there being disappointed.
Lucky stopped after moving a distance.
He turned towards them. He was abt to say something.
Swara: we’re sorry uhh…
Lucky: thtz very fine. Ur companion orders me as if I’m her driver and u apologize on behalf of her. Am I looking like a fool?
Rags: yup I know it was our mistake. But those goons were following us so v did like tht having no other option. And u looked like a kind person so we….
She made an innocent face. Swara smiled vthin herself knowing the way rags is trying to fool lucky.
Lucky raised up vth happiness.
Lucky: I’m sorry. Nd itz ok. After all v are from same clg tht too of same class. Itz our duty to help each other.

Rags nodded her head. She winks at swara and talked through her eyes tht he got fooled so easily.
Lucky forwarded his hands.
Lucky: hai I’m Lakshya maheshwari. My frnz call me lucky.
Rags: yeah, v know. Yesterday v saw u vth ur dad.
Lucky felt somewhat. Rags smirked.
Rags: by the way I’m ragini.
She joined her hands vth him. Lucky to himself “so u r ragini, not bad, nice name.” He looked at swara. He wanted to speak to her. But she was bit hesitant to forward her hands. Finally she spoke.
Swara: hey I’m swara.
She said politely but didn’t forward her hand. She had a feeling tht he is a flirt. Lucky was disappointed by this.
Rags: tq, v shall go now, bye.
They were opening the door. Lucky shouted looking @ swara,
Lucky: Hey wait, how can u girlz go all alone this night? It’ll b my pleasure to drop u both till ur home.
He said looking @ swara. Swara quickly nodded no and said ” no it…”
Ragini cuts her words and said, “OK OK. How can v say no if u r insisting so much. We’ll b happy to travel vth u.”

Lucky turned forward being happy. Swara gave an angry look to rags. Rags looks at her questioningly. Lucky was driving in excitement while ragini started to explain her plans to calm sumi.
Lucky was looking at them through the mirror. He looked @ rags who was busy talking non stop, he smiled looking @ her behaviour. He then saw swara who was listening to her silently. He felt her interesting. They reached their home. Rags thanked him and waved bye. Swara just gave a pale smile.

The episode ends vth smiling face of lucky.

Precap: Swaragini and sanlak……

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Credit to: Aishu

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