Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 51) part 2

Guyz……… This is the 51st episode part 2. I dnt knw wen they r going to post it. So letz start…………..

Recap: Raglak…………

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Swara: oh god!!!!! Wat shall I do, this ladoo has not yet come. I think I hav to tell this to maa. Yes itz right!!! I’ll tell her everything……
Sumi: Swara, wherez Ragini? itz already late…….
Swara was abt say abt Raglak, just then Sanskar enters………..
Sanky: aunty, here u go, ur ladoo…….
He brings Raglak.
Sumi: wat is this? Where were u? Ok now leave all those and common to the stage. Everyone r waiting fr u.
Rags nodes and sumi leaves……..
Sanky: bhabhi u know wat, if u hadn’t come till now, then ur shona wud hav told evrythng abt u both…..
Rags: yeah I know, after all she is an obedient daughter.
Swara holds her ears and asks sorry.
Lucky: hey u devar- bhabhi, y r u teasing my saali?
Lucky comes and hugs swara.
Sanky: look, here u go, Horlicks gang has come fr her support…….
Ragsan laughs giving HiFi…….
Lucky: hey bhaai, if v r Horlicks gang, then u r complain kids………. Better u both stop teasing us. Common letz move now…………..
Now swasan gives HiFi and moves leaving Ragsan shocked………..

Meanwhile Swara gets busy in some decorations. Sanskar was roaming around her vthout her knowledge. Swara too notices him and gets happy due to his moves.

Sangeet ceremony starts………….
First Ap and sujatha dance on dholare song………….
Later sumi and shekar dance on bole chudiya………..
All of them whistles at their performance………..
Now itz turn of Sanskar comes on dias………..
Sanky: actually now itz my turn, unfortunately my dance partner cudnt come, so I request anyone of u to accompany me.

Raglaksan looks at Swara. Swara too feels tht she shud accompany Sanky. Her heart beat starts raising. Sanky moves forward lending his hand, Swara to lifts her hand to join him, but Sanskar passes frm her and goes towards Kavitha, in response she too joins her hands happily………….
Swara was shell shocked. She didn’t evn imagine tht Sanskar may approach someone. Sanskar looks at her expressions and smirks.

Kavsan starts their dance on the song “dance basanti”. While dancing, Sanskar intentionally moves close vth Kavitha and enjoys swara’s face, which he cud notice clearly filled vth jealous and disappointment.

Rags(louder): lucky, sanskar and Kavitha are doing too gud na………..
Lucky: yes Ragini, I think they both make a great pair together.

They look at Swara who was staring them in anger due to their talks. Swara: watz happening to me? This is Ragini’s sangeet. I hav to enjoy this occasion. Instead of tht, y am I feeling restless? No Swara…….. B calm……….

Raglak observes and winks at each other. Swara looks at Kavsan again. Sanskar was holding her by her waist. She felt both were too comfortable vth each other. Swara runs frm there by not tolerating their chemistry. Rags looks at her running and gets worried. She stands up to console her…………
Lucky(holding her hand): Ragini relax, I knw she is hurt. But itz needed na. She hav to realize the reason behind her jealousy. Give her sometime.
Rags nodes and sits.

Kavsan complete their dance. Though Sanskar was dancing vth her, his complete gaze was on Swara. Now he gets restless as Swara ran frm there. Sanskar goes in search of her.

Sanskar was searching in entire house but cudnt find her. Now he is really worried fr her.
Sanky: oh god!! Where is this girl? I think I did too much…………..

Sanskar thinks to go downstairs just then he hears someone sobbing inside. He slowly opens the door and gets shocked looking at tht. Yes!!! She was Swara.
She was weeping. Sanskar suddenly rushes inside. He felt tht someone was squeezing his heart looking at her crying………..
Sanky: Swara, is everything ok? Y r u crying? Someone harmed u?
He didn’t get any reply frm her.
Sanky: Swara, plz speak something. Wat shall I think if u r crying? Plz, I’m really worried.
Swara: y r u worried? Go nd dance vth her. Y did u come here? Go and enjoy the event.
Sanskar cudnt know how to react. He was very happy thinking tht Swara is jealous looking some other girl vth him. Meanwhile he was sad thinking tht due to him she was crying, which he can’t imagine evn in his dreams……….
Sanskar(himself): I’m really sorry, Swara. This was just a trick to tease u. I was not knowing u r soo sensitive tht u vl get hurt to this extent.

Sanky: Swara, I’m really sorry. Plz stop crying. I can’t tolerate tears in ur eyes.
He notices she is angry on him. He slowly cups her fave and wipes the tears. Sanky slowly comes closer as holds her by his arms………..
Sanky: so u want me to dance vth u, only vth u, not vth anyone else, right?
Swara opens her mouth to say yes. Suddenly she stops.
Swara(stammers): yes………I ……..I mean no. U can dance vth anyone u want. I’m not angry that u pulled her by her waist.

Sanskar looks at her shockingly. He liked the fact tht she observed all theor moves nd she was unable to digest his closeness vth some other girl. A cute smile came on his face. Swara looks at his naughty expression and realizes wat she said.
Swara: no…….. No…… Don’t get me wrong. I did’t mean tht………..
Sanskar cudnt control himself looking at her innocence. He slowly moves and tries to kiss on her forehead.
Swara gets shocked. She looks here n there not knowng wat to do.
Swara: Ragini…… Is waiting fr me………
Sanskar realizes and moves away……..

Swasan comes downstairs. Raglak look at them in confusion. Sanskar shows them thumbs up and trio winks at each other………

Now itz Swara’s performance. Sanskar was eagerly waiting to know which song she has choosed………
Sanskar gets shocked hearing to the lyrics………….
“Did tera devar deewana………..”

Sanskar gets totally mesmorized by her moves. He never thought swara may mimic him. Swara while dancing shows all his expressions, the way he walks n all. And the end, she moves towards Sanskar and winks at him and drags him by his collar.
Sanskar was super shocked and happy too.

At the end she gets a huge applause. Sanskar slowly move towards her………
Sanskar: I was not knowing tht u hav observed me so very well tht u behaved exactly like me. Am I so good tht u choose me fr this plot?
Swara looks at him not knowing wat to reply……
Swara: Rags told me tht u can mimic like any monkey along vth the dance steps. I just followed her orders. Thtz it!!!
She gives an innocent look blinking her eyes and moves frm there. Initially Sanskar gets confused abt wat she told. He scratches his head……..
Sanky: wat she told? Wat was tht? She told Rags told her to add some mimics of monkey while dancing, but she did exactly like me…………..(exclaims) wat? It means, she told me monkey? Oh god!! Like, do I behave like tht? How can she address me like tht? I mean……….seriously?

Screen freezes on Sanskar’s face………

Guyz I know many of u might hav expected tht u I make Was an confession in part 2. U may feel this episode stupid and uneccessary too. Actually according to my plot, there vl b something before their confession. U hav to wait fr few more episodes to know wat is it. I’m really sorry(1000 times) if I’ve disappointed u guyz. Plz share ur views on this. Love u all……??

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