Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 5)


Guyz tq for all ur love and support. Love u all. Here goes my 5th episode.

Recap: Swaragini bonding.

Precap: Fresher’s party and Lakshya trying to gain Swaragini’s attention.

@ Maheshwari mansion.
A voice was heard in background “Bachna ae haseeno lo mein aagaya….”
Lucky was singing and enjoying his dance. Uttara came to his room. Uttara widened her eyes seeing him.
Utt: bhaai wat is this ur attire? Wr r u going?
Lucky smiling at her, ” Fresher’s party uttara, I’m looking hot na?” He winks at her.
Uttara started laughing at him. ” U n hot, bhaai luk at itself in mirror. Omg I can’t control myself”. She started laughing.
Lucky: oyee wat? Y r u laughing huh? Whatever, Today I hav no mood to fight vth u. I’m exited to know how many of them vl fall fr me today.
Utt: bhaai. I’m sure many girlz vl fall fr u. I mean, they’ll fall down laughing at ur look. U’ll b the joker of the day. U r exactly looking like a monkey. N these spikes…….. Omg….
Lucky pulled her hairs. ” Bhaai leave me. Itz paining.”
Lucky: Uttara ki bacchi. Tease me as much as u want. U’ll get shocked vn I’ll give u the list of girlz who went mad fr me today. Later u answer me.
Utt: ohh!! Is that so? All the best. I wish all ur dreams come true.
She ran from there. Lucky laughed at her and continued his actions.

@ Baadi
Swara: Ragini, enough we r getting late. Come soon.
Ragini gave a weird look to her.
Ragini: Shona u wanna go like this? Swara gav a confused look.
Ragini: I mean look at u, ur hairs, oh… God. Now come and sit here.
Swara: Ragini, plz no more experiments on me today. Yar plz na, I am comfortable like this. This is enough.
She was about go, ragini held her hands and made her to sit on chair forcefully. She removed her earings. She started combing her hairs.
Both of thm helped each other in getting ready. Both came out holding their hands. Ragini was jumping in excitement.

Sumi saw both of them and opened her mouth. Ragini had wore a long baby pink gown. She made a buff and had made a pony. She had got matching studs. She was looking exactly like a doll. Swara was wearing a similar type of blue gown. She had let her hairs free. She has made a very light make up.
Ragini went to sumi.
Rags: maa, how r v looking?
Shekar came towards them.
Shekar: like angels, my child. I think v hav to send a person to safeguard u both, coz many boyz vl go mad fr u both today.
Sumi: yes dear. U both r looking like princesses and plz b careful. Don’t wait till late night.
Ragini: OK maa. Evn if I want to stay, this shona vl drag me out of party…..
Sumi: bcoz she is more responsible than u. she is my child, she knows very well abt u.
Swara and sumi hugged each other.
Rags: ohoo……. Drama queen. Shall v move? V r getting late. U can hug my mom later.
Swara poked her and they both left from there.

@ clg
Lakshya entered the hall where party was going on. Many girlz were staring at him with a smile. He observed tht nd became happy. He started flirting vth them.
His eyes were looking for Swaragini.
A girl came to him.
Lucky: hey beautiful, I think u hav decided to make boys crazy for u.
That girl started blushing.

Just then Swaragini entered the hall. They gained the attention of whole party through their beauty. Lucky looked at the door to know who has come.
He was stunned looking at them. He was seeing them vthout evn blinking his eyes vth his mouth open. Lucky to himself, “omg……. I thought to make thm fall for me….. But here…… Gosh!!! I can’t control myself looking at them”.
Swara noticed him. She felt bit uncomfortable by the way he was looking at them.

Ragini dragged swara to a group where their frnz were chatting.
Ragini was enjoying the party and started talking to everyone. Swara was just following her.
Lucky: How come they are not looking at me? They are meeting everyone but not me. But I know how to make them fall fr me.
He gave a naughty smile.

Ragini was talking to Rita and Amy. Swara was just standing quiet. She was worried abt Vicky.

Lucky came vth some of his frnz and stood next to swaragini. He started to talk to them loudly so tht Swaragini shall listen.
Lucky: Omi, u know wat, I just met a girl, a chipkali. Yar she is following me wherever I go. I am fed up protecting myself from these girlz.
Swaragini cudnt control their laugh.
Rita: Yar he is so cute. I think he is my chocolate hero.
Ragini gave a weird look.
Rags: oh!! Chocolate!!! R u thinking to eat him?
Amy: I wish I can.
Ragini and Swara left from there unable to listen their stupid talks.
Lucky: What crap!! They didn’t evn look @ me. Itz a great insult for me. I gotta teach these girlz a lesson.
He went behind them. Omi was with him.

Lucky: Omi I am thinking to sing a song on this event. What do u say?
Omi gave a shocked expression.
Omi: hey lucky, are u alright? U and singing? Why are u behaving like this today? I mean like losted. He said slowly in Lucky’s ears, ” did ur dad give any treatment today?, ur mind is out of control!!!”
Lucky gave an angry look.
Lucky: just shut ur mouth omi. U just go away. Bcoz of u I dn want to loose attention of girlz.
Omi went giving him a confused look.

Lucky to himself, “Do I sing tht bad?, hah….. Not at all, i know I can sing really good. I’m a bathroom singer. So wat? I can impress them by my voice. Yes Lucky boy, common, u can do it”.

Lakshya, ” Mere sapno ki rani kab ayegi tu, ayi rut mastani kab ayegi tu”
He started singing louder. Everyone looked at him.

Ragini gave a shocked expression.
Ragini: Shona, which is this creature? Omg wat a cracking voice?
She started laughing.
Swara: He is the same guy whom tht uncle introduced as his son yesterday.
Rags: Oh yes. Now I remember. But tht uncle looked polite but this guy…… I mean just look at him and tht song….uff
They started laughing.
Lucky was mesmorized looking them laughing. Their smile increased their beauty evn more. But he was unaware y were they laughing. He was just enjoying their cuteness.

Omi came and alerted him.
Omi: Lucky, wat r u dng? Look how others r staring at u. Y did u sing, tht too so louder?
Lucky just looked at the surroundings. He felt they were looking at him as if they saw an alien. He thn understood y swaragini were laughing. He looked at them who were still laughing @ him. He rubbed his hairs with his hands and gave an innocent, funny smile.
Episode ends vth Lakshya’s funny face.

Guyz i tried my best not to make u guyz bored of My ff. Im sorry if I’ve disappointed u. If u didnt like this epi plz say it on my face. I’ll try to correct myself. This is my first ff. So I’m unable to entertain u guys well. I badly need ur suggestions.

Precap: Lakshya makes frnship vth Swaragini. Some sanlak scenes…….

Credit to: Aishu

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