Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 48)

Guyz I am very happy fr ur interest. Thank u sooooo much fr this love dears……….

Ha ha!!! I felt some of u thght I am going to swap the pairs as Ragsan, Swasan. Guyz dnt worry, it is Swasan itself and regarding the precap most of u guessed it right.

Precap: Sanskar takes Ragini to a place to propose…………..

So letz go vth our 48th episode…………………

@ night……………

Swaragini’s bedroom.
Ragini was sleeping hugging Swara. While Swara was caressing her cheeks and was looking at her lovingly. She gave a kiss on her forehead.
Swara: I shall never leave a person like u any more. U corrected ur budhhu. I’m incomplete vthout u Ragini…………. Good night Ladoo……… Love u!!!!!!
She too slept like a kid in tht embrace.

Sanlak room…………..
Lucky was busy in his dreams vth Ragini. Meanwhile Sanskar was restless. He has decided to convey his feelings. He was thinking the way to express them. His eyes had a mixture of both nervousness and excitement.

Sanky: u hav to do it Sanskar!!!! Somehow I shud make her realize. Tmrw is the day tht decides my entire life and shall not leave any opportunity to male it successful.

He took a deep breath…………………. And went to his bed n started struggling vth it.

Next day……………….
Swaragini and Lucky were in mall. Lucky was sitting like a mad on a chair while Swara was laughing continuously looking at him…………
He was almost a gone case. His hairs were random. He was sweating profusely and was damn tired. He was making faces looking at thm.

Lucky: wat so funny? Huh? U both evil sisters made me ur servant. And ur devil sis!!!!!! Oh god!!!! I think v hav gone around nearly 20 stores. Baapre!!!!! Adi bhaai told me not to accompany u ladies, but I thought………….

Swara: u thought to romance vth Ladoo na?

Lucky: Romance????? Oh god!!! Plz dnt utter tht word once again. Now it is like a bad dream fr me. U sisters r just………….

Rags: oye shut up!!!!! I didn’t like ant dresses. Now common, take us somewhere else.

Lucky: wat? Impossible. U can go if u want I’ll never accompany u.

Rags: it was u who fought to join us. V never insisted u. Now if u hav come u hav to come where ever u go. Arey!!!!! This is my marriage. I can’t compromise vth this. I hav to get everything just perfect. Now common!!!!!!

Lucky: yeah coming!!!!!!

He makes a crying face. While Swara tries hard to control her laugh lookng at him.

Just then Rags gets a call. For a moment she was shocked to look at tht name. She didn’t pick it. But wen she got it back, she hesitantly attended tht……

Rags: watz ur problem? Y r u calling me?
Sanskar: I wanna meet u.
Rags: wat? Y shud u meet me?
Sanky: plz Ragini, itz really important. I want u to come over there alone.
Rags: wat? Y alone? Hey, r u planning something against me? Mr. Attitude!!! Don’t u dare……….
Sanky: meri maa……. How shall this poor guy able to face a jhansi ki rani!!!!!

(Serious tone): Ragini plz, this one time. I’ll text u the address of the place, plz b there by 6. And one more thing. U shud come alone n now one shud come to know, not even Swara.

He cuts the call vthout waiting fr her reply………..

Rags: how mean!!!! Y shud I listen to him? I’ll not go…………….

@ 6:30
Rags was driving. She was going to the place where he texted.
Rags: I can’t understand y this person is like this. He doesn’t know the meaning of requesting. Damn!!! I will go back. No no, Ragini, just wait. Wat might b so important tht he called me alone? Something fishy. Whatever!!!! I know very well to handle such ppl. Uhh!!!!!! He is disgusting………….

She reaches the place and steps out of her car. It was damn dark over there.

She calls out his name many a times but didn’t get any reply.

Rags: idiot. Where is he? I think he hav fooled me. I am a biggest fool to listen to him. Shit!!! I just hate him………

She turned back to go to her car bit stops as someone pats her shoulder. She looks around. Yes it was Sanskar!!!. She was slightly shocked looking at him.

He was smiling at her. The smile, it didn’t had any fakeness. It was pure as his heart. And may b it is the fist the time, he gave her a friendly expression.

Rags: u idiot. R u deaf? I was calling out ur name n u…….
Sanky: I knew u vl come late. So I too didn’t come on time. So mistake is neither urz nor mine.
He gave another smile. Rags didn’t speak anything and was observing his moves.

Sanky: Shall v?
Rags nods and follows him. It was so dark over there. Ragini was puzzled fr a moment. She tried a hard to know the reason behind this meeting, but failed.
She suddenly came out of her thoughts wen lights glows around. She was amused at the scenary. It was a small beautiful lake……. They were standing on a bridge. And all around lights were there. The full moon increased the beauty of the night. For a moment she was surprised looking at them and at the smiling Sanskar………..

Rags(herself): gosh!!! Itz so…….so beautiful. But y did he bring me here? Wait wait, just look at him and all these……….. Is….. Is he trying to propose me? Omg!!! How can he? I am her to b bhabhi and the soul o his brother whom he love a lot. But…………

Her thoughts were disturbed vth his words…………

Sanskar: I know Ragini, there might b any things roaming across ur mind. U might b thinking y this creature has brought me here n all? I hav answer fr all ur queries. I just wanted to make my love as my life forever………..

Rags was shell shocked to listen this. It was an unbelievable fact fr her. She starts fuming in  anger………
Rags: do u ever know wat r u doing? Wat hav u……..
Sanskar cuts her words.

Sanky: Ragini plz, just listen to me fr a while. After tht if u feel so, u can punish me.

Sanskar was sitting on his knees. May b this was the first time he was doing so in his life. The most successful buisnessman Sanskar maheshwari!!!! was infront of her in tht position. Looking at him Rags too felt to listen to him completely.

Sanky: Thank u. Ragini, I know v both hav many misunderstandings betwn us. I know u hate me frm the core. I agree, I had done such mistake, so I do deserve this. May b this is the first time v r together, tht too alone. I don’t knw wat so say or where shud I start frm……… U knw, just few days back I was a reckless, a stone hearted businessman who never used to care fr other’s feelings. I was living in a dark room thinking the whole world as blind. It was only money or my ego tht mattered fr me. At that time!!!!!! I may say her as an angel of my life, she just came as a lightening and sorted out everything just in a fraction. Initially, I hurted her. In fact a lot, many times. Evn though she supported and helped me. She just opened the lock of my dark heart and introduced this colourful world which was full of relations of love. She made me realize the worth of family. Now if I’m happily the part of ur marriage, itz because of her. She gave me this lovely life. She taught me wat is true happiness. She changed me completely, entirely frm the core. I’m no more Mr. Attitude, Sanskar maheshwari!!!!!!!! And in this process of transformation I don’t know how and wen, she has now become my true happiness. My life and my everything. I’ve started loving her!!!!

Ragini was moved by his words. She has never seen sanskar in tht state. It was a new face of him fr her. But still now she was unable to understand y was he telling all these to her.

Sanskar: but I know very well she’ll never accept me.

Rags: y?

Sanskar: coz of u.

Rags: wat? Wat is my role in all these?

Sanky: ur role is tht u r her life. Her guide, friend, sister, care taker, mother. In fact her soul!!!!!

Rags steps backwards listening to his words.

Sanky: yes she is ur Shona……….. My Swara!!! My only reason to live…………

Rags had got small droplets in her eyes vthout her knowledge.

Sanky: I know she vl never accept me vthout ur approval. I know u don’t like me. But evn though I’ll not let her to know my feelings fr her till u give me tht permission. May b I came in ur life just few days back, in tht short period I was just amused looking at ur bonding. I just can’t find a name fr tht………… I think the whole life may b less to understand u sisters’ intense love. May b this is first time a person is asking a friend of his love to permit him to love her. But in ur case, I think u hav more rights on her than anyone else. I want ur permission to move on. I may not b able to love her to tht extent as u do. But I promise u, I’ll never let her feel sorrow. I know she has faced many hurdles in her life frm childhood. I shall put on all my efforts to safeguard her, I’ll make her feel secure and happy. Now she is my hope of living. My hapinness lies in her and only  in her!!! Ragini, vl u plz let me to hav ur soulmate as my life mate??? I promise u, I’ll not break ur trust. I’ll look after her just like a cute princess. She shall b the queen in the dynasty of my heart……………. So can u plz trust me and lend UR SHONA’s hand into mine?

Sanskar was still on his knees, he has crossed fingers, he was eagerly waiting fr her reply, who was completely lost in her thghts…………
Both were almost in tears…..

Screen freezes on nervous Sanskar and emotional Ragini……..

Precap: u’ll get to know tht in our next episode………….

Guyz I was nervous while writing this. I know itz bit lengthy. Plz co-operate and read everything. Plz do cmmnt whether u liked it or not. Whatever it may b just say on my face. I’ll b waiting guyzz………… Love u all??……..

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