Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 47)

Hey guyzz……….

Here goes our 47th episode.

Recap: Ragini hears Sanlak conversation abt Swara……………..

Lucky: bhaai…… Ragini……….. I think…… Don’t know wat she may do now.

Lucky rushes towards her. Sanskar too follows him.

Lucky: Ragini……….
Ragini didn’t respond him. She was in utter confusion and shocked.
Lucky: Rags, I know u r hurt. She is just so stupid to think all these……………

Rags was not in a position to hear his words. The only thought tht was running out in her mind was tht Swara has thought to leave her. But this time she was not crying.

Sanlak were worried wat may happen. Ragini was standing like a statue vthout responding to them…………..
Sanskar: Ragini…………

Ragini just ran frm there. Sanlak gets worried and follows her calling out her name.

Ragini rushes into the room where Swara was busy vth some stuffs. Rags just went to her and dragged her out frm there.
Swara: Ragini…….. Wat happened? I……… I hav some work over there……….

No, but Rags was fuming. Swara was confused on her behaviour.

Rags brought swara to the main hall where everyone hav assembled.

Ragini: ma, papa……………
She almost shouts. Everyone gathered over there and was shocked looking at her.
Swara: Ragini ……… Wat happened? Is everything fine? All r looking at us………….
Ragini gives her a cold look which cuts her words. Sanlak came running over there.

Sumi: Ragini, wat happened dear?
Ragini: maa, I hav taken a decision, n I want this to happen right now.

Her voice was very firm. All were confused on her behaviour. Lucky went towards her and was abt to say something…………..

Rags: Lucky plz, I don’t want any suggestions in this matter. It has to b decided today at any cost nd my decision wud b final.
She said in rage. Lucky cudnt utter a word coz he knew Rags shall not compromise in Swara’s matter vth anyone.

All got serious looking at her. Swara was in dilemma. She cudnt make out wat was happening. By looking at raglaksan she got sure tht it was something very complicated matter.

Dadi: ladoo, watz this? Wat do u wanna say?

Ragini: I want Swara to get out of this house right now!!!!!!!!!!!

All were dumbstruck by her words. They cudnt believe their ears. Yes!!!!! Ragini who loves Swara more than anything is asking her to go out!!!!

Shekar: Ragini, watz this childishness? U r getting married soon and……………

Ragini: papa, no itz not childishness. Itz the reality. Am I right Swara?

Swara was she shocked. Tears were rolling out of her eyes continuously. She was shivering. Ragini tightened her grip on her hands. Swara looked at Sanlak, Lucky signed her tht Rags came to know everything………….. Swara was stepped aback. She looked at Sanskar in anger. While Sanskar was helplessly staring at her.

Sumi: Ragini…….. Wat r u saying? Y shud she go out?

Ragini: yes ma, after all who is she? She is just my frnd. She stayed here fr few days as a guest. How long v can let her stay here, tht too without rent?

Shekar: Ragini, hav u gone mad? Is this u who is talking all these?

Swara: Ragini………. I didn’t mean……..

Rags: no no Swara. U plz get out of here. How long v shud take ur burden? U r an outsider to us.

Lucky: Ragini, just listen plz. She is stupid to act like tht, evn u…………..

Sumi: vl u guyz plz stop it? Watz going on over here? Ragini, I am telling u. Swara is my daughter, got it?

Rags: maa, it is only u who feels her as ur daughter. But this mahaan girl haven’t felt anything fr us. Thtz y she has decided to elope frm here. Right Swara?

Rags was fuming in anger. Swara was unable to bear the hatred in her eyes.

Swara: Ragini I didn’t mean tht. I was just…………

Rags: just shut up Swara!!!!! Do u think tht I was doing any favour on u by letting u stay here? U idiot, u just made a comedy of my emotions……………

Swara: Ragini……….. Never ever, not in my dreams, I can’t hurt u. I didn’t wanted myself to b a barrier in ur happiness.

Rags: barrier? Wen were u barrier in my life? Swara, u were my true frnd. U were the reason fr my happiness. Wat did u feel? U vl just leave frm here like a mahaan aatma n v vl let u go. Isn’t it so stupid? How can u evn think tht I vl b happy if u go? How can u evn think to depart frme swara? U used to say na tht v r soulmates, then u felt tht ur mate shall live vthout her soul?

Swara: Ragini!!!!!!!!!

Rags: get out Swara. Go n do whatever u want. V r least bothered.

Sumi went forward to console both but shekar stopped her holding her hands.

Swara: Ragini…… I’m really sorry. I know I acted really like a dumb. I was blindfolded fr while. I know u r hurt and the reason is me.

Rags: Swara, no, u have thought to leave vthout informing me na? Now I have come to know all abt u, evn I’m not stopping u. U can go. Don’t show me ur face frm now.

Rags was crying bitterly. All were witnessing their bonding and were speechless.

Swara: Ragini. I know u r angry on me. If u want then slap me as much as u wnt. But plz don’t behave like this vth me. I can’t tolerate.

Rags: then how I might have felt wen I heard it frm a third person?

Swara just came and hugged her tightly.

Swara: I’m sorry Ragini, I’m a fool to think abt tht. Plz forgive me. I’ll never go anywhere vthout u. I can’t live vthout u ladoo. Plz…….. I’m really very sorry. Forgive me thinking this as my last din. I promise I’ll never let these bother me again.

Rags just reciprocated her. Both were crying.

Swaragini played in bg………..

Swara lits her face up and wipes Ragini’s face.

Rags: idiot. U know I felt to kill u fr a while. Only u can get such non sense thoughts.

Swara: u know me na Rags, frm childhood I’m the same. It was u who handled this drama queen at her foolishness.

Rags: yeah!!! Then wat shall I do? If I didn’t control u na, u vl make me senti I like this……. Luk u spoilt my make up……..

Rags says by making a puppy face. everyone gets a sign of relief. All wipes there tears.

Rags: so u were panning to leave after marriage na?
Swara: no, never. Not evn in my dreams. I understood everything now ladoo. Swara is nothing vthout Ragini.

Rags: and Ragini is nothing vthout Swara.

Swaragini: v r SwaRagini together!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They hug each other. It was so deep. They feel so happy in tht embrace. Tht was the unknown feeling may b beyond infinity which doesn’t hav any name nor any destiny. The only thing tht existed in tht was unconditional love fr each other, till eternity………………….

Rags: Look Drama queen, next time u shud not dare to spoil my make up. And yeah buddhu, after my marriage, if u feel u r alone or not able to spend time vth me then just say, I’ll send this creature out of my room. V shall hav all our moments back.

Lucky: arey baapre…..y shud I go out? If u want u nd ur soulmate can go. Look at her maa, she has not yet entered my room but already started to impose rights on it.

Ap: this time I’m vth my princess. How can I reject such cute dolls?

Lucky makes faces and laughter spreads everywhere.

Ap: sumi, I’m really very thankful fr u to handover me such a well mannered girl. Really I’m very lucky to hav her as my daughter.

Sumi looks at Swaragini proudly.

Sanskar was looking at them vth a broad smile. For the first time he saw Rags vth a respect!!!!!!. He observed the love they had fr each other. Itz not the new thing fr him, but today the way he noticed thm was different. He decides something which is the most imprt thing in his life. He looks at thm once.

Swaragini were just perfect vth each other. It seems there life was nothing vth other’s absence.

In that moment Sanskar thinks something and a firm smile emerged ou t of his lips. He again looked vth full of love in his eyes fr thm who were lost in each other’s embrace.

Screen freezes on Swaragini……….

Precap: Sanskar takes Ragini somewhere to propose her……………………

Confused? Keep waiting till my next update.

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