Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 46)

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Here goes our 46th episode………

Recap: swara hiding something……….

Sanskar goes behind Swara.
Sanky: Swara, wait, I need to talk to u.
Swara: Sanskar, I hav work. Plz let us talk later.
She was hiding her eyes frm him. But Sanskar was an expert to catch her. He was in search of her sight. Swara who caught it, jerked and moved frm there. Sanskar gets angry. He immediately drags her to a room nearby.

Swara got shocked. His eyes!!!!!! They were searching a lot in her eyes. She was not able to face them. She tried a lot to move frm there, but no, Sanskar’s grip on her waist dominated all her efforts. She kept quiet realizing it. But she was slightly shivering.
Sanskar: Swara, u can’t go like this vthout talking to me………….
Swara: Sanskar, plz try to understand. Itz Ragini’s mehendi, I need to b there……….
Sanky: itz not only Ragini’s but also my brother’s. I don’t want all these reasons. Just tell me wat is bothering u?
Swara(stammers): no……. Nothing. I’m absolutely fine. Now plz…………
Sanky: no Swara, u can’t cheat me vth this fake smile. I vl not move an inch vthout knowing the matter.

He said in a cold tone. For a moment Swara felt to hug him tightly and to wash out all her pains. She controlled somehow. She slightly pushed him and ran away frm there……………….

Sanskar immediately comes and locks the door vth a force. He was fuming in anger. He held her close……………. It was so close tht both were hearing each other’s beats which were too rapid.
Sanskar(loud): I hav said u Swara, I’ll not let u go. I can’t see u like this. Plz………. Tell me watz the matter?
Swara: Sanskar, y r u doing this? I said u, there nothing. If it is so, y shud I tell u? Just go n enjoy vth…………….
Sanskar: not a word Swara. How dare u talk to me like tht? U hav to tell me.

Swara: y? Who am I for u? Whatever it may b, itz my personal, y r u bothering much?
Sanky: I hav to bother, only I hav that right, bcoz I ………………………. Damn it!!!!!! Itz not the time fr this. I just want to know ye reason behind ur pain.

Swara was slightly shocked. Somewhere she was happy fr his concern. But no, she can’t tell him anything. Her eyes were in tears. Sanky was completely moved away by looking at tht. He slowly moves his hands and cups her face. Yes, those dazzling eyes!!!!!! He felt they were eager to spit out everything.
Sanskar(lovingly): can’t u tell me anything, Swara? Don’t u feel to share vth me? Am I nothing for u?

That was enough fr her. She broke up completely infrnt of him. Sanky just captured her in his arms. He kept quiet till she felt relaxed. He kept caressing her hairs.
Swara: Sanskar, I don’t want to go anywhere………….
Sanskar: Swara, where shud u go?
Swara: I don’t know. But I can’t stay here whch doesn’t belong to me.
Sanky: wat do u mean?
Swara: I was here just for Ragini. I can’t stay more when shez not here. I’m unable to digest so much love nd care. I’m just an useless here. How long I can b under their shelter?
Sanky: wat r u saying Swara? Y r u thinking all these? V all love u a lot. U r one of the members here. Y r u talking as an outsider?
Swara: itz the reality Sanskar. I don’t want b heavy on other’s arms. I want to b individual and do something on my own. How long I can expect other’s to resolve all my problems?

Sanky: but wat is the need to do this? U can prove urself staying here. But y do u want to go away frm ur ppl?
Swara: coz Ragini vl not let me do tht. I know she loves me more than anything. But now she is becoming Dil of ur family. How awkward it might b?
Sanky: Shut up Swara!!!!!! I think u r thinking unnecessarily. There’s nothing as such. If u r feeling so. I’m telling u Swara, if not others I vl b vth u forever.
Swara: Sanskar, plz. Itz enough. I’ve decided. I am just an useless over here. Whatever u may say, I vl b just a burden to all. Yes I’m!!!!!!!! I’m just nothing in this world. I can’t trouble u ppl more. I can’t!!!!!!!! I just can’t!!!!! This time I’ll listen only to myself. After Raglak marriage, I vl free u ppl frm a huge burden. Yes!!!! Itz correct………………..

Sanskar: oh!!!! So vth ur nonsense thoughts u hav decided to stay away. Wat abt me Swara? Do u really feel tht I can evn think in such a way?

Swara:  Sanskar plz, I know, itz bcoz of ur sympathy towards me is making u talk. But how long vl u be…………….

Sanky: wat? Wat did u say, Swara? Sympathy? U think itz just coz of sympathy? How can u think like tht Swara? Can’t u feel anything else in my eyes? N wat do u think, how can I stay of u move away frm my life? Hav u ever thought abt me Swara?

His eyes were reflecting the pain in heart. He wanted to tell all his feelings towards her but he cudnt.

Swara was shocked by his question. She didn’t had any answer coz she didn’t know the depth of his words. She removed herself frm his arms and ran out.

While sanskar was looking at her continuously till she disappeared.
Sanky: I can’t let u go coz of ur stupidity, Swara. How can I tel u tht, u r not a burden, infct u r my life, my everything. It is u who brght me here. There no meaning in it if u leave this. I’m just incomplete vthout u. No, I vl stop u, Swara. I can’t let u do the same thing vch I did in past, fr whch I suffered 8 long years. I vl make u realize ur importance in my life……………… I can’t let my love to drove frm my hands…………..n I won’t……………

Raglak were searching fr swasan respectively. Lucky saw Sanlst sitting out looking at infinity. He quickly understood there was something wrong. He went close to him and pats his shoulder. He was shocked looking at his eyes. They were red vth tears.
Lucky: Bhaai, wat happened? Wat did she say?
Sanky: she has decided to go frm here after ur marriage…………….
Lucky was shell shocked listening to this.
Sanky: lucky, she feels I’m sympathizing on her. Y can she feel wat I feel fr her?
Lucky: did u tell anything abt ur feelngs?
Sanky: how can I? She is not in a situation to understand this and neither I. Moreover this is not the right time.

Lucky didn’t know how to console him. He was looking at him vth lots of love and care. He wanted to console him but was of lack of words.

Just then Rags comes over there. She stops listening to Lucky’s words.

Lucky: but y does Swara want to leave us?
Sanky: she is feeling tht she has become a burden fr all of us. She is feeling tht she is useless. She has decided to leave frm here after ur marriage vthout informing anyone………..

Rags was unable to believe her ears. She was super shocked. She stepped aback. Lucky notices a shadow and turn around.

He exclaims, “Ragini”.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both Sanlak got shocked.

Screen freezes on shocked raglaksan.

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