Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 4)


Guyz tq so much. Vb, ridhi, hayathi, yashal, Sara, ammu, nishu, Kavya, manvi, angel, sunshine. Sorry if I’ve missed some names. Tq u all guys. I’m really very grateful. Love u all guyzz ?.

Recap: announcement of fresher’s party and sanlak bonding.

Precap: Fresher’s party preparation and Lakshya trying to gain swaragini’s attention.

@ Bose mansion
Swara was in deep sleep. She was completely stressed up as she had done many works last night. She woke up suddenly by the scream.
“Swara, where r u? Come soon u idiot”. It was Vicky. She just rushed to his room. “Bhai what happened? Y r u screaming?”
Vicky: I’ve told u many a times don’t  call me bhaai. Itz just irritating. U r no one fr me. Now just luk wat u had done fr my shirt? Is this the way to wash clothes? This is my fav shirt. And u spoiled it. Now I cannt wear it again.
Swara: I am sorry. I don’t know how it happened. But I can make it fine. Plz give it to me.
Vicky: stay away. I don’t need u to make it fine. I just wanna throw this out. Now get lost.
Swara was shivering standing there. Vicky gave her a cold look asking her to go out.

Swara went out vth tears. Just then she faced Shailaja. “What r u doing here? I hav told u last night to clean my room. But u just slept like a princess. I want it to b cleaned by 5 min. Go now”.
Swara ran to clean the room. Shyam who was observing all these, “why can’t u treat her like a human being? Ur son is also behaving like u towards her now a days. Why can’t u show a pinch of humnanity shailu?”
Shailaja: vl u plz stop it? I dn want to listen to ur classes this early morning. V r feeding her n making her to study. Isn’t it enough, tht u want to treat her as a princess? Hav u forgotten she does not deserve this house? As soon as she stepped in, I lost my sis. This orphan gir…..”
Shyam shouted at her cutting her words. “Don’t u dare shailu to address her as orphan. If swara comes to know abt this, the very next day u vl b out of it house. Got it?”
Shailaja fumed in anger nd moved from tht pacle.

Swara completed all her chores and was abt to go out.
Shailaja: oh!! so u r going out. U r getting everything free of cost. Ummm go, go n enjoy my husband’s money.
Swara was in tears and ran out. Shyam stopped her. Swara “I’m fine uncle”.
Swara straightly ran to Ragini’s house. She just rushed to Ragini’s room. Sumi and dadi who watched her in such gesture started worrying.

Swara just went to Ragini and hugged her leaving her shocked.

Ragini: Swara, swara what happened? Y r u crying?  Plz swara control urself.
Swara composed herself.
Swara: Ragini, y am I on this earth?
Ragini was shocked by her question.

Ragini: what kind of question is this?
Swara: not a question ladoo, this is my feeling from past many years.
She gave a peach smile. ” U know wat ragini, my parents left me very early as they knew my fate tht I wud b the most unluckiest person on this earth. I am just a burden to all. Others can expect nothing from me except my tears. my life is just meaningless. I am all  alone. I don’t want this kind of life ladoo. I’m fed up vth all these. I want to feel my parents. I need them. I want to go to them”. She cried harder.

Ragini understood tht something has happened in her house. Ragini didn’t speak a word. She made swara to sleep on her lap. She caressessed her hairs. There was full silence in the room.
Swara was sleeping like kid on her lap closing her eyes and Ragini had tears in her eyes.
Slowly Ragini broke the silence.

Ragini: u know wat Swara, my mom always tell me tht ppl whom v love more vl always b around us. V just need to feel their love and presence around us. Evn ur parents r watching u. U r not alone Swara they r vth u. Me, ur best friend is vth u dear. U r not a burden to anyone. Those ppl r fools tht they r unable to know ur value and they don’t deserve such a pure hearted person to b around thm. No one can b b like u. U so strong to bare all these sufferings at this age. U r the luckiest tht u hav such a soul which responds to other’s feelings, itself being baring lot of pain. I don’t know abt this world swara, but I want u and ur friendship Swara. I want SWARAGINI to always b like this forever.

Swara lit her face up. She saw Ragini crying. Both wiped each other’s tears.
Swara: I am sorry ladoo. I made u cry.
Ragini: yes u hav to b sorry. And u hav a punishment fr making me cry.
Swara looking at her confused. Ragini slapped lightly on her cheek.
Ragini: u hav to promise me tht u won’t talk such nonsense again. Don’t u dare to feel urself alone. Hav u forgotten this devil? I’ll always b there vth u forever, stupid. Wherever u go I’ll come after u. U can never get rid of me.

Swara: I promise u ragini tht I won’t let these kind of thoughts to bother me again. And I  never want to get rid of such a caring nd cute devil.
They hugged each other.

Swaragini……. played in bg.

Sumi and dadi who were watching them had tears looking at their bonding and wished they shall b like this throughout their  life.

Ragini was showing her dresses she has shopped the lastday for fresher’s party. She finalised her dress. She started showing another set of dresses.
Swara: omg ladoo.. How many did u buy? Poor shekar uncle, I donno how they are handling u. V hav only one freshers party but u……!!!
Ragini; uhh.. I know that. These dresses are not for me but fr u.
Swara: what? For me? But y Ragini ? U know na tht I hav…..
Ragini cut her words.
Ragini: ohh drama queen… I know wat type of dresses u hav. I know very well tht u hav not purchased a single dress from past 1 year. Don’t u dare to say no or else I’ll never talk to u.
Swara: oh.. So u r telling me tht u vl not talk to me.
Swara smiles.
Ragini: u know very well tht I can’t stay vthout talking to u. But this time I’m serious. U r wearing any one of these.
Swara: OK my devil, as u wish. But u know na I’m poor in selection. So u select any of these for me.
Ragini selects one dress for her.
Ragini: perfect!! This suits u well. And one more thing. U r not going anywhere now. We’ll get ready here itself. N that’s final shona. I don’t care if u disagree. Got it?
Ragini folded her hands against her chest.
Swara laughed at her.
Swara: OK laado maa. Do I hav such a dare to disagree u?
They laughed and hugged each other.

Guys I know this episode may b bit emotional. U might feel it boring too. But I just wanted to show swaragini bonding. If u felt bad plz inform me. I’ll b glad by tht. Critics r most welcome. N one more thing next epi wud b of lots of fun. I’ll try to update it soon.

Precap:  Fresher’s party and Lakshya trying to gain swaragini’s attention. (Loads of fun ?).

Credit to: Aishu

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  1. hi aishu it is d 1st time i am commenting here.. ur ff is nic no it was not boring at all…i liked the bonding b/w swaragini

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