Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 37)

Guyz thank u so much fr all ur cmmnts. I am not able to reply to ur cmmntz personally. I’m really srry fr tht. Frm today I’ll definitely try to reply to all u cmmtnz……
Here goes our 37th episode…….

Precap: Swasanraglak masti @ gm….
Recap: Lucky slaps ragini………..

Sanlak were in their car. Both of their faces were red and both were damn worried.
Sanky: Lucky, how can u b so irresponsible? U were vth him since many days cudnt u figure out wat is he? Wat if something happened to thm?
Lucky: bhaai… Plz I’m too shocked as u r. I vl kill him fr sure today. Just go fast. V hav to inform this to Swaragini……..

@ road…..
Swara: ladoo, I’m getting late. Plz do something. I vl surely miss my concert today. Oh god!!! Itz already very late.
Rags: I don’t know swara, wat is the prblm vth this car. Wait letz wait fr an auto…..
Swara: there’s no sign of a single vehicle over here.
She was abt to cry.
Rags: relax Shona, I’ll call lucky….. He shall come here……..
Rags dialled Lucky…..
Rags: hey, lucky v r in trouble. V need u. Plz come soon asap……
Lucky widened his eyes listening her.
Lucky: oh god!!! Itz just happening wat v wanted to stop. Ragini, r u both OK? Where r u? V r coming, don’t worry….
Rags: wat? V r absolutely fine. Actually my car has got damaged. Swara has to reach her concert. Itz just 15 min more. Plz come here na…….
Lucky gets relieved.
Lucky: uff!!! Where r u both? V r in mk colony……. V vl b there in 5 nin. But plz do t go alone. Itz very risky.
Rags: wat? Mk colony? It takes nearly an hour to reach here…….
Lucky: rags, pls listen to me. Itz very imprtnt. JUST DONT GO ALONE………
Before he cud complete Rags saw Raj coming on his bike. She gets a broad smile on her face…..
Rags: Raj……..
She waved him screaming out.
Lucky got tensed listening to his name. He shouted on call…..
Lucky: Ragini, Ragini…..listen, don’t go vth him.
But Rags cudnt listen to his words.
Rags: Raj, u just came on right time. Swara is late fr her concert. Can u plz drop her? I’ll come behind u guyzz…..
She noticed tht Lucky was still on call…
Rags: Lucky, guess wat, Raj came over here. She’ll go vth him. Don’t worry.

Lucky: Rags, listen don’t send her vth him. V r coming.
Rags got disgusted.
Rags: R u mad? She is late and she doesn’t hav much time. Shez going.
She cuts the call.

Raj smirks. Swara looked at Rags.
Swara: Rags, I can’t go vthout u. Whatever it may happen. V vl go together. I’ll not go.
Rags: if it was a car, I wud hav come. Don’t worry. I’ll catch u soon. Plz swara, go vth him.
Swara nodes unwillingly. She sits on bike. She was looking at her again nd again. Rags too felt strange. She was looking at thm till the bike disappeared frm her sight.
Rags: sorry shona, I vl come there soon.
She too was restless. She just saw her phn she noticed lucky has called her 10 times. She received his call.
Lucky: Rags, can’t u pick the call. I’m calling u frm long time. Now just listen, v r coming over there and u both r not moving frm there. Got it?
Rags: OK……
Rags thght Lucky was jealous vth Raj. She thght to wait as Lucky told he wud come soon………..

Swaraj were going on bike.
Swara: Raj….. Which place is this? I hav concert plz….. No more pranks yar. Take me over there soon….
Raj: Don’t worry, cutie. Itz a short cut. My destination is almost there. Be bit patience………….
He smirks. They reached a place. He asked Swara to get down. Swara does as he said. She was abt to ask him where were they. Suddenly she felt an immense pain at the back of her head. Her sight were unclear. Gradually she fell unconscious……………

@ road…..
Rags was waiting fr Lucky. Suddenly a car comes in a high speed and stops infrnt of her. Sanlak got down frm there. It was SL clear frm their faces tht they were too upset. Their hairs were random. Both of them came to her.
Sanlak: R u OK?
Rags got confused vth their question. She looked at them wierdly. She starts laughing.
Rags: leave me. U both r u looking as if u hav escaped frm a mental hospital.
Sanlak were desperate. Lucky suddenly notices something……
Lucky: wherz Swara?
Sanky too realized, he gets too much worried. Rags was confused at their actions. She felt they were upset vth something.
Lucky: speak out u idiot. V asked u both not to move frm here till v come. V fold u to drop there na. Where is she?
He was shouting. Rags gets angry….
Rags: R u mad? Y r u trying to dominate? U r our frnd doesn’t mean u impose ur will on us. I told na, she was late fr her concert. So Raj came and picked her. Stop over reacting………….
Lucky just lost his control. Rags who was looking at him in anger gets a tight slap frm him. She was super shocked as she didn’t expected this. She felt there was something wrong. Before she cud reply……
Lucky: R u mad Ragini? No….. U r very egoistic. U always do whatever u feel. I was telling u again n again not to send her vth her. U didn’t listen, coz u feel, u r always right. Shit!!!! I am ashamed. Do u evn know u hav sent her to a hell vth ur hands?
Rags didn’t get any of his words. She was scared by his reactions.
Rags: wat r u saying? She has been to concert….
Lucky: concert my foot!!!!! She wud hav lost her prize, but now u made her to lose her life.
Rags: Lakshya plz…… B clear. I am really worried……

Lucky: ur so called frnd, Raj……….. He was after u both. He was just waiting fr an opportunity. He is a cruel creature. U sent ur sister vth him evn I denied u not to………
Rags felt as if the ground was abt to collapse…….
Rags: wat? Lucky……
Lucky: just shut up!!! Itz bcoz of ur attitude, my Swara is in danger. I’ll not spare u if something happens to her.
Rags felt as if the whole universe get struck. She went to a shock.
While Sanky was not at all in his sense. His heart was screaming out her name. He was still. His thghts were just remembering her smile her innocent face, her smile everything. Tears rolled down frm his eyes……….
Sanky: no lucky, nothing vl happen to my Swara, I’ll not let anything to happen vth her. Never…….. I’ll kill tht blo*dy Raj……….
He bites his teeths. He didn’t wait fr Lucky. He went towards his car and moved frm there vth a speed of light.
Lucky cudnt stop him as he didn’t wait. He was looking in rage @ Rags who was not all in this world. She felt her vision getting blurred. She suddenly falls down. Lucky moves to her quickly……..

Lucky: Ragini….. Ragini….. Wake up. Open ur eyes. Oh god!! Wat did I do. I just spilled out whatever I felt. Swara is her life. Evn by knowing this, I just…..
He looks at his hands frm vch he slapped her. He hits it on the ground. He looks at unconscious Rags, and kissed her forehead lovingly……..

Screen freezes unconscious Swaragini and worried Sanlak……

Howz it guyz? I’m gonna post two back to back episodes as I’ll b busy tmrw. Plz share ur views. Love u loads…….

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