Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 36)

Guyz tq u all fr ur love and support……

Recap: Sanlak were asked to stay in gm…….

Lucky: bhaai…. This is a golden opportunity. V shud not miss it. V hav to impress.
Sanky: wat? R u trying to impress Swara? Lucky…….
Lucky gav a disgusting look.
Lucky: haa….. Swara!!!? I love Swara….. Plz u sacrifice her fr me.
Sanky widened his eyes vth a shock. He cudnt believe his ears.
Lucky hits him on his head…..
Sanky looks at him clueless……

Lucky: bhaai…. R u mad? U r really an idiot. God!!!!
Sanky: Lucky…. Wat?
He asks making funny face….
Lucky: She is just my frnd. Infct best frnd. Don’t worry, my track is different. Our goals r sitting together. V can reach there together…
Sanky first didn’t get his words. Later he got to know and narrowed his eyebrows.
Sanky: wat??? U love…. U love tht pagal? Tht Ragini??? No lucky….. Plz just say tht I guessed it wrong. Plzzz…

Lucky: nope. I love her she is my Jaan. My love!!!!!
Lucky says vth a cute ile by placing his hand on his chest.
Sanky: I was not knowing ur choice wud b so worst. Think again Lucky, u gonna suffer entire life vth her. Later font come to me asking to solve ur prblms.
Lucky: wah!!! Mr. Maheshwari. U expect tht a teacher wud come to his student to solve the prblm. Bhaai….. My destiny is vth me destroyer. I love to b destroyed. So plz….. U concentrate on urs and let me do the same.
Sanky stares him wierdly and both heads towards Swaragini’s room.

Lucky: bhaai…… Ur first mission……. Try to make her look into ur eyes.
Sanky: Wat? I’m not going to do these filmy tasks n all….
Lucky: then wat vl u do? Just go m sot infrnt of her. Let me tell u, ur lady love is too slow. If u too move like tortoise. U both vl b old till u confess her. So do as wat I say……
Sanskar took a gulp and nodes unwillingly. Straightly he goes inside Swaragini’s room.
Lucky: god!!! Wat is he doing?
Sanky goes near Swara, rags was staring him.
Sanky: look into my eyes, swara…….. I think something has went inside.
Lucky widens his eyes being shocked…..
Lucky: u r……… Bhai, how can u b so stupid?
Heakes a crying face. Rags notices lucky leaning at the door. She finds something fishy. She goes near Sanskar and pulls him towards her.
Rags: y? Y t u asking her do tht? Look at tht joker standing over there. U can go to him. Y r u after my Swara……
Sanky didn’t get wat to do. He was lookng at lucky helplessly who was giving him an angry look. Swara was laughing enjoying the situation.
Rags: Wat? Watz going on here…..
Lucky: nothing as u assuming Ms. Gadodia. Don’t think too much. So……. Wat were u guyz doing.
Sanskar gav a relieved look and thanked him vth his eyes.
Rags: nothing much. But r u both doing here?
Lucky: Rags…… I came here to talk to u. V were getting bored so……
Rags: oh!!! But v r not video games to entertain u.
Sanky: can’t u speak smoothly?
Swara was sure they shall fight.

Swara: OK OK…. Now no more arguments. Evn v were bored. So v shall do something.
Sanky gets excited: v shall discuss on our project……
Raglak gives him a murderous look..
Lucky: bhaai…..
Rags: seriously………..
Sanky makes funny expressions. Swara looks at him and starts laughing. Rags was also happy looking at her like tht.
Rags: OK…. OK…. I hav a game v can play vth tht.
All agrees.
Rags: OK. This abt v can ask qstns to each other. Answers shud b genuine and guyz plz don’t say sent I dialogues n all, especially u drama queen!! It shud b funny.
All nodes. All sit on bet. Swasan and Raglak were sitting together.
Rags: me first…..
Lucky: no me…..
They starts fighting……

Swara: no one…… This time I’ll.
All agrees vth her.
Swara: Lucky…. This is fr u. How many girls did u propose till now? And how many accepted tht?
Lucky: actually, infinity is not yet defined. U knw almost all……
He notices Rags staring at him.
Lucky: but my heart……… It is a big fan of someone………. It only belongs to tht spcl one.
He says looking at Rags. They both hav a cute eyelock. They were so lost, sanky disturbed thm vth his throat. Immediately they composed.
Swara: oh!!!! May I know the name?
She asks michieviously looking at Raglak.
Lucky: nope. Only one qstn in one turn.
Rags: so itz my turn, now……. Swara, wat vl b ur last wish of ur life?
Swara: u……

Trio were confused vth her answer.
Swara: I want to spend my entire life vth u Ragini. I wish tht my vision shall get struck at it cute face on my last breath. Coz if I’m here….. It is all bcoz of u. U r my true soul mate.
Both Swaragini were teary eyed. They hugged each other tightly.
Swaragini plays in bg……..
Sanlak were amused by their bonding. Especially Sanky, he was looking at her vth a proud in his eyes.
Rags: look wat u did drama queen, u made me sent I. U broke the rule.
Lucky: now get back. Itz my turn, Ragini, this is fr u. Vl u marry me?
All were super shocked. Rags was looking at being stunned. Her heart beat raised all of a sudden.
Lucky: oh!!!! Oh!! Come back. I cannot do such crime.
He winks. Rags looked at him angrily. Lucky goes near her ears….
Lucky(softly): wat if my question was real? Vl u accept?
He was looking at her curiously fr her answer. Rags too felt to node. They had a small eyelock. But suddenly composed.
Rags: come back. I cannot do such crime.

She smirks and makes her tongue out. Lucky smiles at her.
Swasan were looking at thm suspiciously.
Rags: oye, wat u both? Mr. Attitude itz ur turn.
Sanky: oh yeah!!! Swara, this is not my question. But I want to know. Hav u really forgive me fr my doings? I can still the fear in ur eyes fr me.
Swara: well, sanskar, itz true I was really scared abt u. But later wen I realized wat u r, it vanished. Trust me, I’ve never seen such a pure hearted person like u.
Sanskar was on cloud nine. He was totally lost in her.

Sanky: tq so much Swara. U can’t evn imagine how happy I am. I was totally drenched in guilt. U know, if my life is on track today, itz all bcoz of u. The reason fr my transformation is u. U made me realize wat is life nd wat is family. I just don’t want to end this vth a thank u. I want to b there fr u wenever u need.
They both were looking into each other deeply. Unknowingly they had an eye lock. Swara gets alerted and comes to rety. While sanky wanted it to continue still more.
Sanky(himself): I wanna say u lot more, swara. But itz not the right time. But I promise u to give all the happiness u deserve.
Raglak were looking at thm like kids.
They all spent some quality time together.

Screen freezes on swasanraglak.

Precap: Lakshya slaps Ragini…..

Keep guessing y….

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