Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 35)

Guyz I can’t express in words how much I’m thank full fr ur cmmntz. Tq so much guyz. I know the story is going plane vthout any twists. But shortly there vl b big twist. Keep reading and enjoying……

Recap: Swaragsanlak @ cafe……

@ cafe….
There was complete silence. Swara was looking at the door waiting fr Rags as she was unaware tht Lucky took her vth him. She immediately gets Rags message “I’ll b back. I’m vth Lucky”. Swara gets disappointed by this. She didn’t know wat to do. While Sanky was also in the same state. Both quiet fr long time. Sanky was expecting Swara wud speak but he then realized tht he has to start. He slowly……
Sanky: wud u like to hav something?

Swara: no….. Thank u.
Swara was bit shy type girl. She was too hesitant to talk to ppl who r not much close.
Sanky: so?
Swara: nothing……
Sanky: nothing?
He feels embarrassed vth her answer. While swara was clueless wat to speak.
Sanmy:(himself): oh god!!! Wherez this Lucky? Wat shud I do now? Idiot….. Let him come. He doesn’t hav a common sense to help his brthr.
He gets Lucky’s msg, ” Mr. Maheshwari, I came out so tht u can spend time and impress her. Don’t act dumb. Talk to her”. Sanky smiles.

Sanky: So …. Swara, I think it takes some time fr him to come. Till then u can tell me abt urself…….
Swara: abt me. U r looking at me right now. There nothing much to tell abt me.
Sanky(himself): I thought I am dumb but she the queen of tht. Oh god!!! Wat shud I say?
Sanky: uh…. Swara, can v both go out fr a while? I mean till he comes……
Swara thinks fr a while and nodes.

Swasan were walking alone in the street. It starts to rain……….
Sanky: oh shit!!!! Watz this? Oh man!!!!
He gets irritated and goes under a tree. While Swara was completely lost vth the rain. She started smiling and was enjoying the droplets. Sanskar was totally mesmorized looking at her. She was playing like a small kid vth her open hands.
Sanky: wow!!!! How beautiful!! She is….. She is so very innocent.
He smiles.

Sanky: shez little budhhu. Not a prblm. I just love the way she is. God!! I can’t control myself now……….
Swara who was playing suddenly slips. She closed her eyes thinking and preparing fr fall. But she gets captured by strong arms.
Sanskar was holding her by her waist. He was blown off looking at her who was closing her eyes. Her hands were holding his shirt vth a tight grip. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Sanky who was completely lost in her. Swara gets up diately.
Swara: thank u, sanskar.
Sanskar just gives her a happy look vthout deviating his vision frm her……….

Raglak went to a hilly area.
Rags: y did u bring me here lucky? Shona is all e over there. Come letz go.
Lucky: OK baba. V r going now. Happy?
Rags: but y did u bring me here?
Lucky: I wanted to spend time vth u alone. Just u and me……..
Rags was surprised as she didn’t expected this answer. Soon rain started there. They run towards their car till tht time they were almost wet.
A group of boys come towards them. They starts teasing Rags…
Boy1: oh she is so very hot!!!

Boy2: shez mine!!!
Lucky gets angry. But Rags goes towards them and gibes a tight slap leaving him shocked. Lucky had a gulp in his throat.
Rags: mind it!!! Idiots. Learn to respect girls.
Boy: how dare u hit me.
He holds her hands. Rags was shocked and was struggling to loosen his grip.
Lucky: oh dear frndz, beware of this girl. Luk at her once. Didn’t u get Amy thing? She’s mentally unstable. U know wen she gets angry………. U hav experienced just now!!!! But if it reaches the maximum level na, v all vl b dead. O god!!!! She is fuming. I’m going frm here. U guyz enjoy. Byeeeee..
Lucky runs away. Rags was boiling inside her.
Rags: u idiots… I’m not mad. Come here…..

Rags goes to them by raising her hands.
Boys: oye run……. He was right she is mad.
Rags: I’m not mad………
She fumes and goes in search of Lucky. He was standing behind a tree and was laughing louder.
Rags: u akdu…. U called me mad? How dare u? Instead of teaching thm a lesson fr their actions u were teasing me……. Go I’ll never talk to u again.
Rags turns around by folding her hands.
Lucky: Gosh!!!! She is damn cute.

Lucky moves closer to her. Rags was surprised due to this. Lucky leans towards her……
Lucky: wat do u think, i shud jav fought like a hero vth thm? sometimes, v hav to use mind rather than our body. Vch u don’t hav…….
Rags suddenly gets alerts, she starts beating him while Lucky escapes laughing @ her.
They both get tired and stands fr a while. Lucky slowly starts to move closer towards her. While Rags started moving backwards vth fear.
Rags: Luc….. Lucky, itz raining, v….. V hav to go…..
Lucky: u look more beautiful vth this nature.
Rags blushes at him.
Lucky: oye…… Don’t act like a drama queen,v don’t hav much time, come letz go.
Rags looks at him vth open mouth. They both ran towards the car vth their catfights.

There was no sign tht rain wud
stop. Swasan were standing under a tree. Swara was feeling too uncomfortable as she was wet completely. Sanskar notices this. He slowly removes his jacket and Hans it over to her. Swara hesitantly takes it and covers her. She was feeling warmth vth tht. Sanskar felt her relaxation and looks at her lovingly. Raglak enters there vth their car.
Rags: Shona, come in……. Soon.
Lak: bhaai…

Both of them enters. Raglak were at front seat while swasan @back.
Rags looks at sanskar vth a hatred, sanskar too does the same.
Rags: Swara, wat were u dng vth him? And u……. Don’t u hav any humanity? U’ll always b behind her.
Sanskar: vl u just shut up? U and ur useless talks. Just mind wat u speak.
Rags: how dare u? First of u shut ur mouth, I’m talking to her. Swara, u say y r u vth him?
Swara gets scared and looks at Lucky immediately. Rags notices this and looks at lucky suspiciously.
Rags: wait a minute, lucky u told Swara was vth Raj but wat is this animal doing here?
Swasan: Raj???
Lucky looked at them vth a pleading expression.

Lucky: S Rags, Raj was there. Actually bhaai’s car got damaged. He texted me. Fortunately, they both met. Thtz it.
Swasan were looking at him vth open mouth.
Lucky: dumb heads……
Swaragsanlak: wat?
Rags: whatever lucky, he might b ur brthr. But don’t make us to meet ever.
Lucky: nothing……. Shall v move?

Swaragsanlak reaches to gm…..
Rags headed inside vth anger. Lucky followed to convince her. Swara stepped out being worried. Swara suddenly slips and she gets a sprain.
Sanskar holds her immediately.
Swara: oouch!!!!
She tries to walk but again falls on him. Sanskar slowly lifts her up leaving her shocked. He was looking into her eyes till he entered.

Raglak, sumi, dadi, shekar saw them and rushed towards thm.
Rags: swara, wat happened?

She looks angrily at lucky….
Rags: look here, every time these two meet each other some or the other way she gets hurt.
Swara: calm down, ladooo. Hevdidny hurt me. In fact he helped me. Plz don’t panic. I’m alright.
While Sanskar was staring Rags vth a fire in his eyes.
Sumi: thank u both. How many times u both helped us!!! May god bless u.
Lucky was totally upset vth Rags as she screamed on Sanky.
Lucky: itz OK aunty, v r leaving.
Rags understood he was angry. But she didn’t stop him.
Dadi: no chore, u all vl stay here today. U hav done so many favours fr us. Itz raining heavily today. So v won’t let u go.
Shekar: don’t worry kids, I’ll inform this to Dp.
Rags was not at all happy as Sanskar was there. She moved inside in anger….. While swasanlak kept looking at her…….

Precap: Swaragsanlak masti……..

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