Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 34)

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Recap: Sanskar starts feeling fr Swara……….

@ mm
Sanskar: Wat did he say? I’m in love!!!!. I just can’t believe this. This time both my mind and my heart wants to agree vth Lucky. This is so beautiful. I am feeling as if I’m flying in air. Is this love? Oh god!!!!! It is so exciting to think. If this love, I’m not at all guilty fr this. I want to feel this evn more. Whoaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!
He screams louder. A cute smile comes in his face. He closes his eyes and starts to feel his heart………..

Itz morning…….
@ gm….
Swara: Ladooo…… Did u forget? Today is Saturday. V hav classes early. Now plz get up.
Ragini gets up vthout saying anything. Swara stares at her being surprised. Rags understood abt this….
Rags: I was not sleepy so…..
Swara: I didn’t ask u anything. Now go n get ready. I’ll b in kitchen.
Swara goes.
Rags: y did I get up so soon?
She ignores and goes to get ready.

@ clg…….
Swaragini were in canteen waiting fr lucky……. As usual lucky arrives late. But this time Rags didn’t scold him.
Swara: Lucky, plz pinch me. I think I’m dreaming frm mrng.
Lucky: what?
Swara: look at her. She didn’t scold u fr not being late but she is smiling…..
Lucky smirks while Rags feel embarrassed.
Rags: oye drama queen, don’t find anything in this. I know he vl come late evn if I scold. So….
Swalak: ooohhh!!!
Rags: what? Shall v go to class v r getting late.
Swalak: is that u who is worried of getting late?????
Swara: I think Rags is attacked by a spirit!!!
Rags: haa….. I’m attacked by it. U both r happy teasing me na? U both always do the same thing. Instead of supporting me, Swara u hav joined in his team.
Lucky: yes of coarse!!! My cutie is in my team. Wat say swara?
He says by holding her in his arms, swara nodes and gives hi-fi…
Rags: oh!! Then enjoy vth ur cutie here. I’ll go to class.
Swalak just laughs at her and follows her.

Rags: uff!! I’m tired enough. Thank god!!! The classes got let off. Otherwise I wud hav gone mad!!
Swara smiles at her. Rags turns around to find lucky. Her eyes widens looking at the sight..
Lucky was chatting vth a girl by holding hand in hand. They were so close to each other.
Rags was looking at him with her mouth open. She was fuming in anger.
Lucky: Anu, u r so cute. I wonder how can anyone b so beautiful. I feel to b vth u always.
Anu was blushing at his flirts.
Rags was totally in red. Lucky was observing her and was enjoying her reaction.
Lucky: oh god!!! I love it!!!! Yipee… Finally my plan is working with high colours. Rags plz confess urself. I’m unable to control myself looking at u.

Rags goes to him.
Lucky: Rags, wat is this? Look ur face is like a tomato. So red……… Y is ur face like this? Like a rotten egg…..
Rags fumes and holds him by his collar.
Rags: is it?am I a rotten egg? Then wat is she? Can’t u look at me? I think ur eyes hav got damaged. I’m more beautiful than her. Look properly idiot!!!!!
Lucky was enjoying this closeness and was smiling vth joy. While Rags gets alerted and composes herself. She was shocked by her move. She loosens her grip and runs frm there feeling shy. While our flirty was smiling continuously.
Lucky: u look awesome wen u r angry!!!!! I want this throughout my life. I love u my dear devil!!!!!!!!
Lucky gets a call frm Sanky…..
Lucky: hi….. Lover boy. Wat r u doing in home?
Sanky: how do u know I’m in home?
Lucky: common bhaai….. U were so lost in ur lady love tht u forgot to wake me up. I’m sure u shall not b in office. Now tell me how come u remembered this bad boy?
Sanky: actually….. Lucky today is Saturday, u know na v always go to cafe this day, so I called u to remind this.
Lucky: bas? Thtz it?
Sanky: haa…. Uh…. Tha…thatz it.
Lucky: OK bhaai. I’ll bring Swara over there.
Sanky: luc…… Lucky…. How did???
Lucky: common bhaai, I’ve masters in these. U r still in prenursery. Now get ready as a prince charming. I’ll come vth ur princess.
Sanky thanks him. Lucky gets happy fr Sanskar and the other thing was he knew if he manages to bring Swara then Rags too vl come vth her.

Lucky: Swaraa!!!!
Rags: oye!! Y did u come here? Go n enjoy vth ur girl frndz.
Lucky: vl u keep quiet? Always bak bak, I want to talk to my frnd.
Swara talks vthout letting them to start their catfights.
Swara: plz guyz, no more fights. Yup lucky tell me!!!
Lucky thinks how to convince her.
Rags: Mr. Akdu can u plz let us go if u dont having anything to say?
Lucky: no no. I hav a lot to say. I’ve to discuss abt my prblms vth Swara.
Swaragini gives him a weird look.
Swarag: problems?
Lucky: haa… S. Swara plz don’t say no.
Rags: y r u asking her? I don’t think u hav such prblmz. Tell me, wat r u planning?
Lucky: meri maa!!! I’m human being tht too vth such  infinite charm. Only humans can understand, not aliens!!!
Rags: then get lost! Y r u talking to aliens? Common Swara letz go.
She starts to move by taking Swara.
Lucky: oh shit!!! Wat did I do?
He goes behind them.
Lucky: Swaragini!!! Plz.
They look back and finds lucky on his knees vth a puppy face.
Swara: OK plz get up all r watching us. Tell me wat is it?
Lucky: thank u. But not here. Today 5pm @ cafe. I’ll b waiting. B on time beauties. Bye.
He runs frm there vthout looking at thm.
Rags: oye milkha Singh!!! Wait.
Rags: Swara, I think he’s mad. V r not going anywhere.

@ cafe.
Sanky: u sure na,she’ll come?
Lucky: bhaai, u r asking this 30th time. Plz!!!!
Sanky: then wat lucky? V r waiting frm very long time. She has not yet arrived.
Lucky: itz not her mistake. U r so excited tht u brght me here one hour early.
Sanky gives a funny smile…..
Lucky: bhaai. I’m very happy fr u. Really she is a gem.
Sanky: I know re……
Lucky: I donno wen vl they come.
Sanky: they? Who else?
Lucky(himself): oh shit!!! I forgot tht devil vl also b there. If they face each other. God!!! Plz save me. I know the saviour wud b Swara!!!!

Swaragini arrives @ cafe….
Swara was wearing a simple while salvar and she has let her hairs free. She didnt do any make up as she hates it. While Ragini was wearing a green banana top vth black jeans. She too has left her hairs free.
Swara: someone was telling me not to meet Lucky.
Rags: stop teasing me Shona!!!
Swara laughs and hugs her.
Rags: oopz I forgot my phone. U go inside I’ll come soon.
Swara nodes and goes in.
Sanskar’s heart beat was raising after each second. He was holding his wrist firmly. While lucky was smiling looking him tensed. Suddenly Sanskar looks at the entrance. Swara was heading inside vth her cute and innocent smile. Sanskar blows of completely looking at her. He automatically feels relaxed and a smile arises on his lips. Lucky observed his changed expression and looks at the direction he was looking. Lucky gets a broad smile. He waves at Swara.
Swara: hai… Lakshya.
She looks and Sanky and gives a smile. Sanky who was lost completely didn’t respond him. Lucky hold his hands smoothly.
Lucky: bhaai…..
Sanky: huh….. Huh…. Hi lucky…..
Lucky: hiiiii sanky!!!……. Idiot. Say tht to Swara.
Sanky feels embarrassed while Swara was looking at thm vth a cute smile.
Lucky: wherez devil?
Swara: what?
Lucky: buddhu…
Sanky: wat did u say?
Lucky: oh god nothing.
Swara signed him tht Rags was outside. A plan flashes at Lucky’s mind.
Lucky: bhaai. I hav an important work. I’ll b back in few minutes.
Sanky: wat work lucky?
Lucky hits his leg with his shoes.
Sanky: ouuch!!!!
Swara was looking at them confusingly.
Lucky: I vl b back soon. “U both b here fr sometime”. He stresses.
Sanky gets him and gives a broad smile.
Swara: lucky….. U wanted to say something.
Lucky: I’ll come na, just few minutes. U both order smethng. I’ll come soon.
He moves vthout looking at thm………
Lucky: oh god!!!! These too r buddhu. And the master of fools is staying out!!! Gosh!!! Lucky u r really great managing these ppl.

Rags: hey lucky. U here? Swara went in search of u.
Lucky: haa s. Come vth me.
Rags: where? Swara is waiting inside. I can’t come leaving her alone.
Lucky: shez not alone. Bhaai….
He cuts realizing wat he was saying.
Rags: wat? Wat did u say?
Lucky: Raj. Haaa….. Raj is vth her. Ur Shona is not alone. Come na plz…..
He didn’t wait fe her reply. He holds her hand and takes her vth him……..

Screen freezes on separate faces of couples…………

Precap: Swasan and Raglak…….

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Credit to: Aishu


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    Aishu! I jst cant believe i hv been reading ur ff since the 1st day & today its ur 34th part!
    I alwys find it too interesting….?????thnks for giving this amazing ff

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