Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 33)

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Here goes our 33rd episode…

Recap: Swaragini @ mm

Lucky: Hello beauties and mental men……
Dp stares angrily….
Lucky: sorry hello gentle men. Today is a memorable day to our family.
Dp: v hav got back our our son, the star of Maheshwari’s back.
Ap: Inspite of all misunderstandings, our entire family is now united.
Uttara: bhaiya, till now wat all happened v want to erase all those bitter memories.
Sanky: chutki, I don’t hav any bitter memories. I’m double happy vth the presence of u ppl. Today is the most happiest day of my life.
Dp: Sanskar, in occasion, I wud like to announce u tht, I’m handovering all my business to u.
Sanky: bade papa… Wat r u saying? How can I?
Dp: no beta, itz all urz. V r fed up of business. Now me n Ram wanna rest so v r handling this to u.
Lucky: don’t worry bhaiya, I’ll help u.
Uttara: how? By flirting vth staffs?
Lucky makes faces while all laughs……..

Everyone were enjoying the party and were busy talking to each other. While Lucky was continuously staring Rags. Rags notices him and she too starts enjoying his attention. Rags: Hey Raj!!!! Tq so much fr coming, otherwise I wud hav got bored…….
She looks at lucky in a cross way. Lucky understoods tht she is doing all those to make him jealous. Rags was looking at him to know his reaction. Lucky quietly moves away disappointing her.
Rags follows him. Lucky smirks and hugs a girl. While Rags stands still looking tht.
Lucky: Hi…. Anitha… U r lookng damn cute today. I think u r the beauty of the eve. I must say, u r just out of world today.
Anitha starts blushing while Rags starts fuming. Lucky starts talking to her making Rags feel more jealous. Rags hits her leg to the ground and moves frm their.
Lucky: god!!! Shez jealous. It means she feels fr me. I hav to enjoy this. I hav to make her realize her love fr me. Just wait and watch my love, I vl make u to confess on urself……

Sanskar was struggling to stand at a single place. Ppl were approaching him to meet him. He cudnt able to pay attention to them as his thoughts were flowing out of his control. His eyes were searching fr Swara. He was restless vthout seeing her.
There he finds her.
Swara: Ragini….. I told u many times tht I can’t manage vth this gown. Now look I’m struggling to walk.
Rags who was disturbed vth lucky….
Rags: Swara, u go n sit there. Plz na……
Swara nodes and sits on a chair. Sanskar looks at her and both share a smile. Sanky wanted to go to her. But he was surrounded by guests. He was looking at her helplessly.
Finally Sanskar clears vth everyone and turns to go to Swara. He stops looking at Raj sitting beside her.
Sanky: y is he always trying to talk to her? Disgusting……
Swara was smiling and was talking to Raj continuously. Sanskar was feeling to punch him. He didn’t know y was he feeling so.
Raj: u r looking too beautiful today.
Swara: thank u.
Sanky comes towards Swara and takes her hand and moves frm there vth her. Swara cudnt walk faster due to her gown. She slips out screaming, sanskar turn her quickly and holds her. Both falls down. Swara was on top of Sanskar. She totally feels embarrassed and was struggling to get up. She tries but again falls on him. While Sanskar was totally lost into her. He was smiling continuously and was enjoying her closeness. Finally Swara wakes up.
Swara: I’m really sorry. My dress…… I’m sorry….
Sanky(smiling): my pleasure.
Swara didn’t get him and moves frm there. 2 person watched them standing far away. One was Raj!!!! Whose expression was inexpressible……..
The other was our naughty boy lucky…….
He cudnt able to believe his eyes. He was standing still watching them. He was shocked as well as too happy. He goes to him to ask abt the incident but gets inturrepted by someone………

Finally the party ends and guests started returning homes. This was the hard moment fr our boys. Lucky was feeling to hug Rags tightly looking her smiling. Entire party they didn’t talk to each other. They were just enjoying each others attention and jealousy made Rags to get angry on him.
Here Sanky was looking at Swara who was busy talking vth Rags.
Dp: I’m so glad tht u came vth these two cute princesses here. Plz keep coming.
Shekar: sure. I’ll always b feeling t ur kids.
Finally both the family bids bye and gets departed……….

@ Sanky’s room…….
Sanky was standing in the garden looking at the sky. He was feeling very happy today. One thing was tht he has got his family back and the other was a very strange feeling whch he was struggling to make out.
Sanky: wat is this? Y am I behaving so weird? Y am I thinking if tht girl? Yes!! She helped me a lot, may b coz of this I’m feeling so. But whatever, she is so humble. I hurted her a lot but she supported me and gave the biggest happiness of my life. Oh god!!! Y can’t I come out of this? Focus Sanskar, just forget abt her.
Lucky comes frm behind……
Lucky: she’s so cute na bhaai?
Sanky: haa….
Lucky: today she was looking like….
Sanky(smiling): an angel…….
Lucky stands there vth his mouth open. While Sanky u derstood wat he said and composed himself.
Sanky: uh…. Wha… What? Abt whom r u talking abt?
Lucky: I was talking abt pummy aunty.
Sanky: wat?
Lucky: then wat bhaai? I was talking abt ur dream girl.
Sanky: Dream girl? Oh common Lucky, u know na I am not interested in all these!!! Nonsense….
Lucky: achaa non sense….. I saw someone blushing today!!!
Sanky feeling embarrassed, ” lucky, I was not blushing”.
Lucky: wen did I mention ur name? I said many girls were blushing looking at me.
Sanky got relieved.
Lucky: but except one girl……
Sanky: oh!! Who?
Lucky: S.W.A.R.A…………
Sanky: wat? Y shud she blush at u?
Lucky gav a naughty smile.
Sanky: shez is a very spcl girl, plz don’t do ur flirtings vth her.
Lucky: so u r telling me abt my best frnd……
Sanky: luc…..Lucky….. I said the sane. Don’t flirt vth ur frndz….. It won’t b gud..
Lucky: oh yes!!! She is my frnd. But not urz.
Sanky: she’s my frnd too.
Lucky: just frnd?

Sanky got his naughty tone.
Sanky: itz too late lucky. I think v need to sleep.
Lucky: common bhaai. Can’t u say it to ur brthr?
Sanky looked at him confused.
Lucky: don’t act smart. I saw u looking at her vthout her notice.
Sanky started rubbing his hairs and was collecting words to talk to him.
Lucky comes near him and holds him by his shoulder. He slowly whispers in his ears.
Lucky: u r in love bhaai..
Sanky moves away being shocked while lucky moves closer to him…
Lucky: don’t try to deny this bhaai. I’ve seen it in ur eyes. U r right, she is a very spcl girl. She us not meant fr flirts like me. Listen to ur heart carefully. U’ll realize everything on ur own…..
Lucky pats him and moves frm there letting him to think.
Sanskar slowly moves his hands towards his heart. He felt as if it has started beating now. He closes his eyes and recalls Swara. A cute smile comes on his lips. He again closes his eyes and starts recalling and dreaming……..

Screen freezes on Sanskar..

Precap: swaragsanlak……..

Guyz I’ve written this in hurry and I cudn’t cross check. Plz don’t mind fr my mistakes. Keep supporting. Love u loads….

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