Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 32)

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Here goes our 32nd episode……

Recap: Raglak nok jhok….

Dp: Rp, y can’t v organise a party?
Rp: but y bhaiya?
Dp: did u forget? V hav got our precious diamond, our pride, Sanskar back. V hav to celebrate.
Ap: haa ji.
Rp: As u wish bhaiya. I’m very happy fr tht.
Sanky: No bade papa. Wat is the need?
Dp: Sanskar, u promised me tht u vl never go against my wish. Now keep quiet. And where is that useless?
Lucky: I’m here dad…
Dp: itz gud u r here on time. Start making list of the ppl fr inviting to the party.
Lucky feels irritated. But he gets excited as he can invite Gadodia’s as well.
Lucky: papa, u don’t worry. I’ll handle everything. Infct I vl take all the responsibilities of this party…..

Dp: no need. I don’t trust u. Just do wat u hav been asked.
Sanky: bade papa, lucky is no more the old one now. He is changed. Plz give him one chance.
Dp: OK. Let me see. Lucky, listen carefully, if anythng goes wrong I’ll not spare u.
Lucky: wen did u spare me? Always tauntings and scoldings. Hitler…..
Dp: wat?
Lucky: no… Nothing papa. I said u r very generous.
Sanky laughs at him and helps him in his preparations………

@ Gm…
Shekar: sumi, look itz a grt news. That guy, haa, Sanskar, he is our Ram prasad’s son. They r arranging a party on his arrival. V too r invited. I feel proud fr those two boys…
Sumi: yes. I think v shud take Swaragini also….
Shekar: they shud come….
Rags: no. I’m not coming. U still don’t knw abt tht Sanskar.
Shekar: No Ragini, itz wrong. U shud not talk in this way. I am expecting u to come there vth us. Bring Swara also.
Rags unwillingly nodes…..

@ evening….
Mm was completely decorated. It was just looking like a palace. Guests hav started arriving. Rp and Sujatha were welcoming thm at the door. Uttara and pari were busy in looking after catering and decorations.
Our boys were too busy in getting ready…..
Lucky was infrnt of the mirror. He was wearing white T-shirt with a black blazer. He was looking too handsome in tht.
Lucky: oh god!!! Lucky u r just dashing. I can’t wait, how many girls may fall fr this charm. Ummha!!!. I can’t take me eyes off myself. I’m so hot!!!! But wat to do?? My devil always goes in reverse gear. Thank god!! Today thy Raj vl not b here. I can concentrate on her completely.

Sanky: omg lucky!! I was knowing u r mad but I didn’t know u hav losted to this extent tht u r talking on ur own.
Lucky: bhaai… U vl not understand..
Sanskar raises his eyebrow

Sanky: someone is looking too handsome.
Lucky: as usual…. Hey, but wait a minute…
He looks at Sanskar from head to toe. He was wearing blue shirt vth white coat. He too was stunning.
Lucky: someone hates to get ready. But today I think, really, many girls may flat fr u rather than fr me. R u giving competition fr me evn in this matter?
Sanky: nope. My lucky is best than me. Today I just……
Lucky: offo bhaai…. Itz OK tell me. Watz the matter? Trying to impress anyone huh?
Sanky starts beating him. They both share a hug.
Sanlak comes down placing their hands around each other’s shoulder.
All gets happy seeing them like tht again.
Ap: I’m so happy seeing u both like this. U guys stood up fr each other every time. I wish u both b like this forever.
Sanlak smiles and takes their blessings………

Rp shouts,” Sujatha come here, Gadodia family has come”
Sanlak faces lits up hearing to Rp. Lucky was just wanted to dance in excitement. He literally runs towards the door.
Sumi, shekar, Dada, dadi were talking vth rp and suj. Lucky was searching fr Rags. He was too impatient to see her. There comes his lady love!!!!! Lucky’s jaw touched the ground looking at her. She was wearing baby pink salwar which had golden works. She has made a pony. Her studs were adding her beauty evn more. She was just sizzling in tht attire. Lucky felt to hug her tightly and confess but he controlled himself. Rags notices lucky by giving a side look. She felt good at Lucky’s reaction………

Rags: hey Lucky boy, I must say today………
Lucky: I’m hot na?
Rags: don’t get too excited. U may get burnt vth ur hotness. U r looking like a boiled egg. It vl be hot too.
She runs to her parents laughing…..
Lucky: Gosh!!! Shez dragging me crazy. If it continues it vl impossible fr me to hold myself. Wait fr few days Rags. I’ll make u feel impatient fr me as I’m feeling ryt now.
He smiles and gets busy vth arrangements.

Sanskar goes towards shekar….
Sanky: namaste uncle, namaste aunty.
Shekar: I was happy to know u r the son of my best frnd. No wonder u hav got all the qualities of ur dad. God bless u beta.
Sanskar looks at Rags. Both were not interested to talk to each other. Sanskar was searching fr Swara to thank her. He moves from there….
Rags: blo*dy attitude….. I just hate him.

Sanskar was looking around entire hall but cudnt find her anywhere. He feels disappointed thinking tht Swara hasn’t come…..
Lucky: bhaai…. Where is Swara? I am searching her from long time. I’m missing her a lot.
Sanky: me too……
Lucky: what?
Sanky: I… I mean, I think she vl not come as she is not Gadodia. She is just staying there na.
Lucky: Itz gud u told this infrnt of me. If Rags heard this, she wud hav killed u. I’m sure Rags vl not come here vthout Swara.
Sanky gets a ray of hope listening to him. He goes to find her again. He gets a call and goes out to attend tht.

He was talking on call, at tht time his vision gets struck. He felt as if an angel was coming towards him. It was Swara!!!
She has wore a white long gown. She has left her hairs open. They were disturbing her by touching her cheeks and were playing vth thm. She was hiding them around her ears. Sanskar was stunned looking at her. He was looking at her vthout evn blinking his eyes. She was trying harder to walk vth tht gown. She gets struck and was abt to fall. Sanskar rushes to catch her but someone holds her…….

It was Raj!!!!
Sanskar felt jealous and was too angry on him. He didn’t understand y he was feeling so. He goes to them. He noticed Swara feeling uncomfortable.  He forcefully removes Raj’s hand whch were around her.
Sanky: R u OK?
Swara nodes.
Raj: hai….
Sanskar doesn’t pay him attention and just smiles. He asks him to go inside. Swara smiles at him and moves forward.
Sanky: uh…. Swara……

Swara turns towards him.
Sanky: I can’t express u in words how happy I am today. I was just blaming the world inspite having fault in me. If I’m here today, itz all coz of u. I hav hurted u several times, evn though u were so nice vth me. Thank u and sorry vl b really b too minute words…….
Swara: itz nothing like tht Sanskar. Itz all our fate. U r a pure hearted person, so u got ur happiness. All vl not b blessed vth god’s grace. But u r lucky.

Sanskar felt the pain in her eyes. He knew wat she was talking abt.
Swara: well, itz an auspicious occasion. Congratulations!!!!
Sanky: Thank u. I’ll b grateful to u entire my life.
Swara smiles and goes inside

Screen freezes on Sanskar watching Swara vth a smiling face……

Precap: Sanskar’s starts feeling fr Swara………

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