Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 31)

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Recap: Sanskar reunites vth his family……

Sanskar was treated by his family. Lucky was standing by side enjoying those moments vth a broad smile. This was a festive fr Maheshwari’s….
Ap: Sanskar beta, today I’ve made ur fav dal. Come I’ll feed u on my own…
Sujatha: no jiji, I’ll feed him.
Ap: sujatha plz. He is my son I’ll feed him.
Suj: no I’ll.
Uttara: no I’ll feed my sweet bhaiya….
Lucky: Excuse me ladies. I think I hav to remind u tht I’m also ur son. I too want to b fed by someone.
Ap: r u a kid tht v vl feed u?
Suj: right jiji. If u want go n ask ur dad.
Lucky stood there vth open mouth. Uttara closed it and started laughing.
Lucky: not fair beauties. U hav forgot ur boy vth the entry of ur elder son. U r fighting to feed him. Evn he is not a kid.
Sanky: Lucky, get practiced. They all love me more than u. I’m here to give a tough competition fr u.
Lucky makes a puppy face and all laughs at him.

Sanskar enters his room. It was the same as before. His library, study table, garden everything was undisturbed. He realized how much they were missing him. Ap and sujatha enters his room.
Ap: it is the same beta. V didn’t want to spoil it, these were ur memories fr us.
Sanky: thank u badi maa. Evn I was so far, evn I hurted u, u all still love me in fact still more than before. I’m grateful tht I’m blessed vth a family like u.
Trio were in tears. But it was of happiness.
Sanky: shall I ask u both something?
Suj: u shud order…..
Sanky: badi maa, maa I want to sleep on ur lap as I was doing before.
Ap and suj hugged him.
Sanky sleeps on sujatha’s lap. Ap sat beside her caressing his hairs.
Sanky: badi maa…

Ap: I know beta….
She starts singing Lori. Sanskar was crying in happiness and was enjoying their mothers’ love as a small kid.
Sanky: I feel very happy tht I am blessed by two mothers, two fathers and two siblings. No one shall b the most luckiest person than me in this world.
(Himself): this all happened bcoz of tht girl. She made my eyes open. She made me realize how I was abt loose such precious family. I hav to b very thankful to her. I hav to meet her soon……
He recalls wat all the ways he hurted Swara. He feels sad but smiles by thinking something. Finally he goes to sleep embracing his mothers…..

On the other side our lucky boy was in Josh. He was in his car. He was very happy as he got his brother back. Now he was going to get another happinesses of his life….. Ragini……
@ gm
Ragini: maaaaa, v r starving. How long vl u take?
Sumi: instead of shouting u can help us na. Look me and swara r struggling here.
Rags: Shona? Y r u doing all these? Come and hav food along vth me.
Swara: maa is alone…..
Sumi: learn something from my child, idiot.
Lucky: hai ladies…..
Rags: lo idiot ka naam liya air aagaya……
Lucky: ji kuch kaha aapne?

Rags: heeee nthng. By the way y did u come here? Bin bulaya mehman.
Swara: Rags, plz…. Y vl u tease him all the while??….
Lucky(himself): no prblm Swara, let her tease. I know u vl reject me if I propose u Rags. So, I vl make u confess me on ur own. She used to fool me all the time. From now itz my turn…….
Rags: hellooo Mr. Wr r u?
Lucky: infrnt of u. Looking at ur beautiful…..
Rags: wat?
Swara feels something fishy.
Lucky: uh… I mean….. I came to say something very happy….
Swara: wat is it Lakshya?
Lucky: my bro is back home. Everyone accepted him whole heartedly. I don’t know wat magic happened!! I’m just getting all joys. Today is my best day. As I’ve found two import persons.
Rags: uh…
She gav a irritated face listening him talking abt Sanskar. But Swara was very happy.
Swara: is it so? Wow!! Itz really a great news. I’m very happy fr him.
Rags: Swara control urself. No need to get happy in tht khadoos matter.
Swara understood so she tried to divert them both.

Swara: I’m going to help maa….
She goes. While rags starts her chit chat and lucky gets busy in her eyes…..
Rags: oye….. I’m talking to u from such a long time. R u hearing me?
She waves her hand. But Lucky was so lost in her tht he cudnt make her out. Rags saw a jug of water and poured on him immediately and starts laughing……
Lucky: ohh shit!!! Wat is this yar? Stupid. U made me wet completely. Wenever I come here na, u ppl just spoil my clothes. Tht day ur dadi vth coffee and now itz u. Unbelievable!!
He wanted to scold her. But he saw Rags laughing at him, he was mesmorized.
Rags: u r looking exactly like a buffoon. U can’t do anything except showing ur funny faces.
Lucky: achha… Now just watch wat all I can do.
Lucky moves forward towards her. Rags was still laughing at him. Lucky come close to her.
Rags: OK, I’m sorry.
Lucky cudnt control himself and went too close. Rags stepped back a little. Lucky dragged her towards him holding her by waist…..

Rags was shell shocked. She didn’t expect this move from him. Her hands were on his chest. Both were listed in each others eyes. The wetness added a romantic scenary.
Rags was the one who got alerted while our bad boy wanted this moment to b freezed throughout his life. Rags started to get strange feelings whch she cudnt make out. She was shivering but she too was enjoying his closeness.
Swara: guyzz…..
They both composed immediately.
Lucky to himself, “buddhu, wat was the need to come so soon”!!!
Rags: I… I’ll b back.

She went out feeling embarrassed. While lucky was blushing.
Swara: omg lucky!! Wat is this?
Lucky: tumhari frnd ki kripa….
Swara laughs at him.
Swara: hmm… Come I’ll give u Baba’s dress.
She goes while lucky follows her jumping…..

Screen freezes on separate faces of Swaragsanlak.

Precap: Gadodia family @ mm…..

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