Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 30)

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Here goes our 30th episode…..

Recap: Swara consoles Sanskar……

@ Clg….
Rags was waiting fr Swara…..
Lucky was heading towards clg in his car to meet Rags….
Lucky: I can’t stop myself. Omg!! Wen did all this happen? How can I love tht girl??!! God!! I can’t believe this. Itz impossible to control now. I hav to confess her. Gosh!! How vl she react? I’m too excited. I didn’t know loving a person wud b so…. so best feeling. Itz true therez nothing in this world whch can make any person so happy and thrilled. Ohooooooooo!!!

Lucky comes to clg and searches fr Rags. He enters into the canteen being enthusiastic. He was at the tip to confess her, to shower all his love on her.
He entered the canteen. His eyes were running all around. He wanted to look into her eyes and express all his emotions. His eyes got struck at that sight.
Lucky: Yes!!! She is that. Wow!! She is so beautiful. I didn’t recognise her these many days. Her smile!! Oh god! Shez dragging me crazy!! I’ve got attracted to many girls. But today I came to know wat true love means. Thank u Ragini, thanks fr making me realise my existence. I hav to express all these to her.
Lucky goes nearer to meet her. He stands still looking wat was happening. Rags was hugging Raj!!!!!

Lucky felt as if the ground beneath him was abt to collapse. His heart was shattered. He saw his love vth someone else. He stood over there fr minutes looking at them. They were enjoying each other company. Lucky cudnt forward his step. His eyes were in tears…….

He got back to his car.

Lucky: How can u do this to me Rags? How dare he touch u? Watz going on!!! I’m unable to tolerate u vth anyone else. No god, plz don’t do this vth me. I was a flirt, she changed me entirely. Now wen I’ve realized my love fr her, wat is this going on?
Lucky bows his head in support vth the stearing wheel.
Lucky: No lucky, everything wat u look through ur eyes need not b true. She has hugged me many times as a frnd. They too might b frndz. Y shud I misunderstand them? Don’t urge, lucky. Hav patience. Wait till u feel tgt she to loves me. Yes!! Itz right. I’ll wait till my last breath. I’ll not fail in my first love.
He takes his phn out. He look at Rags PIC….
Lucky: hey beauty, u hav stole my everything. Now itz my turn. I’ll achieve ur heart in return of mine. I LOVE U…….

He gets lost in her eyes. Just then he gets Sanskar’s call….
Lucky: Bhaai… Thank god u called me. I want to convey u something.
Lucky felt something strange. He felt sanskar was crying.
Lucky: bhaai… R u OK? Bhaai, wat happened? R u crying bhaai?
Sanskar: Lucky, I need u now. Plz come to home.
Lucky: Bhaai, I’m coming to ur mansion now. Don’t worry.
Sanskar: no lucky, not my home. Our home, where we hav spent our childhood. Tht home whch I left vth my ego.
Lucky: bhaai, wat r u talking abt? I can’t understand….
Sanskar: I can’t explain u Lucky. But I need u badly. Plz come over there soon…..
Call ends. Lucky gets furious. He increases the speed and heads towards his home.

@ Mm
Ap was doing aarthi. All were gathered over there. Everyone were conveying their own msgs and wishes to god. Just then they all hear the knocking of door. All got a strange feeling.
Ap goes and opens the door. She finds no one over there. She was abt to shut it, just then her eyes looked down…..
It was Sanskar. He was on his feet. Tears wee continuously rolling from his eyes..
Ap: San…. Sanskar.
All comes out hearing tht name. All got shocked looking at him after 8 long years tht too in such a state. Sujatha and Rp were shattered. They hav separated him from themselves fr so long. They were seeing their chiraag, laadla, Sanskar.
Uttara: bhaiya….
Dp: stop there uttara! Sanskar y r u here?
Ap: ji aap?
Dp: I’m talking to him. I expect others to b quiet.
Sanskar: I don’t want to spoil ur happiness bade papa. I’m here to confess myself.
Dp: Happiness? U snatched it from us 8 years back.
Sanskar: bade papa, still do u feel tht I’m wrong? Do u feel tht I can molest a girl?
All were quiet. There was complete silence. Sanskar was still out on his knees.
Sanky: Do u feel tht ur child, who was brought up by the values given by u ppl shall deny thm and do such a cheap task?
Rp: whatever, now y r u trying to bring past in our lives? V r trying to move on, so….
Sanky: papa, I agree. At tht time I had lost my senses. I was broken wen my own family didn’t believe me. This made to bulid up rage vthin myself. It doesn’t mean I was wrong.

“U r not wrong bhaai”. Lucky comes over there.
Lucky: These ppl too know the truth. Bhaai, u know tht girl, wen she came to us and claimed tht u molested vth her, these ppl believed her and threw u out of ur house. But truth can’t b hidden fr long days na bhaai… They came to know tht u were innocent. But no one was dare to call u back. Hey na papa?
Dp: shut up lucky!! Y shall v call him? Did he ever turn back and see wat we were going through? He just forgot all of us. His ego was more valuable fr him than us.
Lucky: oh really!! Then wat abt u ppl papa. Itz obvious tht bhaai will get angry as his own family claimed him fr a crime. But u, after knowing, u ppl cud hav brought him back na? He is ur son dad, he has gifted by ur ego.
Rp: Lucky, how can u talk in such tone vth bhaiya tht too coz this outsider?
Rp brings Sujatha infrnt of Sanskar.
Rp: Do u knw she has got stroke twice coz of u? She was waiting fr u since years. Lucky, u knw very well how we all hav suffered fr our mistake. Wen me and bhaiya, had been to his home to bring him back. Ur so called bhaiya  told us to leave from tht place. Being his father, how cud hav I felt by such harsh words? I agree v all did mistake by not believing him, it doesn’t mean tht he vl seek revenge from his family.

Sanky: I know papa. I committed a blunder, I’ve realized it. Now plz don’t give me the same punishment again. Papa, bade papa, u were telling na itz elders’ duty to forgive their children’s mistake. Then plz forgive me his last time. I promise u, I vl never let ur head down. I’m sorry. I’ve suffered a lot trying to b away from u all. But ur love and care has brought  me back. I’m nothing vthout u, my parents, this entire family. Plz forgive me maa, papa, badi maa, bade papa. From today I’ll not do anything against ur wish. Can’t u give ur own son a last chance?

No one answered him. All were looking at Dp fr his decision. All had tears.
Sanky: I think I am too late. I don’t belong to this family now. An outsider….
Before he could complete, he gets a tight slap. It was Dp. All were frightened at his reaction.
Dp: Don’t u dare use tht word again. I hav rights to slap as u r my son. Am I right?
Sanky becomes too emotional. He hugs dp.
Sanky: u hav all rights on me. I’m urz!!
Lucky holds Sanskar’s hand and brings him inside. Lucky hugs him. All others come to him and hug. All were too happy and emotional. Finally Sanky goes towards Sujatha.
Sanky: maa I’m sorry. Bcoz of me u hav suffered a lot. Forgive….
Not letting him speak, sujatha hugs him. Sanskar feels a heavenly touch in her arms. He completely becomes a kid.

Screen freezes on mother and son’s embrace.

Precap: Raglak and family time.

Guyz how was it? Plz keep supporting me through ur cmmnts. Love u all.

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