Swaragini- Ek anokha bandhan (Episode 3)


Guyzz tq so much for ur love. And plz correct me for my mistaskes. And don’t worry much about he pairs. I promise tht u vl enjoy both swalak, ragsan and raglak, swasan bonding. So, here goes my 3rd episode.

Lakshya enters the clg vth dp. Dp looks around whole clg. Lakshya’s eyes were searching for girlz. All girlz were just staring at him. Lucky started smiling looking @ them. He was disturbed by dp’s  presence. Dp noticed him gave an angry look.
Lucky: papa plz, I can go further by myself. I am not a kid tht u come to my clg and drop me till the class.
Dp: I know wat to do and wat not to do. Dont teach ur dad. I know u very well. Just come vth me.
Lucky stared him in anger.
Dp was about to slip due to a stone, Just then came our girlz swaragini and held him before he fell down.

Lakshya was speechless looking @ thm. He was bowled away by the beauty of swaragini. Ragini noticed him staring at thm.
Dp smiled at them and said thank u.
Swara: itz OK uncle. Plz be careful.
Dp: what are ur names, beta?
Ragini: I’m Ragini and she is my friend swara.
Dp: i am glad. U both luk like freshers.
Ragini: yes uncle. We are frm first year comp sci.
Lucky felt happy listening to tht.
Dp: thtz so good. don’t u have ur classes?

Ragini: no uncle as it is our first day they left us free for 2 hours.
Lakshya was on cloud nine listening to tht. He was also wondering to think tht they both didn’t evn notice him. He thought how cudnt they get attracted by his charm.
Dp: i see…. Uhh He is my son, lakshya. He is also from ur branch. I guess he vl get a gud company. All best for u both.
He left by wishing them. Swaragini just smiled to him and went away.
Lucky was just looking at thm. “How  can they just go vthout evn meeting me? Uhh!! attitude…. But not as much as me!!!” He just smirked.
Just then vikram came to lucky
Vicky: hey lucky boy, i am happy tht v both r in same clg. V shall hav lots of fun….. U know na wat kind of fun am I talkng about. He just winked at him.
Lucky gave him a hi-fi.

Vicky started to talk to him abt his plans in these years. But lucky, all the while he was staring at swaragini. He lookes at ragini who was continuously talkng to her frnz.
Lucky to himself, ” omg, she has been talking from such a long time, chattercock!!!” He raised his eyebrows. He then saw swara who was very quiet and lost somewhere. He felt both the girlz as interesting. He said to himself ” they didn’t evn care about me. This is the first time I am unnoticed, tht too by girlz. No worries. I’ll soon make thm realize who I am and I’m sure they’ll go crazy fr me”.
Few minutes later it was announced tht the next day wud be fresherz party. All got excited listening to tht.
Ragini started her planings and was explaining thm to swara. Swara was simply smiling at her and was enjoying her childishness.

Screen shifts to Sanskar’s office. He was very happy tht his project got succeeded. He called all the employees to his cabin. They worriedly came to his chamber.
Sanskar: I am very glad tht u all completed this project before the deadline.
He placed a suitcase in front of thm. All were worried thinking tht it might be their resignation letters.
He handed over a envelope to each of thm.
They opened it slowly. Their face lit up with a broad smile!!! They all had received 30000 rs. cash
Sanskar: if u hav completed on time u wud hav got still more. Now I think u guyz deserve only this.

He just looked to all of thm who were looking @ him thankfully. He felt good by their happiness.
Sanskar: wat are u guyz waiting for? U may leave. I think u hav many other works to do too.
All went to their cabin.
Sanskar came out and was waiting eagerly for someone.
Sanskar is rude for sure. But he was not bad. All the employees knew he was strict enough, evn though they were working for him bcoz they know very well tht sanskar always respects talent and gives a worthy reward for it. Sanskar wants victory wherever he goes. He can do anything to succeed and he surely respects the work of his labours who are reason fr his success. He shows his rage if he encounters evn a bit of carelessness. He wants everything on time tht too vth perfection. His heart melts soon if he sees hard work and truthfulness. U’ll come to know this gradually. Sanskar becomes a kid only infrnt of his lovely charm for whom he is waiting from long while.

Sanskar was looking back remembering his childhood days. A smile came on his face. Soon it disappeared recalling something.
Just then someone beats on his head.

Sanskar was not at all shocked or angry as he knew only one person was dare enough to do tht.
He soon hugged him.
Sanskar: hey chotu, yar u hav no idea how much I was missing u. It had been a month I saw u. U went on a trip vthout evn thinkng abt me.
Lucky: bhai sorry. I hav promised u na this wud be the last time I vl go vthout u. And moreover, guess wat I hav met many beauties there.

He winked at him. Sanskar: offo lucky, try b serious at least sometime.
Lucky: o plz bhai, this is the only unique piece in the entire universe and u want this to get serious like normal ppl. Bhaai!! stop thinkng impossible to happen.
Sanskar: I know mere bhai, thtz y I want this unique piece always with me. I can’t evn imagine a day without talking to u.
Lucky: I know bro, u r the only one who knows me more than myself and I am the only one who knows this creature(sanskar) and his pure soul.
They hugged each other.

They had a great time together. Episode ends vth smiling faces of sanlak.

Guyz one more thing there is no Kavitha in my ff and sanky has no past love life. Sanskar’s behaviour and the reason behind his distance vth family vl b revealed gradually. And guyz plz tell if u want to change tht storyline. I did b happy to rectify mistakes. I want all ur suggestions. Plz give me ur reviews

Precap: freshers’ party preparations and lucky trying to gain swaragini’s attention.

Credit to: Aishu

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