Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 29)


Hellooo guyz. Here goes or 29th episode……

Recap: Sanskar breaks in front of Swara.

Sanskar was not at all in his sense. He was crying. He didn’t noticed his surroundings. All his warmth pain from past 8 years, which he has suppressed was rushing out. He has become a kid. Swara was speechless, she was not knowing how to console him. There was complete silence fr long time. Finally Swara broke tht…

Swara: I don’t know wat has happened in ur life. But ur words r saying tht u r so pure by ur heart.
She kept her hands on his shoulders…..
Swara: “U know Sanskar, time is very weird thing. As time passes, happiness may arrive infrnt of us. In the same way it is the very cruel thing, v may loose everything. I may unable to feel wat u r going through but I can understand how it feels wen trusted one’s betray us. Sanskar, ppl go blindly vth their feelings vthout understanding the complete situation. If u don’t mind, then just think of few facts. I exactly don’t know wat made ur family to sepearte u from them. Have u ever thought wat might b the reason fr their misunderstanding?”

Sanskar looks at her vth a blank expression. He wanted to hear her.

Swara: “U might hav apologized them. But some situations turn so worse tht, all our emotions may go in vein. They’ve misunderstood u doesn’t mean tht u shud hate them. U told tht u were their charm. Then how can u create hatred fr them? Is it right u vl also act as they r doing? U know Sanskar, itz patent’s duty to forgive their children on their mistakes and show them a right path. But don’t u think Sanskar, tht evn tht implies to us? Parents may commit some mistakes. Can’t v ignore tht? Don’t u think itz wrong to punish them as well as to punish u? V r living in such a society tht everyone fear fr tht. Itz not so easy to depart their child from them. Yes I agree, they did mistake not believing u. But isn’t it ur mistake tht u left them on their thoughts Don’t u think u ran away from tht situation? Sometimes v hav to fight against our loved ones to get closer to them. Instead of hating and punishing urself, u can go back. U can apologize them again. There’s nothing wrong to bow ourselves infrnt of our parents. It doesn’t mean only u hav to apologize wen mistake is ourz. U don’t lose anything by tht. In fact u can gain many things, u can get ur family back. Don’t lose precious things in ur life Sanskar. U still hav time, u can go to them. Though ur parents did wrong vth u, u shud not forget wat all they did for us. U r very lucky Sanskar. U’ve brought up in such a sophisticated family where everyone loves u. U had experienced ur parents’ love. Look at me, I’ve never felt my mother’s love, I didn’t get my father’s arms. But u r very lucky in this matter. Just try to look back Sanskar, our parents struggle a lot just for a smile in our face. Then y can’t v sacrifice something? Can’t v keep up all our ego aside and just bow infrnt of them. Every mother knows how her child is. I’m sure Sanskar, ur mother wud hav realised her mistake and will b repenting fr this. Aren’t u eager to return to ur family? Then just forget abt past and go in front of them. Just look into their eyes, evn though if u feel u can’t forgive them……. Itz ur wish Sanskar. There nothing bad or wrong if v apologize and clear all our misunderstandings. These 8 years they too hav gone through sane pain as u t going through. All vl not b blessed vth parents love. There vl also b ppl like me. Don’t deny tht precious love Sanskar. Just meet them at least once…….

Swara was in tears completely coz she knew how it feels vthout parents. Sanskar was looking at her. He has realized everything. He has got a ray of hope. He was enlightened by her words……..

Sanskar: U r right Swara. I never looked back. I just kept on building walls around me and was taunting this world. I’ve to break it. I need my mom now. I’ve missed the sleep on her lap, the way she used to feed me, her fragnance, her love. Oh god!!!! I was such a fool. My ego didn’t made me to gaze all these. I forgot wat all they did. No!! Before itz too late, I’ve to go. I need them badly. I’ve to go.

He hugged Swara. Swara was sitting didn’t knowing how to react. Coz she was in deep pain. Silence consoled each of them. Finally Sanskar departed.
Sanky: Thank u Swara.

His eyes had a hope. He was walking to get back all his things vch he has lost before………

Precap: Sanskar in Maheshwari Mansion…..

Credit to: Aishu

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