Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 28)


Guyz tq u so much and I’m sorry if u r feeling bit uninteresting of this. But I’ll promise, shortly u guyz gonna enjoy the episodes. Till then plz bare this coz u may feel really bored…… Love u all…

Recap: Lucky realizes his feelings for Ragini……

@ Sanskar’s Mansion…..
It was 8. Sanskar was still on bed but his thghts were revolving around his past days. He thinks abt Swara, he feels guilty vth the way he treated her. He thght to apologize her at any cost. He slowly opened his eyes and was shocked seeing wat was happening. It was Lucky!!!!!
Sanky: Someone plz wake me up. I think I’m still in dream land. Omg!!! Lucky, u r doing impossible things in my dreams!!!
Lucky looks at him confused.
Lucky: u hav already woke up., bhaai. How can u dream?
Sanky: pinch me!!!!! I mean u, at 8!!!! Tht too in front of dressing table.!!!
Lucky: bhaai, leave those. First tell me how am I looking? I’m not at all satisfied by my dressing today!! Plz suggest me something.

Just then Sanskar gazed at his room. It was totally a mess. His clothes wee displaced here n there, perfumes, goggles, bandz…… He gave a strange look at lucky…
Sanky: wat the hell is this man!!! U hav been trying all these?? Omg!!!….. Hey wait, tht means u r awake long back. I know u want to look good. But…. I was not knowing u r mad to this extent. I mean… Look at these stuffs. Lucky, listen carefully, as u hav messed my room, u hav to clean it by urself.
Lucky: OK… But by evng, I’ll do it.
Sanky: not by evng. U r doing it now….
Lucky: no ways!! Bhaai plz na, just today, plz bhaai, I’ll clean it, pakka promise. But not now or else my charm vl go in vein.
Sanky: watz the matter dude!!! U r behaving strange from 2 days.
Lucky catches his naughty tone. He wants to confess his feelings fr Ragini to him but he stopped remembering their fights….
Lucky: no…nothing bhaai. I.. I want to impress our lab assistant!!
Sanky: wat?
He said by giving weird expression.
Lucky: I’ll tell u by evng. Now plz drop me to my clg…… Plz bhaai.
Sanky: OK lucky charm!!! Give me 10.
He leaves to get ready….

@ clg
Swaragini were in canteen.
Swara: wat was the need to come today ladoo? U cud hav taken rest. Look u r still so weak…
Rags: mataji plz, I’m absolutely fine and I’m gonna order two ice creams. Don’t think I’ll share vth u, both r fr me.
Swara: ladooo, I’ll complain to maa.

Rags: maa ki bacchi. Always taking her side but not mine.
Swara: not like tht ladoo. U r recovering now. It needs sometime. So…
Rags: I understand Shona. Don’t worry. And plz give me my drama queen’s hot smile.
Swaragini hav a laugh.
Swara: Ladoo…. I forgot my bag in library….
Rags: u shud hav remembered after two days. Dumbo… Go n get it. I’ll b waiting here!!
Swara goes to library.

Sanskar drop Lucky to the clg..
Sanky: lucky, I guess ur class is over there.
Lucky: bhaai, I’ve to meet my destroyer….
Sanky: wat?
Lucky: la…lab assistant.
They hug each other, and Lucky leaves.
Sanky: I know handsome, u can’t cheat me. First let me solve my matters later I’ll talk to u.
He smiles and goes in search of Swara.

Sanskar started searching her entire clg. He gets tired. He didn’t find her anywhere…
Sanky: oh god!!! Enough now!! Sanskar Maheshwari is searching fr a silly girl. Y shud I? I’ll talk to her if I find her again….
He was about to go just then he feels something strange. He looks around him everywhere. He just ignores tht and moves….
Suddenly he collides vth someone. He raises his voice…
Sanky: can’t u see? U r…..

He gets cut by looking at her. Swara!!! fr whom he was waiting from past two days. He cudnt evn speak a word. He looks into her eyes, so deep, itz sparkle, her innocence. He has lost in her innocent look. He recognised her eyes. They are watery. He then observed her shivering body. He got to know she was too scared.
Swara: I’m.. I’m sorry. I.. I didn’t do intentionally. I’ll not come infrnt of u again. Plz spare me. Sorry.
Sanskar felt like someone was squeezing his heart. He was unable to look into those eyes. He went forward and lends his hands. Swara remembered how he hurted her, she thght evn this time he was doing the same. She started moving backwards….

Sanskar caught her scare and stands at a distance from her. Swara was still in the same state. She was looking around so tht she may call fr help.
Sanky: Look. I.. I don’t know how to apologize. I know I’m committing the same mistake again nd again. I’ve harmed u vthout any reason. If u can, plz forgive me. I know I’m not worth fr tht. Any ways, Thank u. Thank u as u didn’t informed Lucky abt I…
He cudnt speak further. Swara was in utter shock. She didn’t expect this from him. She had a gulp in her throat.

Sanky: if u want to scold me, u can. In fact u can punish me as u wish. At least then I can feel relieved or else I’ll die in guilt.
There was unbearable silence fr long time. Sanky was staring her fr her reaction.
Swara(low tone): U r not the one whom u introduce to this world. I don’t wanna punish u. If u can plz b honest to urself and don’t get cheated by ur own. I don’t know whthr I’m right or…. But I think u shud come out of ur world.

Sanky was staring her. She has just recognised him. Not only this time, I fact always. He looked to her eyes. They were completely looking at him vth fear. They were so pure, so deep and he was feeling to stare thm whole life. Thtz it!!! He falls weak. He gets captive in them, in her innocence. He wanted throw out all his emotions out……
He sits in the nearby bench. Swara was looking at him vth a blank expression.
Sanky: “thtz y, this is the reason I don’t want to come infrnt of u. I’m unable to rule on my emotions. How can u say on my face my own reality!! U know, no one dares to come infrnt of me. But u….. How can u read thm wen my own parents failed doing so? Entire world hates me, y do u sympathize fr a person like me?”

Swara looked into his eyes. Yes!! They were filled. For the first time she saw him in tht state and she is the only one to do so. Her hand unkwingly went on his shoulders. Her smooth touch!! His heart was broken out. It wanted to spill out all his emotions. It wanted to reveal himself to her.

Sanky: “u know Swara, I was the prince of my home. My family, my frndz, i was the star for thm. U know all used to call me “the mischief maker”. Maa, papa, bade papa, badi maa, they used to run before me. My girl, uttara, my charm, v were unseperable since childhood. I loved thm a lot!! They were my soul. I cudnt imagine my world vthout my family. I spent a life like in heaven. No one evn in heaven might b so happy as v used to b. But tht day……..”

His voice got struck. Tears were rolling down from his eyes.
Sanky: “My family, whom I was believing more than me….. They betrayed me. They just threw me out of their lives vthout any second thght. I begged my parden even though it was not my mistake. Whole society hated my from core. Till now they r. No one cares abt me today coz according to them I spoiled their family prestige. Prestige, my foot!! They trusted the third person and regarded me as a culprit vthout any crime of mine. U tell me, is it my mistake tht I expected tht my family shall support me? How can they do this vth their own son? I’ve brought up vth the values given by them, then how can they think I can do such…….. Shit! I’m ashamed. I walked out of tht world……. 8 complete years hav passed away. Now itz me!!! Only me!! All alone!!. Now im Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. A spoilt rich, arrogant, inhumane and don’t know wat all. Y don’t they understand evn I hav a heart vch expects love from others, vch too hav feelings………

He was no more Sanskar maheshwari. He is now just Sanskar!!!

Screen freezes on Swasan……

Precap: Swasan…..

Guyz plz share ur views. And correct me fr my mistakes. Love u ppl loads….

Credit to: Aishu

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