Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 27)


Guyzz thank u so much fr ur responses. So here goes our 37th episode……..

Recap: Lucky gets jealous of Rajini. Sanskar hurts Swara nd repents fr tht……

@ Sanskar’s mansion…
Lucky has informed tht he was coming to meet as sanky.
Sanky was worried. He was scared tht Swara might hav told Lucky tht he hurted her again.
Sanky: He was getting more closer to those girlz. If he comes to know tht I………. Oh god!! I’ll hav to loose him permanently.

Lucky comes to his room. Sanky was continuously staring at him. He was unable to read wat was going on in Lucky’s mind…
Lucky: bro….. U disappointed me.
Sanky was shocked. He thght Lucky came to know everything.
Lucky: what? Y r u staring at me like tht?. I thght u’ll come to pick me up but…..
Sanky felt a huge weight has unloaded from his head. He gav a deep breath of relief.
Sanky: Sorry , Lucky. I…. I was busy in conference so…
Lucky: chill bhaai…. Today I’m gonna stay vth u. I can na?
Sanky: oh come on my charm, itz all urz. No need to ask.
They had a brotherly hug. They spent some light moments……

@Gadodia mansion….
Swara was trying harder to cover her arms so tht no one can notice the scars on them. She was wearing full arm kurta….
Rags: Shona, watz this huh? I itz too hot today, y r u wearing this? Common get it changed.
Swara: No ladoo. I’m comfortable.
Rags: R u OK? I think u r hiding something from me.
Swara panics, “nothing like tht ladoo. Itz too late now. Letz sleep.”
Swara was unaware y was she hiding Sanskar’s mistake. Her mind was totally disturbed. She was shivering reminsing the moments vth him. She thght never to meet him again….

Sanky looks at lakshya who was in deep sleep….
Sanky(himself): it means she didn’t say anything to him. I guess neither Ragini knows abt this… Or else by this time she wud hav…
He touches his cheeks remembering her slaps….
Sanky: Jhansi ki rani!! Gosh!! They r poles apart. Tht girl slapped me at first meeting. But Swara…..
He stops and thinks abt her.
Sanky: She is so scared to talk to me. I just hurted her vthout any reason. She wud hav complained abt me to Lucky, she didn’t. I don’t know y, she just saved my life. I cudnt hav stayed by parting myself from him. First I hav to apologize and thank fr this huge favour. She might hav suffering all my sins alone. I shud meet her……..

Swara: Ladoo, wake up na plz….
Rags: Shona, plz….
Her voice was weak. She was shivering. Swara touches her fore head.
Swaea: omg!! Ladoo, I think u hav fever. Maa….
She runs down and brings sumi over there.
Sumi: Ragini beta, how does it happen? I think u hav eaten too much ice cream.
Rags: maa plz… My head is bursting out.
Swara: ladoo, wait, I hav a solution.
She rushes to kitchen. She prepares some kaada.
Swara: ladoo, get up and hav this. It makes u feel better.
Sumi: Swara, how do u know all these?
Swara: I am used to these. Aunty never took me to hospital.
She gets sad by saying tht. Rags notices.
Rags: don’t u make me drink?
Swara makes her to drink. Rags drinks a sip…
Rags: yak! Wat is it? I’ll not drink. I better suffer than to drink.
Sumi: ragini, she has made it just fr u. I too know itz really effective.
Rags: OK I’ll drink. But on one condition. I’m not gng to clg today.
Swara: I’ll not allow u to go. Letz b in home together. U need rest and I’ll take care of u.
Ragini: oye hello, miss drama queen, I said I’ll not go. But u hav to go. Or else…
Swara: OK ladoo ma. I’ll but u hav to promise tht ull take complete rest and u won’t evn touch ur phn.
Rags: OK my Shona…
Swara kisses on her forehead and leaves.

@ clg…
Lucky was waiting fr Rags. He came early so tht he can sit beside her.
He saw swara coming alone….
Lucky: Shona darling, wherez ur half husband?
Swara: huh?
Lucky: buddhu… Ur ladoo
Swara(sad): Lucky, she’ll not come today.
Lucky: oye don’t lie. Wherez she? Is she vth Raj?
Swara: no lucky, she has high fever.
Lucky; wat? When? Y did she get? Is she alright? U shud hav been vth her.
Swara: relax!! Shez OK. I wanted to stay but she sent me forcefully. I gotta go soon. So I’ll just attend few classes.
She moves inside the classroom.

Lucky gets too sad. He cudnt evn stay a minute vthout her inside the class. He kept on staring the bench she used to seat. He recalled all his moments. He felt restless, he moved out as he felt impossible to stay there.

He goes to Sanskar’s home…
Sanky: ohooo my goodness! My bro came so early. I think u went just an hour back.
Lucky was not at all in mood to talk to anyone.
Lucky: bhaai… I need some rest. Can I sleep fr a while?
Sanky feels something strange, he nodes and went out.
Lucky tries to shut his eyes. He was seeing Ragini everywhere. He cudnt just come out of her thoughts.
Lucky: “she is absent fr one day and I’m missing her to this extent. But y? Uff! Of coarse u’ll miss her as she is ur best frnd. But y I didn’t feel to any of my frnds. Infct I never felt so disturbed evn vn Swara was abselt. Watz going on? I just can’t understand. If this continues I’m sure I’ll go mad…..”
He tried a lot to sleep.

After a while….
Lucky woke up rubbing his eyes…..
Lucky: bhaai. This is first time. I’m not getting sleep evn after trying so harder. U know na, I always go to deep sleep as soon as I embrace my pillow. But today, I donno watz happening to me….
Sanky: lucky don’t b silly. Don’t behav as if u r in love. U r not sleepy as u slept like kumbhakaran last night.

He gets a call and hence he goes to attend tht….

Lucky: is tht so? Wait a moment, wat did he say…… Love. Love? I mean love? Seriously!!! Am I in love? Love vth………… Demon. Oh gosh!!! I’m in live vth my destroyer. I love Ragini…… Yes I love her!!

Lucky started dancing on the bed while Sanskar looks at him,”he’s crazy” and laughs at his childishness.

Precap: Sanskar breaks down infrnt of Swara…..

Guyz plz share ur views. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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