Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 26)

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Guyz u can imagine Yuvraj of Tashan-e- ishq in place of Raj.

Recap: Swaraglak meets Raj….

Ragini and Raj bcum good frnds. Lucky was burning himself looking at them. He was just finding ways to keep him away from her.

@ clg
Rags: Shona, letz bunk…
Swara widens her eyes..
Swara: not again ladoo. Plz
Rags: plz na Shona, u r my cutie na. Plz plz dear…
Swara: if u want, u can. I’m not coming vth u.
Rags gets sad.
Rags: OK…
Swara: now don’t make faces. I’ll not inform mom and I’ll not go anywhere alone. Happy?
Rags: tq so much. She kisses on her cheeks.
Swara: OK OK… But lucky has not yet come. Sit down until he comes.
Rags: Lucky? No no… I’m going vth Raj. A thrilling horror movie!!!
She starts describing her excitement as she loves to watch horror movies. Swara was simply smiling at her childishness. Raj arrives vth his bike….
Raj: chaley?
Rags nodes vth a broad smile.
Rags: bye swara….
Raj: bye topper…
Swara: bye… Come soon.

Swara was in library. While lucky comes to her running…
Swara: hey lucky, wat happened? Y did u come running?
Lucky: where were u guyz? I searched fr u entire clg. I knew u might b here… But Rags, wherez she? Don’t tell me she’s in library….
Swara: relax… U r right she’s not here. She has bunked and hav gone to some horror mve.
Lucky: what? Horror movie?? Tht too vthout me? Dnt lie… Tell me where she is?
Swara: arey yar, she has gone vth Raj.

Lucky was stunned. He was angry as well as hurt. He didn’t know y. He didn’t want her to get close vth Raj.

Swara saw him. She waved her hands…
Swara: shall v move? Library don’t suit u…
Lucky: sure…..

They hav come to the garden behind the library.
Lucky was thinking abt Rajini and was lost somewhere.
Swara: oye, wr r u? This is the first time I’m looking u so quiet. Any prblm?
Lucky(lower tone): prblm is ur soulmate. U vl not understand evn if I tell u.
Swara: huh?
Lycky: no… Nothing like tht.

Swara kept quiet fr a while,
Swara: lucky, shall I ask u something?
Lucky: do u need permission to ask me?
Swara: actually…. I… I wanna ask u abt Sanskar…
Lucky was shocked. Coz he didn’t evn think tht Swara may also take his name.
Lucky: yes, Swara. Wat is it?
Swara: may b bit personal. I just wanted to know y is he like this?
Lucky understood wat she was gng to ask… Before she cud cmplte.
Lucky: Swara, I know u both met each other in a very bitter way. U may b hating him from core fr his behaviour towards u. But let me tell u Swara, he’s not at all like wat u r thinking abt.
Swara: I know lucky. I feel like he is trying to hide something.
Lucky stared at swara surprisingly. He wondered how did she recognised it so early.
Lucky(cold tone): u r right Swara. He tries to hide many things. In fact he is hiding himself. He was not at all like this. The sparkle in his eyes is no more right now. I don’t evn remember the day wen he laughed whole heartedly. The person who was the mischief master among us, now he’ll b sitting at the corner of a dark room. He had gone through the toughest times of his life, Swara. Those made him like this. I wish I can bring him back to the world where once he used to b the prince, the proud of Maheshwari’s. Time…. Time has taken him a very long distance away from us.

Swara noticed tiny droplets in his eyes. She wanted to know the reason behind tht but she didn’t ask him further as she noticed Lucky in such state.
Swara kept her hands on her shoulders.
Swara: don’t worry lucky. The time vch has taken him away from u, vl bring him back to u. Don’t loose ur hopes.
Lucky just gav a fake smile as he thght it was impossible to get old Sanskar.

Swara was going back to her home. Rags has informed tht she wud b late. She was crossing the road, she saw a child at the mid of the road and a car was approaching towards it. She rushed towards the child, she picked it and quickly moved back to the pass way. The car lost itz control.
A person comes out of it. Hez our Sanskar. He was totally in anger….
He comes to Swara..
Sanky: hav u losted? Don’t u know wat wud hav happened if I didn’t control the car.?
Swara(worried): actually tht child….
Before she cud complete sanskar drags her by side. He clutches his rude hands in her hands. Her soft hands were feeling severe pain.
Sanky: I’ve warned u last time not to come in my life nor to show me ur face. Don’t force me to do whch u cud hav never imagined in ur dreams. This is ur final warning, don’t u dare to come infrnt of me.

Swara was damn scared. Tears were rolling down from her eyes. She was protesting to remove herself from his grip. But his rude hands dominated her strength.
Swara: I’m …. I’m sorry. Plz leave me. Itz hurting. Plz….
Sanky realised wat position he was in. He loosened his grip. He turned aside not being able to face her. He was blaming himself for his task.
Sanky: I’m sor…
He turned towards her. But she was no more standing there.
Sanky: shit!! Wat did I do? Again the same thing, same mistake…. I’m sorry swara… I’m really very sorry…..

Lucky was totally disturbed. First of all he didn’t like Raj and Ragini’s closeness. And second was Swara’s queries. It reminded him all his days vth Sanskar. He decided to meet Sanky and hence went to his home.

@ Sanskar’s mansion.
Sanky was feeling too very guilty. He cudnt able to sit at a place. His heart was pointing out tht he was too rude and bad vth her.
Sanky: y is this happenning? Evn though I warned her, she came infrnt of me. I too know she didn’t do intentionality. Wat was the need of behaving in tht manner vth her? Y do I hurt her always? I am scared. I am scared to face her. She can just unveil all my emotions. I hav to avoid her. But not in this way. I hav to find out a solution fr this. As soon as possible…….

He gets Lucky’s call tht he is come over there. He gets worried thinking tht Swara might hav told him abt today’s incident. He gets a fear of loosing Lucky…..

Screen freezes on Sanskar’s face…

Precap: Lucky realizes his feelings for Ragini……

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