Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 24)


Hey guyzz…. Thnk u all fr u love and support. Here goes our 24th episode……

Recap: Family moments, Swara goes to Sanskar to thank him.

Sanskar was lost in his world. He came back wen he heard Swara. He looked at her. He tried to give her an attitude look vch he used to cover himself from others, but this time he cudnt do evn after struggling much.
Swara: hai… Sanskar. Can I talk to u fr a while?
Sanky: what?
Swara: I know, u don’t like me. I just want to thank u. If u wudnt hav come yesterday, I donno wat I wud hav done to myself. U brght me here, thtz y I got all these ppl. I’m really very grateful to u.
Sanskar: uhh… Thtz OK.
Swara: one more thing, I wanna apologize u. I’ve mistaken u a lot. Plz don’t mind wat all happened all these days. I’m sorry on behalf of Rags too.
Sanskar: hey look!! Don’t try to act smart. Yesterday I helped u, don’t try to take an advantage of it. Stay away from me. I’m much more bad than u think. So better u mind ur own business.
Swara: Whatever u say, u r not as bad as u pretend. I don’t know y r u hiding ur face from the world, just b honest to urself.
Sanskar was staring at her. She said everything abt him in a short period of time. Though he tried to mislead her, she has caught him so easily. He didn’t want to loose himself. He wanted him to b as he is right now. He does not want anyone to disclose him.
He suddenly moved towards her. He held her arms. But his touch was not so rude. He tried all his strength to bring back Sanskar Maheshwari but Sanskar inside him didn’t let it happen. He pushed her away.
Sanskar: This shud b our last meeting. Don’t u dare come infrnt of my eyes again.
Swara gave a cute smile.
Swara: Let destiny decide it. But for today, thank u so much fr wat all u’ve done.
She left from that room, but not from his thoughts……

@ hall…
Sumi: Lucky beta, wherz Sanskar.
Lucky(hesitantly): aunty, sorry to say bhaai had an urgent meeting so…
He was feeling bad tht Sanskar went vthout informing thm. Just then Rags came down….
Rags: oye, wat r u doing still in my home? Don’t u hav any shame, not stay in someone else’s home fr long time, idiot!!
Sumi eyed her angrily…
Swara: Ladoo.. Wat r u saying? He’s our frnd?
Lucky: Swara, leave it na. I don’t mind whatever she says…… Dumb head!!
Rags poked him vth fork.
Lucky: ouch rags!! Is this the way to treat ur guest?
He sat in a royal posture.
Lucky: Now Ragini, go and bring some coffee.
Rags: in ur dreams.
Lucky: OK then I’ll go to dadi. U knw she has started liking me more than she likes u.
Rags: oh really!! Ok. I’ll make coffee fr u.
Lucky looked at her strangely as she agreed vthout any nok jhok!!
Ragini gav a naughty smile. Swara felt something fishy. She followed Rags to kitchen.
Swara: Ladoo, do u know to prepare coffee?
Rags: no.
She said in a casual tone.
Swara: then how……. Ragini, wat r u gng to do?
Rags: just wait n watch.
Swara: ragini…
Rags to herself “offo, drama queen….. I can’t do my work if u r here”.
Rags: Swara , dadi was calling u.
Swara: y?
Rags: how come I know? Go soon or else she starts dancing around entire home.
Swara goes looking fr dadi… While rags smirks.
Rags:. Lucky ka bachha, he orders me to prepare coffee. Today I’ll make him to taste best coffee prepared by best chef Ragini Gadodia!!
She takes a cup of milk. She adds all the spices that were kept on the shelf. She twirls it round.
She makes an innocent face and comes infrnt of Lucky.
Rags: here u go, for the first time I made coffee that too fr u. So sweet of me na? Now common, finish it like a gud boy.
Lucky: am I dreaming?
Lucky looks at her suspiciously. He knew he can’t trust Rags. Just then he saw dadi…. He gives a naughty smile.
Lucky: dadi…. Dadi…. Come over here. I hav a surprise fr u.
Dadi comes to him.
Dadi: wat is it chora?
Lucky: ur grand daughter has grown up…. I mean she has bcom responsible.
Dadi: Wat is this? I’m not in a mood to crack jokes vth u.
Rags eyed him angrily.
Lucky: dadi, not a joke. Ur ladoo, has made a coffee on her own.
Dadi: whaaat? No no, she is not such kind of girl.
Lucky: dadi, look here, it was prepared by her. Just hav a sip and say how is it.
Rags widened her eyes. She was helpless. She was not allowed to say the truth. She was looking at dadi being scared. While lucky was trying harder to control his laugh.

Dadi took that glass. She was excited that ragini had prepared coffee and she was the first person to taste it. Dadi consumed a sip. Her facial expressions changed all of a sudden.
She spits entire coffee on Lucky who standing right infrnt of her.
Lucky: dadi……
He started making funny faces.
Dadi: ladoo oo…. What…. What is this? Did u try to kill me? Omg!!! How can u do this to me?
Rags(tensed): no no, dadi. I sighed u not to drink it. U r so stupid that u didn’t understand me.
Dadi: u called me stupid?? Wait, I’ll go to shekar and complain abt u. Now a days, u r going out of control.
Rags: no dadi .
She went before dadi to convince her. Lucky again had fallen in his own pit.
Swara comes and looks at him. She starts laughing at him.
Lucky: yar not so funny, it all happened bcoz of ur ladoo.
Swara: I don’t believe that u didn’t do anything.
Lucky: I agree.. I too….. Whatever can I get something to change?
He gives funny expressions.
Swara: wait, I’ll get u something to wear.
She walks in laughing.
Lucky(to himself): yaak!! This was my fav shirt. All bcoz of that ragini. This house is full of crazy ppl. I hav to elope from here asap…….

@ Sanskar’s cabin…
He was lost in his thoughts. All his sweet memories vth his family were passing through the screen of his mind. He tried a lot to remove thm and concentrate on his work. He cudnt control himself. Swara’s talks enters in his mind.
Sanky: Who is she? This girl, who used to scare to come infrnt if me has today told me my own secret. No Sanskar!!!. U vl not go to that world again. Itz all over. I’ll not change. I shud not change. I’m Sanskar Maheshwari and I’ll remain the same. I shall not come to her words. She is just a silly girl. U shud not b affected by her. No ways…..

Though his mind was not willing to accept, but his heart was screaming out that it was tired of running from ppl and hiding itz reality. It was badly in need of someone who was the solution of itz hurdles…….

Precap: swaraglak and ragini fights vth someone…..

Guyz howz it? I’m very poor at creating humour. I tried my best to make u ppl laugh. Suggest something so that I can improve in this. Love u all

Credit to: Aishu

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