Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 23)


Guyz tq u so much fr ur support and thanks to all silent readers too. So….. Here goes our 23rd episode……

Recap: Ragini consoling swara………..

It was morning…….
Sanlak had woke up early. Both were still in their thghts regarding last ni8. They both gets ready in hurry. They went to Swaragini’s room to look at them. Door was locked from inside. They thght not to disturb thm. Just then Lucky saw a window. He just moved slowly and peeped inside. He was just out of words.
Ragini was on Swara’s lap. They both had a satisfaction on their face. A cute smile was roaming on their lips. They were just awesome together. Sanskar observing Lucky’s reaction peeped inside who was shocked too.
They walked from there slowly…..
Sanky: yar looking to thm last ni8, I thght they wud hav fought whole night.
Lucky: fight fr wat?
Sanky: as Ragini has hidden such big secret from her and….
Lucky moved his hands around sanky’s shoulder….

Lucky: bhaai, u r unable to figure out thm as u r meeting thm recently. Though I hav met thm few weeks back….. I cannot evn make out their relation. Ragini treats Swara as her child. Can u believe this? And Swara, her deep eyes always vl b in search of Rags. They r neither frnds, nor sisters…. I jus..just don’t know wat they r. But i just know one thing, they r SWARAGINI together.
Sanky was listening to him opening his mouth broadly.
Lucky: bhaai, I think I’m becoming too senti being vth these girls. They’re just awesome. I want to b vth thm through out my life. I just don’t know y, but I can’t see any of thm in trouble.
Sanky was shocked listening to lucky. He never saw lucky speaking in such a diplomatic manner. He only saw his childishness and love. But this face was completely strange fr him. He was too much interested to know more abt Swaragini who has brought such a drastic change in him.

Swaragini’s room
Swara woke up. She saw Rags. Her face had a broad smile. She kissed her forehead.
Swara: I think my mom has reborn as u Ragini. I never want to loose u again.
Rags woke up.
Rags: then y did u leave me sterday? Stupid, I’m feeling to slap u.
Swara gave a cute smile and sighed she can slap….
Rags: dumbo, do u think I’ll slap u? No I hav bigger punishment fr u. U vl hav to bare me through out ur life. Coz I never gonna leave u alone from now.
Swara was still smiling at her. Her eyes were full of love.
Ragini(serious tone): promise me Shona, sterday was the last time, u r not allowed to leave me like this. Whatever the situation may b, v shud face them together.
She forwarded her hands, Swara kept her hands upon them. Both shared a lovely hug.
Swara(still hugging): I realised sterday that it is impossible to live vthout my soul. V can never b separable.
Both had tears.
Rags kissed her forehead.
Swara: everyone might hav worried too much fr me sterday. I first need to apologize thm and wanna share this happiness.

They both ran down. Sumi was serving coffee for sanlak while dadaji and shekar were busy in their newspaper. Dadi was chanting….
They heard the sound from upstairs. They were very happy vth the scene. Swaragini were coming towards thm holding their hands. Their glowing face reflected wat all happened.
Shekar: oh oh!! My princesses r back. I am very happy looking u both like this again.
Swara: uncle, u r really great to tell this, though I troubled u a lot, u were worried whole night just fr me. I’m really very sorry (she had tears) bcoz of my stupidity…..
Dadi holds hr ears….
Dadi: is this the way??? Do daughters apologize to their parents?
Swara was very happy listening to her. She hugged dadi.

Swara: thank u so much dadi….
Dadi: no itz not enough, u hav to bare my tortures. If u commit single mistake then I’ll hold ur ears and punish u badly.
Swara: I feel blessed by that.
Dadi holding her ears again….
Rags: oye Parvathi…. How dare u hold my shona’s ears?
Dadi: badtameez. U called ur dadi by her name. I’ll not leave u.
She started chasing her.
Sumi: Swara beta, u r just like my Ragini. Don’t feel urself alone. V r all ur family.
Swara: aunty, I donno how to….
Sumi: na…..na, not aunty. Call me maa. From today u r my daughter.
Tears were rolling down from Swara’sΒ  eyes.
Sumi wiping thm, “pagal bachhi”
Swara: can I call u ma?
Sumi nodes.
Swara: ma……….
They shared a hug.
Shekar: papa ko bhul gayi?
Swara hugged both of thm.
Rags: uff!!! Where am I in that?
She ran towards thm. Four of thm were too very happy. Swara felt as if her world got complete today.
Sanlak were also emotional looking atΒ  thm. Sanskar wiped his tears in secret as this moment made him to remember something.
Dadaji and Dadi blessed Swara……

@ balcony
Ragini was alone. She was enjoying the nature. Her heart was too joyful today. Just then lucky arrived there.
Lucky: hey beauty….
Rags turned towards him and hugged him tightly. Lucky got shocked by her move. He stood motionless. He felt butterflies in his stomach… His face had unreasoned smile. Rags separated from her hug.
Rags: Lucky I’m really very very happy today. I just can’t explain u in words…..
She was sharing her joy while lucky was enjoying her, vth a smile.
Rags: Thank u so much Lucky. U r a true frnd. U were there fr us always in every situation. Thank u is a small word fr u. I donno wat to say….
Lucky: so….. U wanna pay me back something.
Rags nodes yes.
Lucky: soch lo? Bahut mehenga padjayega!!!
Rags was curious to know wat he was going to ask……

Lucky: is it possible fr u?
Rags: oye, is this a suspense thriller? Just ask wat u wanted to say..
Lucky: b like this.
Rags: wat?
Lucky: Rags, I asked u not to change. Never ever. U r just simply awesome. U and Swara r out of world. I just want to ask u one single thing. I wanna b in ur gang, vth Swaragini. Agreed?
Rags hugged him again, this time he too reciprocated.
Rags: yes.
They shook their hands.
Rags: So Mr. Lakshya maheshwari, u agreed today that Ragini Gadodia is an unique peace this world? I’m glad that u’ve started using ur brains being in my company.
Lucky: oh yeah!!! Very true, I’ve started to use it. U know, vn u don’t hav it, it’ll b obviously me who shud share my brain. Don’t worry, I’ve experience handling dumb heads like u.
Rags: u idiot…. U called me dumb head?
She starts to beat him while he runs round the balcony to escape from her…….

Screen shifts to Sanskar. He was standing alone looking outside the window. Things happening from past two days has made his heart to feel heavy. He recalled all his moments vth his family. He has started missing all those days spent vth thm. Today’s incident had made an immense effect on him. Corners of his eye had small droplets whch he was hiding from past 6 years, which was unnoticed by all. But today it has become too very difficult to handle them. His eyes were looking at infinity…….

Swara saw him from a distance. She felt to talk to him and thank him fr sterday. She slowly went towards the room. It was her first move into Sanskar’s life. Both were unaware that her steps towards him were reducing the distance of their hearts………….

Screen freezes on separate pics of swasan.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak.

Sorry guyz I cudnt add swasan scenes in this episode. I promise u that u can enjoy it in next one. And plz suggest me whatever u feel. Ur reviews r required. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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