Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 22)


Haii guyzz. GUYZ, I WANNA STRESS OUT THT SWARAGINI ARE NOT SISTERS. THOUGH SWARA IS AN ORPHAN SHE IS NOT RAGINI’S SISTER. ONEMORE THING THERE IS NO KAVITHA IN MY FF. Thanks a lot to all of u fr ur love and support. And thanks fr silent readers too.

Precap: Sanskar comes to baadi vth unconscious Swara in his arms.

All were shocked looking at them like that. Rags ran towards him.
Rags: Wat did u do to her? U r an animal!!
She said I rage.
Sanky controlled his anger as he knewΒ  she was worried fr Swara.
He made her to sleep on sofa.

Sumi brought water and sprinkled on her face. Swara got disturbed by water droplets. She slowly opened her eyes. The first person her eyes were searching was Rags and Rags was sitting just infrnt of her on ground. Soon Swara hugged her like a scared girl, hugging her mother. Rags felt as she got her world back. They shared an intense hug. Rags slowly lifted her. Swara was exhausted completely. Her eyes were swollen as she was crying from long time.
Everyone’s heart got filled looking at their bonding. Lucky and Sanskar was wondering at their relation. They were looking each other remembering their past. All were expecting Rags to make Swara calm. But to their greatest surprise Rags wasn’t uttering a single word. She was just looking to swara’s eyes. She was searching her heart and the pain Swara was going through. There was unbarerable silence all around.
Swara breaking the silence….

Swara: Ra…..ra..ragini, u know aunty told me that I don’t belong to this world. She hates me as my fate was responsible for my mom’s death. She says that I’m not her child. Ragini, how can she say like that? Bolo na, Ragini? Am I so bad that everyone hates me to such extent. Y does all these happen to me always?
Rags was just looking at her. She didn’t answer any of her questions.
Swara: Ragini, I’m very disturbed. I don’t know wat is happening in my life. Aunty tells that…… Tht…I… I’m..I’m an or..ph…an, orphan. She is lying na? Bolo na, ladooo.
Rags was standing like a statue. Swara was looking at her vthout blinking her eyes.
Swara(shaking rags): bolo na, ragini, y r u quiet? She is lying na?
Rags didn’t speak a word. All had tears looking at Swara.
Swara: ra…ragini? Y r u like this? It means u…u… were knowing this. U were knowing this???? That means aunty was not lying.
She started blabbering. Her words were not clear. She was shivering.
Swara: I’m alone. I don’t hav anyone. No one knows my true identity. Everyone knows me by my fake name. I was leaving in a virtual world. I don’t belong to this world anymore.
She collapsed on ground. Lucky went to her not being able to see her like this in such state, while Sanskar was looking on.
Lucky: no Swara, v all r vth u. U r my best friend. U belong to us. Look at Ragini. She is ur soulmate as u say always. She loves u a lot.
Swara was just staring at Ragini. She was not at all hearing any of the things said by lucky. All she needed was Ragini. Sanskar was still in shock. He never saw someone in such a deep and intense pain. He wanted to go to her. But something was stopping him to move forward.
Sumi went forward to console Swara but dadi and Shekar stopped her. Ragini got alerted. She went towards Swara who was looking at her like a child. She kept her hands around her shoulders. She made Swara get up. She simply took Swara upstairs while everyone were looking on, as they knew it was Ragini who can console her. Sanskar was standing still. As he never saw anyone in such state and such a bonding that too between frnds.

Shekar: thank u so much beta. U both ppl hav made a big favour in finding Swara. I don’t know how to thank u both.
Lucky: thtz OK uncle. Swaragini r my frndz. In fact my best frndz. Anything fr them.
Sumi: so nice of u both. Itz already very late. U can take rest here and go tmrw.
Sanskar: itz OK aunty. I’ll take him to my home.
Sumi and dadi insisted them a lot to stay, both didn’t had any other option vthout agreeing.
Shekar took them towards guest room. Sanlak though were in same room didn’t talk a word. It was first time they were together vthout speaking to each other. Swaragini’s bonding had made an intense mark in their hearts. They looked at each other and shared an emotional hug.

@ swaragini’s bedroom
Ragini brought Swara to her room.
Swara: Ragini, y did u do this to me? How can u hide such big truth from me?
Ragini made Swara to sit on her bed while she sat on the floor. Swara was looking at her for an answer.
Rags: Swara do u believe me? Just say yes or no.
Swara nodes yes.
Rags: I don’t know abt this world. U just don’t care at ur aunt’s words. Believe in urself dear. U r real not ur past. Evn if the world denies u from accepting u, I’ll always b there fr u. The world may address u vth any name, swara or whatever. But fr me u r MY SHONA and I’m UR LADOO. U were speaking abt reality nd all na. Do u want to know the truth? Then listen…… Ur not an orphan Shona. U r not. U hav an identity. And itz SWARAGINI. V r identified by our bonding vth each other vch has no name. V both r there for each other. Thtz enough na Shona? Do v need someone else in our lives? U always say na that I’m ur soulmate. Then how can u think urself as an orphan vn ur soul is vth u dear? How can u forget me and leave me alone like this? SWARAGINI are nothing vthout swara and ragini. U r vth me is wat that matters fr me. Wat others say…. I just don’t care fr that. U too shud move on swara. I’ll b there vth u in every step.

Swara’s eyes sparkled vth a ray. Rags slowly wiped Swara’s tears. She made her sleep on her lap caresessing her hairs. Swara had become a child and Ragini was showering all her love.

Swaragini….. plays in bg.

They didn’t know how long they were like that and went asleep in same position.
Swara got up after sometime. She eyed Rags lovingly. Her heart was feeling light sleeping on her lap. She was sure evn her mother wudnt had given her such an intense love vch she was receiving from Ragini. She got up. She softly moved Rags towards her and made her sleep on her. At this point she was feeling she is not at all alone. She had her life’s strongest pillar, her life, her Soulmate, HER LADOO vth her. This was all enough for her.
Swara crossed her fingers,
Swara: God, I’ve never asked u anything before. I just want u to ask a single thing. Plz don’t make my rags away from me. I don’t need anything. Keep her happy forever. This much is enough fr me. I’ll b grateful fr u entire life.
Tears rolled down from her eyes.

The screen freezes on swaragini.

Precap: Swasan…..

Guyz plz keep sharing ur views and suggestion anything it may b. I wud like to know how shall I improve more. Love u guyz…

Credit to: Aishu

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