Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 21)


Guyz tq all fr u supports. I know many of u r getting doubt that Swara is Ragini’s sister. No, shez not. SWARAGINI in my ff share something more than sibling bonding.
So…. Here goes the 21st Episode….

Recap: Swara goes missing…….

Sanskar: oh god!!!! Wat hav I done!! I saw Swara near that signal……how stupid am I? But y did she go missing?? I hav to go there…..

Sanskar reaches that street near the signal where he spotted Swara. He saw her in evng but it was almost night now. He started searching her everywhere around…..

Screen shifts to lucky….
Ragini was calling him every ten minutes to ask whthr he found Swara….
Lucky: Ragini, v r doing our best. I evn went to the police and filed a missing report. Don’t worry she vl b fine. Ragini, u plz go home, itz already very late. Itz not safe fr u to search her alone there.
Rags: safe, my foot!!! I want Shona at any cost. I’ll not leave my search until I find her.
Lucky understood it was of no use, she shall not go home vthout finding Swara….
Everyone were worried. Every single moment passed they got evn more tensed…..

Sanskar was searching every street around. He was angry on himself.
Sanky: if I wud hav got alerted by her gesture in the evng, this wudnt hav happened. Where shall I find her now!!!

While Swara was walking in a deserted place. She didn’t knew where she was. All that was roaming in her mind is that “she is alone in this world”. She kept on walking vthout any source or destination.

Sanskar parked his car somewhere. It was very dark over there.
Sanky: she shall not come here. This road is not visible clearly as there r no lights.
He turned around to go back. He stopped all of a sudden!!!! He turned back.
He saw someone moving. He cudnt see properly as he was little far. He went closer. He saw a girl walking. ” yes, same gesture, same girl, yes, she is Swara”.
“Swara”, he shouted. But no response. He started running towards her shouting out her name. Finally, he almost reached close to her.
Sanky: stop Swara. Where r u gng?
He dragged her and made her turn towards him.
Sanky:  Are u deaf? Can’t u hear me shouting? Idiot, wat are u doing here?

He was breathing heavily as he came running. He was giving an angry look to her as she wasnt evn looking at her. He shakes her holding her arms.
Sanky: speak out u…. Look at me.
He said in anger.

Swara looks at him.
Swara: Who r u? In fact, who am I?
Sanskar was confused due to her question. He gav a disgusted look.
Sanky: Are u mad Swara? Hav u forgot ur own name?
Swara: no, I’m not Swara. In fact, I don’t know who I am.
She was speaking as she was hypnotized.
Sanky: stop ur nonsense. All r being worried fr u in ur home. Just come vth me.
Swara started laughing.
Swara: home? Isn’t it funny? I don’t know my name and u r talking abt home. Which home?
Sanky got puzzled. He understood she was going through some pain.
Sanky: wat is this? Wat r u talking?

” the truth”, she shouted, ” the harsh reality of my life. I was living a fake life vch is not at all mine”.
Sanky: reality? Fakeness? Wat r u trying to say?
“That I’m an orphan”. She shouted out loud.”I don’t hav anyone in this world. U go and leave me alone”.

Sanskar was shell shocked. He looked @ her who was crying bitterly. He composed himself quickly.
Sanky( very soft tone): Swara, plz come vth me. Ragini is waiting fr u.
Swara: I’ll not come anywhere. Leave me on my own.
She was not listening to any of his words. Finally Sanskar held her hands and started to take her forcefully. Swara started to resist him. Sanskar lost his control and gave her a tight slap.
Sanky: oh shit!!!! I’m sorry. Really sorry. Plz listen to me. I’ll take u to ur home.
Swara was shivering. She was losing control from her body slowly. She went unconcious and was about to fall, sanskar holds her firmly. He tried a lot to wake her up. He was feeling as he was holding a newly born baby. He softly lifted her and brght her towards the car.
He called lucky quickly, lucky didn’t pick in first attempt, later he did.
Lucky: bhaai plz, not now. I…
Sanky: I found Swara!!.
Lucky stopped the car suddenly.
Lucky(shocked): what? Where? Where r u now?
Sanky: I’ll take her to home.
Lucky: I’ll inform Ragini. Bhaai, come soon.

@ baadi
All were waiting eagerly. Ragini was looking at door continuously. Lucky arrived there. Rags went to him running. She thght lucky was bringing Swara
Ragini: thank u lucky fr bringing her back. Where is she?
She started looking around him.
Rags: I asked where is she? Did u fool me so that I’ll come to my home. If u cudnt help me finding her, I can do it on my own.
She was fuming in anger. She pushed him and walked towards her car.
Lucky: Rags wait. She is on the way.
Rags turned around.
Rags: on the way?
Lucky: bhaai is bringing her.
Rags: what? Sanskar? Wat the hell is he doing vth her?
Lucky: Ragini, calm down. For god sake, wait fr sometime. He found her on his way. He is bringing her.
He condoled her. She nodes.

Ragini and others were waiting eagerly.
Dadi: ladoo, sit down. She is coming safe. Don’t worry.

All were waiting in hall fr Swara.
Sanskar came there. Swara was unconcious in his arms.
All of their view shifted towards swasan.
Everyone got shocked seeing them and Swara in that state.

Screen freezes on swasan.

Recap: Swaragini…..

Credit to: Aishu

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