Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 20)


Hii… Everyone. Here goes the 20th episode…..

Precap: Swara comes to know her truth……….

Swara was walking blindly on road. She didn’t had any destination. She was moving towards Infinity forgetting the world. She had faced the biggest truth of her life today tht she is herself fake!!!……….

Lucky: yar, where is ur Shona?
Rags: oye, don’t u dare call her tht again. Only I hav rights to do so. She is, my Shona.
Lucky: OK ladooo maa..
Rags: uuuu…. Don’t call me tht. Only Shona has rights to call tht.
Lucky: oweee whatever….. I gotta go. Come letz bring her back. I think she forgot us vth her buks…
Rags: hmm…
They both reach library. They didn’t find Swara anywhere. They checked the registry to know the time she left from there. They didn’t find her name as Swara didn’t go there.
Rags started to think.
Rags: She told us tht she’ll go to library. But she didn’t come here.
Lucky: relax, she might hav forgoten to enter her name in registry. Come letz go to canteen again. She might hav gone their in search of us.
They reached there but didn’t find Swara.
Lucky: Rags, shall I say something. I think Swara is vth her boyfrnd…..
He winks.

Rags: very funny. She never speaks to a single guy and u r talking abt boyfrnd.
Lucky: I think I’m the one all girls like to talk…..
Rags: if u r done, v want to find her.
They searched entire clg. Rags was really worried this time.
Lucky: ring her once.
Rags: I’m trying her since long time. But her nmbr is not reachable.
Lucky: she might have gone to home in search of u.
Rags: No she never goes vthout me.
Lucky: letz check once.

Sanskar was on hurry to reach his home. He was struck in traffic.
Sanky: oh god!! Donno wen it vl get clear.
He said to himself being irritated. He was looking here and there. He then saw Swara. He got bit suspicious at her gesture. She was walking as she has got hypnotized.
Sanky: wat has happened to this girl? Y she is like this?
He thght to step out and go to her. Just then traffic got cleared, so he stepped inside the car and parked it by side. He saw towards the other side, but Swara was passed from there by that time. He thght to go in search of her.
Sanky: shall I go? She was looking strange. No no, sanky wait. Those to girls are very awkward. If she mistakes me thn that jhansi ki rani wud slap me badly this time. Better u mind ur business. I shall not interfere in those matters.
He got inside the car and continued his path.

@  baadi
Rags and lucky comes in.
Rags: Swara, swara, come out. Y did u come here vthout informing me?
Sumi came out hearing her shout.
Sumi: ragini, stop shouting, have Swara came here ever vthout u?
Rags: wat? Is she not here?
Sumi: wat do u mean? Isnt she vth u?
Rags collapsed on chair.
Lucky: actually aunty, v didn’t find her in clg so v thght she might b here.
Rags was abt to cry. Lucky cudnt see her like that.
Lucky: rags, I thnk there is some misconception. She too might have searching us. V hav missed each other. I’ll go to clg again and I’ll bring her. Rags, plz don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll b there.

Rags nodes. Lucky rushed towards his car. He too was worried a bit looking at Rags.
Lucky reaches clg. It was almost closing hours. He went around the campus. But of no use.
Lucky: damn!!! Where is she? Wat shall I say to Rags?
Ragini was calling him continuously. Lucky went to baadi.

Rags: lucky, don’t u hav sense to pick up my call? Where is she? She shall get beatings today from me. Swara, come out of the car.
Rags didn’t find her. He saw lucky whose head was bent. Rags holding him by his collar.
Rags: if it is a prank of u both, u vl face hell today. Better u both end this here. Bring her lucky.
“I said call her out”, she shouted.
Lucky nodes no. Rags was unable to figure out wat was happennig.
She started to think. She was puzzled and worried thinking wat has happened to Swara.
Rags: I know(widening her eyes). Sanskar!!!
Lucky: wat bhaai?

Rags: ur bhaai…. I slapped him that day so he is seeking revenge in this way.
Lucky got angry on her. Before he cud speak, she got a call. She rushed thinking it was Swara….. But it was Shyam.
Rags: hello uncle.
Shyam: how is Swara beta? (in a worried tone)
Rags: y uncle? U r looking tensed.
Shyam: didn’t she tell u anything?
Shyam narrates everything wat all happened and how shailu insulted Swara. Rags widened her eyes. She dropped her phn from her hand. She felt as if the floor is about to collapse.
Sumi: beta, who was that? Is Swara OK?
Lucky: ragini, bolo na, wat happened?
Rags was abt to collapse, lucky noticed her and caught her in time. They made her to sit.
Sumi: beta, tell us wat happened?
Rags: Swara….. Swara… She came to know her truth.
Sumi: truth?
Rags: that she is an orphan…

Sumi and lucky were shocked.
Lucky: wat? Is she an orphan? But u told that she has lost her parents vn she was a kid.
Rags: I lied u, so that swara shall not come to know abt this. But now…….
She started sweating. Trio were worried for Swara.
Rags: oh god!!! Every time I leave her alone. Something goes wrong. No, this time nothing shud happen. I need to go.
She went out pushing them away.
Sumi: where r u going rags?
Rags: to find her.

She did wait fr their reply. Lucky went behind her.
Lucky(holding her by sholders): don’t worry Rags. She vl b fine. V shall find her at any cost. V both shall go in opposite direction, it vl b easy to find.
She nodes. Both started their search. Rags heart beat was raising higher every second.
Lucky got a call. It was Sanskar.
Sanky: hey lucky, I’ll b waiting in cafe @ 8. Plz b on time. I’m missing u a lot today.
Lucky: no bhaai, I can’t come.(worried)
Sanky: but y? U seem to b worried.
Lucky: bhaai, I’m in hurry. I’ll tell u later. Sorry bhaai.
Sanky: but lucky watz the mattr?
Lucky narrates everything
Lucky: Swara is missing!! V r finding her.

He cuts the call.
Sanskar suddenly applies breaks listening to lucky.
Sanky: oh god!!!!
He got shocked as he knew where Swara was…….

Screen freezes on separate pics of worried raglak nd shocked Sanskar….

Precap: Sanskar brings Swara……..

Guyz is it bit dragging? If so plz tell it on my face. I’ll try to improve. Keep commenting. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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  1. Yrrr i just totaly love ur ff.
    One question, there is kavita in ur ff???

    1. Nope. Tq fr ur love.

    1. Tq sravya.

  2. no its not boring its interesting dear

    1. Tq swara.

  3. nice….waiting for next one….

    1. I’m glad u liked this

  4. Rags was awesome. ..I knew what’s going on in rags mind..because I also have a friend whom I love most ….even more than my own sister

    1. Thtz so sweet varsha sss. Frienshp is a very spcl relation.

  5. Woww superb… ur ff is too good dear…

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  6. Wao sanky brings shona awww really loved it

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  7. Its so sad yaar

    1. Don’t worry. Happy scenes vl b on soon

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  9. So gud…. Loved it…waiting for ur next update

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  10. awesome and u don’t need to worry, it’s not dragging

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  11. No its not dragging its intresting

    1. Tq vaishnavi

  12. No no no at all u r not dragging u r going on the right path i hav my full support with u ?? anyways I njoyed it a lot plz update the next part soon n rags she was so concerned abt swara that’s so sweet of her i lykd swaragini bonding a lot

    1. I’m glad u liked it Ruhani. Thank u

  13. Halo…..Aishu u write really very marvelous FFs and this one’s my FAV. This FF is very interesting……… I’ve simpleee fallen in luv with it……….. 🙂

    1. Tq so much dear. I feel honoured that u liked it

  14. No not at all dragging feeling sad for swara . But happy that she got frnd like rags who cares her

    1. Tq so much meghs.

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