Swaragini- Ek anokha bandhan (Episode 2)


Guyz I’m really sorry I know that my last episode had many spelling mistakes, I’m really sorry fr tht. I try not to reapeat thm again. Tq so much guyz for ur comments. I never expected tht I may get so much of support. I am really greatful to all of u. Don’t worry much about pairs. I wanna give equal importance to everyone. So please wait with patience. And tq once again to all of u. Love u guyzz. Here goes my 2nd epi.

Maheshwari mansion:
A girl is seen shouting loudly “bhaaai, utho itz already 8”
Boy: arey go na, itz still 8. Watz ur prb if I sleep?
The girl is our uttara.
Utt: uff. I don’t hav any prblm bhai. But bade papa has many problems vth u. I think u don’t know, today he is coming to ur clg to drop u as it is ur first day.
The boy woke up vth shocked and irritated expression. His face is revealed. He is our Lakshya.
Lakshya: what? Papa to my clg!!!! I am dead. I thought to impress many girls by my unusual entry but this Hitler will spoil my career vth girlz.
Uttara just giggled and pushed him to washroom.

@ Dining hall
Dp: ap where is Lakshya? Day by day he is becoming irresponsible. If it continues like this I donno wat kind of circumstances he may face.
Ap was worried for lucky. Just then he came down. He had wore a white T-shirt with blue blazer. He had made spikes. He had a tattoo around his neck. He came down with his headphones by which he was enjoying music. Dp looked at his attire. He shouted “lucky”.
Dp: wat is this lucky? Just look at ur attire. U r the son of maheshwaris. More over u r going to clg. Looking at u no one thinks u r a student. Just go n change immediately.
Lucky: papa please, I am already late. I try to wear as u wish from tomorrow. Now plz let me hav breakfast.
Ap looked at dp vth pleading expression.
Dp: As u wanna wear formal attire from tmrw, u vl hav ur breakfast tmrw itself.  Bcoz of u i dont want to get late. So go n sit inside the car. I wanna drop u personally on ur first day.
Lucky gave a irritated expression. Ap wished him all the best for his first day. He went towards the car making funny expressions.

Screen shifts to on office where all the  employees were looking worried as they cud not complete the project on time. They were scared remembering their boss and his anger.
There comes a man wearing black shirt and grey blazer. He is wearing black goggles. He has got a very tough look. He is our Sanskar Maheshwari-.

He just came in nd straight away went to his cabin without saying a word. All the employees were shocked by his actions. Because they expected a very hard scoldings from him. Some of them sighed in relief. But to their bad luck sanskar came back with a suitcase in his hand.
Sanskar: u all might b wondering wat is this suitcase. Well, let me tell u, these are all ur resignation letters. U guyz shud just leave from this office. I don’t want donkeys like you in my company.

All are utter shocked. They didn’t expect that they cud be punished in such a way. All were just giving pleading expression to him as no one had guts to speak word in front of him.

Sanskar broke the silence and said,” if u want ur job to b saved u hav to complete this project by today. Either by hook or crook I want this to be done. U got it?” Or else I’ll look into that no one of u vl b able to work again” . he shouted again.
” I never failed in my life. Even failure is afraid to come near me. But bcoz of u idiots I don’t want to loose my project. U guys are unworthy to hav salaries”
He gave a angry look nd straight away went to his cabin, took his cigerrate and started enjoying it.
All employees started working as it was the question of their lives. They were cursing sanskar for such a decision. He had a very bad impression in his office. He was too rude and was before money and success. The episode ends with worried face of employees and sanskar’s smirking face.

Precap: Lakshya meets swaragini and sanlak bonding.

Credit to: Aishu

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