Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 19)

Guyz I’m really very srry fr wat all I said in previous episode. I thght I was gng off track so u guyz r not liking it. I didn’t read the previous cmmtns. But was overwhelmed by ur support. I just misunderstood Tq u so much and srry fr wat all I said. I try to keep up ur trust. And i try to reply u all personally frm this epidode. Tq u all again. Love u all loads…

Recap: Swaragini @ Maheshwari mansion…..

Next mrng @ clg
Lucky: offo… This is the first time I’m in clg this early for 1 hr. This is all bcoz of that rags. I’ll not leave a single stone to utilize any situation to tease u from now.
He was waiting fr them eagerly. Swaragini came late than usual. Lucky knew tht they did it intentionally. He wanted to shout at Rags but he cudnt do tht looking at her. He didn’t know y.
Rags: not bad lazy, u r here on right time. Hmm… Common letz go to class. Lucky made faces listening to the word “class”.
Swara: Lucky, no more excuses. U cannot fool me again to miss the class.
She holds his hands and dragged to class.
Swara was cmpltely involved in lessons while raglak were enjoying disturbing each other.

@ noon..
Rags: Lucky, here is ur first task of the day, go to tht girl (pointing someone) and u shud propose her.
Lucky: no rags, tell me something different.
Rags: why can’t u? Don’t u remember u hav to act as I say.
Lucky: yes I do. If u say I can flirt vth her but I can’t propose.
Rags: y not?
Lucky: bcoz rags it is not a game. I can’t play vth her feelings. Wat if she get serious? I can’t do such pranks vch hurt others.
Rags was moved by his words. She felt she was imposing on him. Lucky waving at her…
Lucky: where r u lost? I didn’t mean tht i loose. I said u to say smethng other than this.
Rags got back her senses.
Rags: uhh… OK.
Swara: itz enough rags. How much vl u trouble him? Everything has a limit. He is suffering from mrng.
Lucky made a puppy face.
Rags: OK meri maa, now I don’t want to hear another lecture.
Swara: OK. I hav to borrow some books from library. Vl u accompany me?
Rags: what!!! me and library? I don’t remember last time vn I stepped there. If I come there, all vl run away being scared. It only suits fr toppers like u. Plz u go and enjoy vth ur boring buks.
Lucky: u know Swara, if I study in library just fr one hour, u shall not b the topper next time. I don’t want it to happen. So, u go by urself….
Swara: wat excuses!!…. Fine I’m leaving. I’ll meet u @ lunch time.
Raglak: byeeee….
They started their usual flirtings and cracking jokes.

Swara was heading towards library. She started to think abt Shailaja and Shyam.
Swara: I don’t know wat they might b feeling abt me. Uncle had many hopes fr me. I just came evn vthout informing him. Aunty had sprain at her legs. How she might b handling all her works. I think I became too selfish tht I forgot tht they gav me shelter. Shall I go there once? Wat vl I say to rags? I’ll not inform her. I shall come back soon.

She went there happily hoping to get a pinch of love from the members of tht house.

@ Bose mansion.
Shailaja was sitting on sofa like a royal lady. Swara came inside hesitantly….
Swara: uncle….. Bhaiya…..
Shailaja saw her. Her eyes were just like fireballs.
Swara: aunty… How r u? R uncle and bhaiya fine?
Shailaja: hey ladki… Y did u step here again? U’ve stepped out of this house already and I don’t want u here again. V r somehow finding happiness, don’t u dare spoil it again. Whatever, I think those ppl got to knw ur true colours and throwed u out of their home. If U’ve come here vth the hope tht u’ll find a space here, I’m sorry ur efforts vl go in vein. So get out before my cruelness comes out.
Swara: wat has happened aunty? I just came here to know abt ur health. I don’t hav any intention to make u sad. Y do u hate me so much?
She was crying bitterly.
Shailaja: bcoz u r the reason tht my husband hates me and my son. U hav snatched my sister from me.
Swara shouted in pain..
Swara: wat did I do aunty? How can tht b my mistake?
Shailaja: u’ve got so much courage tht to talk to me in loud voice. I kept quiet bcoz of Shyam, but wen u hav crossed ur limits, I hav say this. I insisted keerthi (swara’s mom) not to bring u home, if she had listened to me v wudnt had to face all these. All exactly happened as wat I thght.
Swara: wat r u saying aunty? If u r suffering fr losing ur sister then evn I’m suffering a lot losing her, she is my mother. I too get pain wen….
Swara got cut by shailu.
Shailu: no…. She is not ur mom.
Swara: aunty plz… U can’t say like tht. Ur hatred towards me doesn’t change the reality.
Shailu: Reality was changed wen u were adopted by my sis.
Swara: wat?
Shailu: yes, u heard it right. U r an adopted child. I insisted keerthi to wait some more time fr a child. But no, she acted in her wish and brght u here. It all happened as wat I felt. U snatched her from me, vthin a month. V were sheltering an unknown child and got a good regard fr tht!!. Don’t know u belong to vch street. Don’t know who threw u out, but my sister brght u. Whatever u enjoyed is not at all urs. Itz our destiny tht v didn’t get whch belongs to us. Reality is tht v don’t hav any identification. U don’t hav any relation vth this house nor vth us or vth ur so called mother!!.

Swara was just shattered to know this. She came out frm there. She knew shailaja used to hate her but she never imagined this wud b the reason being her hatred. She was broken into pieces. She started to walk towards infinity…..

Screen freezes on shattred Swara.

Precap: Swara goes missing…….

Guyz how is it? Shortly I’m gonna give a twist (itz not regarding pairs). I’ll b eagerly waiting fr ur reviews. Love u all.

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