Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 18)


Guyz I dnt knw wat to say. Ur replies r making me feel tht u r no longer interested in my ff like before. Many of u r supporting me, I’m really happy fr tht. But abt others, I’m puzzled.. Did the pairs disappoint u so much? Tht u totally lost ur interests in this. Gosh!! Guyz pairs r just fr name sake. I just want to focus of each individual, thtz it. If u can wait fr some more episodes u vl surely feel it unique. Plz wait vth patience. I’m nothing vthout ur support guyz.  And moreover it vl b ur decision….. Tq and luv u all.

It was mrng….
@ clg….
Swaragini were sitting in garden. Just then lucky came and pats Swara, she waves him…. Lucky signed her to b quiet…. Rags was busy vth her phone.
Lucky just came and snatched her phone. Rags started to chase him to get it back…. Just then Lucky saw Amy coming towards them. He suddenly gave her phone back. He started combing his hairs and was smiling continuously……
Rags got confused to see him… She saw Amy then…
Rags: new girlfrnd?
Lucky: yep! She is mad after me. U know, every girl goes crazy fr me and my hotness.
Rags gav a naughty smile.
Amy: Hey lucky, I think you hav forgot me. Since two days u didn’t talk to me…
Lucky: actually cutie… I…
Rags suddenly said…
Rags: oh sweet heart!!.. Didn’t u inform her wat happened two days back?
She holds lucky vth his arms. Lucky got shocked by her move.
Amy: what is it lucky?
Lucky himself was confused. He was looking at rags continuously.
Rags: oh lucky, y didnt u say her tht v got committed.srry Amy, I think he forgot to inform u in excitement. Actually, Amy v r getting engaged soon…..
She acted to blush. Lucky was super shocked. Rags winks at him….
Amy: is it? U cheat, idiot…. I just hate u. U just got engaged. Creepy fellow!! Don’t show me ur face again.
Rags and Shona cudnt control their laugh. Lucky was looking at Rags vth a murderous look. Amy went from there.
Lucky: u demon!!! U vl hav to pay fr this.
He started to chase Rags. They ran around entire clg…
Rags controlling her laugh
Rags: Oh my sweet heart!!!, how cud u cheat such cute girl. How can she scold such a handsome!!! Poor boy!!!
She started laughing at him louder. Lucky started to smile too looking at her laugh.
Rags: OK enough, I’m sorry. I can help u to patch up vth her. Come on, I’ll explain her.
Lucky: I don’t need ur help. I can make it on my own…
Rags: oo really? Hmm… I’ll see how vl u do tht….. Sweet heart!!
They again started their cat fights
Rags: I’ll complain ur dad abt u.
Lucky: oo really, I dare u. I dare u, come to my dad and just talk to him. I’ll do whatever u want.
Rags: lucky think twice, losing a challenge tht too vth Ragini shall result in disaster.
Lucky: letz see… Who loses!!! B prepared to follow my orders.
Just then Swara came and Swaragini went to their home.

Rags: How shall I meet his dad? Shall I go to his office? Oh no!! Wat shall I do there!! Think Rags, u shud not loose….
Swara: Rags, if u r done shekar uncle is waiting fr u downstairs. Plz go n meet him.
Swaragini went downwards.
Shekar: princess, I need ur help. I recently hav got a new deal. But by misconception I’ve brought some files of my partner. U just hav to return it to him. I’m leaving fr Kolkata so…
Rags: no worries papa, ur doll vl do it. Give me the address.
Shekar gives her the address and reminds her to go tmrw as early as possible.
Rags saw tht address. She got a happy face. She smirked seeing tht.

Next day….
Lucky got up late as usual…
He went to dining hall running. He got relived as Dp was not there. Ap signed him tht dp was in room. Lakshya gav sign of relief and hugged her.
Lucky: mom, I’m starving…..
Ap smiled at him. Lucky got shocked as there was some diet conscious food items.
Lucky: mom, wat is this? Is anyone I’ll tht u prepared all these?
So: soory beta, itz ur father’s order.
Lucky: he is a Hitler. Now I can’t evn eat my fav food. Very Annoying!!
Ap tried to convince him. While he started to act childishly. He was making faces…..

Just then Swaragini entered the scene. They found strange and funny at his actions. They laughed out loud.
Ap and Lucky saw them. Lucky got embarrassed.
Lucky: Mom, I think my mind is lost somewhere looking at these stuffs tht I’ve started to dream in mrng….
Ap: stop it. At least act good infrnt of others.
Lucky then realized itz not his dream. They were here in reality.
Lucky: this girl is crazy. She directly came to my home to meet my dad. Oh god!! Wat shall I do now to avoid demon and Hitler to meet each other!!! I fell on my own pit….. Oh god!!
He stood over there helpless. Rags was enjoying his actions tried a lot to control herself. Ap went to them. They were bit far from Lucky, so he cudnt hear wat they were talking…
Ap: who r u beta?
Rags: actually aunty, my name is Ragini. She is Swara.
Ap smiled at Swara who too reciprocated.
Ragini: Aunty I’m the daughter of Shekar Gadodia. My father told to handover some files to Dp uncle. So we…
Ap: oh, come beta. He’s inside his room. U can meet him there. By the way I was not knwng tht Shekar bhai has such cute dolls
Rags: thank you aunty.
Swaragini headed towards room. Ragini saw lucky in a teasing way.
Lucky: rags wait!! Oh god! Yar how can u…. Swara!!!
Swara turned at him.
Lucky: Swara u too r supporting her. Plz stop her from meeting my dad.
Swara who was unaware of their challenge, looked at him confusingly.
Swara: what?
Lucky: leave it. Y vl u care fr me? U always support ur soulmate…..
He rushed towards Dp’s room. He saw Rags handing him some papers.
Lucky: wat is it??? Is it the list of complaints against me? Wat crap!!!
He ran inside.
Rags: Hai lakshya!!
She gav a victorious smile.
Dp looked at him in anger due to his way of entry.
Dp: wat is this lucky? Get out.
Lucky who was unaware wat was happening….
Lucky: papa, I’m sorry. Now plz don’t scold me. I’m not a flirt dad. I don’t have any girlfriends. I didn’t miss evn a single class. I never troubled her (pointing towards rags)
Dp was confused.
Dp: Wat? Wat r u talking lucky? Did u do all these in clg? Ragini beta, did he trouble u?
Lucky to himself, ” I’m dead now. If she reveals, I’ll b out of this house”. He was looking at Rags curiously fr his answers.
Rags: no uncle, v never spoke to each other. Though v r in same class I am talking to him fr the first time today.
She made an innocent face…
Lucky’s expression was like,”what”!!
Dp: instead of making frndz like stupids, do hav a frnd like these kids. Idiot, look @ her, she does whatever her dad says and look at u…. Ragini beta, tq fr handling these files and inform ur dad not to worry much abt the deal and huh! Keep an eye at this useless.
Rags: OK uncle, don’t worry, I’ll take care of Lakshya…
She blinked her eyes acting innocent. Lucky just got a clear picture wat was going on.
Rags walking out, whispered in his ears,
Rags: so ur papa came to know abt all ur doings…. Not from me but from u…. Lucky boy, u revealed everything on ur own vthout giving me a single chance.

Lucky has got fooled by himself. He started rubbing his hairs vth his hands fr his foolishness.
Rags: R u ready? I mean u hav lost ur challenge.
Lucky nodes in disappiontment….
Rags patting his cheeks, “get ready to face my tortures tmrw”.

Swara: guyz watz going on?
Rags: u hav to grow up still to know Wat is going on….
She winks at lucky who was smiling at her….

Screen freezes on swaraglak…

Precap: ragini’s torture and Swara to come across her reality….

Guyz plz share ur suggestions. Do u want me to continue this ff? Just convey whatever u feel I’ll b happy to accept it.

Credit to: Aishu

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