Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 17)

Guyzz I had tears due to ur love and cmmntz. Tq so much guyzz.  Im really sorry as i’m unable to rply u all personally. I’m not getting enough time to do so. But I’m just grateful for all of u. Plz don’t feel bad. I just love u all ?. So, here goes the 17th episode.

Precap: Raglak patch up… Sanskar came to meet Swaragini.

@ Gadodia mansion.
Swaraglak were quiet not knowing wat to speak. Sanskar, who was at door steps didn’t had enough courage to step inside. He turned to go. Lucky felt something strange. He turned back. He saw Sanky’s car standing out. He figured out wat might hav happened.
Lucky: I’ll b back after a while, plz excuse me.
He didn’t wait fr their reply. He rushed out. Swaragini wondered at his actions.
Lucky searched him inside the car. But he was no where.

Sanskar to himself, ” o god!! Is it so difficult to apologize? After listening to those girls it has become evn more harder to face them. But I hav to do this or else I cannot meet my eyes vth me nor vth Lucky….”
He again went towards baadi. Lucky saw him and headed towards baadi too.

Swaragini came to see the person knocking the door. They were totally astonished to see Sanskar over there.
Rags was fuming at him.
Rags: Wat r u dng here? Just get out. How dare u come here?

Lucky reached there, he was abt to hold Sanskar, but Sanskar was on his feet, infrnt of swaragini.
Swaraglak were shocked at him. Especially Lucky.
Sanskar: I know I’m not worth to stand infrnt of ur eyes. I misbehaved vth u both. I fell on my own brother’s eyes. It is difficult fr me doing all these. But i… I’m ….I’m really very sorry.
Lucky was moved by that. He never saw Sanskar like tht. He always seen a guy who was proud and dignified. He never saw him bent infrnt of anyone.
Sanky: I was not knowing tht ur p..aren..ts are…. I was just unaware of it. I know how does it feel vn someone reminds u tht u hav lost ur parents. I know tht pain, I……
Sanky cudnt speak further. His voice got struck.
Lucky understood wat he was going through. He knew wat was he talking abt. He cud able to read his eyes and feel his pain vch Swaragini shall never understand. He cud feel the guilt. But the girls were unaware of this and they were standing like statues.
Sanskar stood up.
Sanskar: I’m done. I needed to apologize u vch I’ve done. I know u both hate me a lot. I don’t care. Forgiving me is ur decision. I’ll not interfere in ur lives again.

He went out vthout looking at anyone. The trio were shocked. They didn’t expected this from him. Lucky was the one who understood his each and every word. He never saw him falling so weak. He ran out. He found sanky walking alone. His eyes were looking at infinity.
Lucky shouted,”bhaai”
Sanky turned around. He cudnt figure out wat was going on Lucky’s mind. Lucky came and hugged him. Both were too emotional.
Lucky: I’m sorry bhaai. I misunderstood u. I shud hav thght…..
Sanky: no lucky, it was my mistake. Itz the fact. I’m feeling light after confessing them abt tht. I am glad it all got ended.
Lucky: no bhaai, it is not yet ended. I can see the pain in ur eyes. Still how many days bhaai? How long vl u stay away from us? Plz bhaai come back. V all r missing u badly. Chacha, chachi, papa, mamma all r ready to welcome u whole heartedly. Letz b as before bhaai. Come back. Plz!!
Sanky smiled sarcastically.
Sanky: I hav come a long way lucky, now itz impossible to look back. I don’t want to talk or think abt it now. I am very happy tht I got u back. Itz enough fr me.

Lucky to himself, ” Bhaai u can fool the entire world but not me. I’ll bring u back. I’ve to make the impossible now and i’ll do it”.

He came out of his thoughts.
Lucky: bhaai, I want to prepare food fr u on my own today. I’m sure u hav not eaten anythng from sterday.
Sanky smiled at him. They both had a brotherly hug. They both headed towards the car.

@ baadi
Swaragini were still not out of the shock.
Rags: Shona, I think he’s planning smethng. I’m sure. He wants to take revenge fr my slap. Yes it is. I got it. I’ll not spare him.
Swara: Ladoo, I think u r over reacting again. Leave it. He told tht he vl not enter in our lives again. So better v shall also stay away from him.
Rags nodded and gav a whatever expression.
Rags: I’m starving. I’m gonna eat something. Do u need too?
Swara nodes no.
She thinks abt Sanskar, the way he behaved vth her tht day, his rudeness and today….
Swara: “I know how it feels vn someone reminds u hav lost ur parents. I know the pain….” Wat was that? Wat does he mean?
She got alerted by Rags scream.
Rags: Shona, the lunch is yummy, plz come here, v shall hav together.
She forgot everything and went towards Rags.

The episode ends vth separate happy faces of Swaragsanlak.

Precap: Swaragini @ Maheshwari mansion and masti time…..?

Guyz how was it? Actually I wrote this episode in hurry. Sorry fr mistakes. I need ur suggestions. Love u.

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