Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 16)


Guyz I came to know by ur cmmnts tht many of u r happy and many r diappionted due to pairing. I’ll b grateful to u guyz tht u shared ur view. Positive or negative at least u showered ur feelings. I know u got hurt as u guyz expected SWALAK and RAGSAN. I don’t want to hurt any of u. But guyz pairs r not at all imprtnt in this ff. My ff is not just abt pairs, but it is how each individual undergo transformation due to the impact of each other on thm. There is nthng abt swasan or ragsan but it abt SWARASANLAK. At this time I can just request u to wait some more time. So tht u can enjoy each and every character. I promise u tht I hav a plot vch r slightly different from others. And Swasan and raglak fans i wanna say to u all, in fact fr everyone who reads this ff tht it is not only abt love and romance btwn pairs and their confessio, U shud wait till u know wat is it abt. I’m sorry again, if I’ve hurted u by my words or by my decision.

And I’ve to thank whole heatedly to meghs, VB, sindhuja, sravya sri, lata, vaishnavi, angel, taiana, sow, sumi, many others and silent readers too. I am very happy tht u understood and supported me. And abt others I can just say u to read it some more episodes, evn thn if u r feeling tht I’m hurting u or as an injustice then it vl b completely ur decision.
Once again tq u all fr showering such a love vch I never expected. Love u guyzz. I’ll try not to disappoint ur trust.

Recap: Sanlak and raglak fight.

It was night. None of them were sleeping. Swara was thinking tht Bcoz of her many relations r breaking (i.e sanlak brotherlyhood and raglak frndshp).
Swara: I’ve to patch them up!! I cannot see them being apart….

While rags was thnkng abt sanlak.
Rags: how different they both r!! Sanky hurt my Shona and this guy, lucky is supporting us!!. I was very rude vth him today. I shudnt hav spoke to him in tht way. Wat was his fault?? Poor guy…
She decided something and tried to sleep.
While here the brthrs were also disturbed. They hurted each other. And they were helpless doing so.
Lucky saw his phone, sanky was still calling him. He didn’t had courage to pick it up. Bcuz he was blank how to react.
While Sanky too was distorted.
Sanky: today I’ve hurt three individuals. Those two girlz and my happiness, my brthr, lucky. I cannot bare this anymore. It has to b sorted by tmrw mrng. First I’ve to apologize those girlz. Later I’m sure my lucky vl come to me afrt tht.
All were lost in their thghts and were ditched in guilt………

The sun rised in the lives of Swaragsank…..
Lucky and sanky headed towards Gadodia mansion separately…

Rags: Swara r u OK?
Swara: s. But Ragini, wat all happened just in single day na? Lucky and his brthr fought bcoz of us. And u and lucky too…. bcoz of me. Don’t u think u r wrong in case of Lakshya? U were telling me always tht he is gud by heart, then how can u…..?
Rags: U r right Swara, I’ve hurted him. He was already in shock knowing abt his brthr, in addition to tht, I too…. But no worries today I’m gng to meet him and just settle everything….
Just then someone knocks the door. All others had been to temple. Hence Rags comes and opens the door. She saw Lucky there, whose face has lost the glittering charm.
She bent down her eyes due to gulit. Lucky felt tht she was still angry on him.
Lucky: Rags, just listen to me. Can’t v b good frndz as before? I don’t want to loose good frndz like u guyz.
Swara was watching them from her room.

Rags was weeping.
Rags: I’m sorry Lucky. I just threw all my angryness on u sterday. U were struggling to choose btwn us and Sanskar. Though u came to me to sort the matter. I went mad and shouted on u. I’ve to b sorry. Evn v don’t want to loose such a great frnd like u.

Lucky was very happy listening to this. He lends his hands.
Lucky: so gorgeous, wud u like to hav this handsome as ur frnd?
Rags: uh… I hav to think. It vl b typical to manage crazy ppl. But Ragini has such talent to handle such specimens. So…. Evn I wud like to try ur frndshp.
They both shook their hands. Swara got a broad smile in her face. She came down running and hugged Rags.
Swara: Thank god! V r back again. I can enjoy ur catfights!!
Raglak in unison, “v shall enjoy to fool u”.
Both gav hi-fi while Swara was happy to see thm like this again.
Lucky: rags, at least now u can offer me coffee!!.
Rags pointing towards kitchen.
Rags: look, thtz kitchen over there. V don’t mind if u go there and prepare coffee fr all of us. Evn I need it badly.

Lucky: Don’t u get shame to ask a spcl guest to serve coffee? Hav u forgotten Indian culture?
Rags: if tht is so, well, I’ve forgotten. So, Instead of wasting time by reminding me abt culture n all u can prepare a fresh n hot coffee..
Lucky made faces. Swara who was quiet till now…
Swara: Lucky do u mind if I insist u smethng?
Lucky: ofcoasre not cutie, ur orders vl b my pleasure..
He winks at her.
Swara: I know tht it is ur personal matter btwn u and ur brthr. But… Can’t u forgive him?
Lucky was shocked to listen this tht too from Swara. He thght ” how pure she is”.
Swara: I know he did wrong vth me. But he did it all due to his love and care towards u. I said wat I felt. I’m sorry to interfere.
She looked at Rags. She wasn’t surprised as she knew her Shona well.
Rags: Lucky, I think she is right.
Lucky: Rags, uuuu…..
Rags: Lucky, don’t get me wrong. Whatever he did with Swara was wrong nd I’ll never forgive him fr tht evn if Shona does. I hate him a lott evn now whch cannot b changed. But don’t u spoil ur relation vth him. V’ve entered ur life recently. But u guyz r together from childhood. V no need to tell all these, U know him better than v do.
Swara: Lucky, u r our true frnd and u’ll always b. But he loves u so much. Whatever he had done vth me, let it b btwn us. U both plz don’t spoil such a relation bcoz of me. Everyone shall not b blessed to hav such caring brthr.
She recalled Vicky while saying this.

Lucky was moved by their words.
Lucky: well, I can’t stay away from my bhaai for long. S I’m angry on him fr his behaviour towards u. I don’t want to tell him abt this. I am staying away from him so tht he shall realize this on his. I know him, his heart vl surely show him his mistake soon. He is not at all bad as u r thinking. He is rude child!! Thtz it.

Sanky who was standing near the door step was hell shocked to listening thm…..

Screen freezes on lucky and shocked Sanskar.

Precap: Sanskar apologize Swaragini and sanlak patch up….

Guyz ur views r needed. Plz keep supporting.

Credit to: Aishu

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