Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 15)


Recap: Lucky gets angry on Sanskar.

Precap: Sanskar………..

@ baadi
Rags was moving here nd there. Her mind was not in her control. Where as Swara was worried fr rags.
Swara: wat might hav happened there? I’m sure rags wud hav slapped him harder. He is such a rude person. Wat if he does something to her?
Swaragini were lost in their thghts. Rags went out to hav a fresh breeze.

Lucky arrived there, rags ignored him and started to move,
Lucky: I’m sorry Rags fr wat all bhaai had done today.
Rags didn’t look at him. Lucky kept on following her.
Lucky: Rags talk to me. Wat hav I done? Plz ragini, look at me.
Rags: wah, lucky, ur brthr comes and hurts us and u apaologize on behalf of him. Lucky, v shall not meet again. These all happened as ur bthtr misunderstood out closeness. If it continues wat shall he do then? I’m sorry lucky,itz better to end this all here.
Lucky: rags, I know he did wrong, I saw repentance in his eyes too.
Rags: don’t try to defend him. Swara’s life is now on a good track. I dnt want her to go back again to a hell bcoz of ur brthr. Frndshp shudnt harm anyone’s life. So v shall not continue this.
Rags went from there vthout looking back at him. Lucky was hurt. He didn’t know whom shall he talk in favour of. Both hav misunderstood each other. He kept on thinking the solution………..

@ Sanskar’s mansion
Sanskar cudnt stay in his office. It was too suffocating fr him. He sat down on sofa and started to recall everything from mrng.
Sanky: the first mistake was tht I spied on my brthr. I hav lost his trust fr this.
Later he thght abt Rags, her words, the slap. He felt he has hurt both of the girls.
Sanky: I cud have thght some other way to sort the matter. Wat was necessary to do all this? I think I’ve over reacted. May b they r just frndz.

Sanky was disturbed by all these. He went to kitchen to hav a coffee. He prepared it. Each sip he consumed reminded him swaraglak.
Sanky: wat she might hav felt wen I said all such things abt her parents? I scolded her, harmed her, simply vthout her mistake. I know how it feels just by the thght tht our parents r not vth us. I’ve gone through the same pain too. But at least I’ve enjoyed their love. But this girl hav lost her parents vn she was a baby yet. Wat was Lucky telling abt her? Sufferings and all? Whatever, I don’t need all those. I want my brthr back. I think I hav to apologize those girls. Sanskar Maheshwari!! and apology!!! Itz OK, it was my mistake. I can do anythng fr lucky. I need to gain his trust back. Till then I shall not hav peace….

He thght to call lucky, he picked his phn. He refused due to the fear to face him. He later convinced himself and dialled the nmbr. Uh… Uh it was of no use, he didn’t pick. Moreover they r brthrs they share some similarities in attitude.

Sanky: Lucky, plz pick my call. I’ve realized my mistake tht I over reacted. Yar, I need u now, plz pick it.

He kept on trying vch was of no use. He closed his eyes recallimg all their brotherly moments.

Sanky: U were always there fr me lucky. Vn our family, evn my parents rejected me, it was u and uttara who lend their hands to console me. U both r my world. But now it has becum empty. And the most sarcastic thing is tht I’m the reason of all these. I thght u to b safe, I didn’t distinguish right and wrong, and now due to this, I lost ur trust, for whom I did all these. No Lucky, I’ll get my brthr back at any cost.

He thght smethng vch gav him a sign of relief.

Precap: swaraglak patch up and Sanskar tries to meet Swaragini….

Guyz I’m sorry if u feel this dragging. But to complete my plot, these r required. I’ll not drag too much. Until then keep reading and sharing ur views and suggestions. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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  1. pls make ragsan .im silent readers of your ff .bcs their nature dfferns each other .love story look interesting pls pls ragsan

  2. aishu just follow ur hrt.. and wanna rqust u frm nxt ff plz dont conduct so called pair choosing contest.. as it hurts u more than us.. and yeah plz blackmailers dont do this. aishu might feel bad and she may took stress. she has done lots for this ff. leaving her study just for us to entertain us.. I can understand u aishu as I am also a ff writer(on fb only). so plz follow ur own heart

  3. Pls guys given your views is really good thing that you share your heart talks with us but for my dissapoimtment you people are emotionally blackmaillimg the writer which is not at all good yaar i mean seriously for

    Have you ever seen swasan fans commenting like this ” i am fed up. I’m leaving. I’m dissapoint etc”……i know there are a lots of swasan ffs and you all also want ragsan but if you feel bad then do tell your feelings but who gave you the rights to hurt writer by these cheap blackmailings. Even he/she have heart and her choice to decide.
    I’m really dissapoint to say this that i know there are a lots of swasan fans but i know one that they never blackmails swalak fan writers to make it swasan. I don’t know why but you are only concenterating on pairs but why don’t you see the ‘beauty of the storyline’. Pairs doesn’t matter is the story and the story in wonderful. I know that you are hurt but blackmailing is not a good thing you should respect the writer and her story . Have some manners and emotions to understand the others if you are not liking then just get lost.

    Dear aishu
    Please i have request don’t these emotional on your mind. It not because i don’t you to change the pairs its because its your ff only you have the rights to decide about it. I don’t know why they are only watching the pairs why they are not watching the beauty of your. Watever pair you will choose i don’t care because even if the pair is not the one i want so i will just imagine it as what i want but that doesn’t matter is the story and i must say that you story is really awesome. I didn’t like it, i just love it.
    Pls if the result us blackmailing so don’t ever ask the views of fans just do what your heart says ” your imagination is the best in all”

    and yes i am saying it once again don’t take tension just do what your heart says we all are there to support you…………..

    All the best for your next update sis and thanks for updating such a nice ff

    Love you sis….. may god bless you 🙂

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