Swaragini- Ek anokha bandhan (Episode 14)


Guyz itz SWASAN & RAGLAK. I’m really very sorry to swalak and ragsan fans. But majority was swasan and raglak, nearly 80%. Sorry if I’ve disappointed u guyz. But guyz don’t worry I promise u tht u enjoy swasan bonding too. There vl b a spcl relation btwn swalak and ragsan. Sorry again. Happy SWASAN!!!.

ROSY: u were ri8, I shudnt hav addressed only as swalak/swasan. I’m sorry. Evn ragini is as imprt as Swara, but I’m my ff she is evn more than swara.

SINDHU: tq fr sharing ur view. I promise u not to make u bore due to swasan. I vl just not focus on love blossoming b/w pairs, but also attachment among 4 of thm. Some new characters vl also b seen soon. And it vl b a suspense……. After their entry, u gonna hav mixture of fun and emotions. Till tht plz keep reading and supporting.
Tq u all especially VB, angel, kaira and many others. I know I’ve missed many names. Sorry fr tht. But I try to keep ur trust and not let u feel bore. Love u loads. Ur supportade my heart heavy. Tq again and sorry.

Precap: sanskar hurts Swara. Swara goes unconcious.

Rags: swara, Swara wake up. Wat has happened to her? Oh god!!
She observed nail marks on her arms. She was moved by tht.
Rags sprinkled water on her face. But swara didn’t shake.
Lucky: Letz take her to the hospital.
They were abt to take her, Swara moved her hands.
Swara: no… No… It can’t happen!! Mamma, papa… Ragini, explain him!! It can’t happen!!
All got confused. Swara was speaking being unconscious.
Rags: swara, Wake up. Wat r u saying?
Swara slowly started to open her eyes. She felt everything blur. She saw rags sitting, holding her hands. She hugged her. Rags was unable to figure out wat might hav happened. She was  just observing nail marks on her arms.
Rags: Shona, don’t worry. Everything is alright.
She tried to console her. But she herself was out of control.
Rags: swara wat can’t happen? Who had done this?
She pointed her arms. All were shocked to see tht.
Lucky: Swara r u OK?
Rags: answer me swara. I’ll not leave tht person.
Swara slightly pointed towards lucky.
All were shocked. Lucky was super confused.
Lucky: Wha…. What r u saying sw….
Swara: hi…. Hi.. His brother!!.
Lucky stepped aback. Rags was shocked too.
Rags: Sanskar?
Lucky: no, no my bhaai can’t do all this. Swara, U might hav mistaken.
Rags: lucky, let her speak.
She gav him a tough look.
Rags: Swara, u tell me. Y vl he do tht? U were in class ri8?
Swara nodded no. She explained everything. All were shocked. But lucky cudnt believe his ears. His heart was saying sanky can’t do tht. But his eyes were enough to prove him wrong. All were looking @ him.
Rags: wat vl u say now lucky? I was knowing he was rude. But I didn’t know he is not fit to b a human being. I’ll not leave him.
She went out in rage. Lucky was not in a situation to think anything. He was staring Swara continuously. Her arms, nail marks. He was in confusion, wat to believe and wat not to. He had Swara infrnt of his eyes in pain, and Sanky in his heart. He went out not knowing how to react.

@ Sanskar’s office.
Sanky: am I wrong? I think I shudnt hav done tht. Whatever, I want Lucky’s life to get sorted out.
Rags came and opened the door. Sanky turned around. He was puzzled due to her presence.
Sanky: How dare u come here vthout my permission?
Rags didn’t say anything. She slapped him. Before he cud recover from tht. She slapped again.
Rags: not a word Sanskar.
She holded him by his collar.
Rags: I’ll not say u anything. U vl pay for wat u hav done today. From today u started ur rivalry vth me.
Wat hav v done to u, huh? Tht day u tried to misbehave vth me. I gav u a right answer. But my Swara, my swara was not so dare to face u. So u utilized her helplessness. OK fine, u hate us. Itz OK, v don’t mind. If u had prblm vth our closeness vth Lucky, u cud hav told him to b away from us. Wat was the need to do all these?

Sanskar was listening to all her words. Somewhere a small guilt raised in his heart. But his ego stopped him to accept tht.

Rags: u think tht u love ur brthr a lot. No mr. Maheshwari, u don’t. U r a sadist. U just hurt ppl to satisfy ur wickedness. Wat if someone has done the same thing vth ur sister?

Suddenly uttara’s face passed to sanky’s mind. He cudnt evn imagine such things vth uttara. He got alerted by Rags again.

Rags: I slapped u. U shud hav done something fr me. Wat was the need to bring Swara in btwn us. U vl hav to pay fr this Sanskar. U vl pay for this.!!!
She warned him vth her forefinger. She went out in pain.

Sanskar collapsed on chair. ” Wat if someone has done the same vth ur sister? ” these words were roaming in his mind. He remembered swara’s tears and Rags talks.

Sanskar: Wat did I do? She was right. Wat if uttara faces same situation? Can I bare tht? How can I behave vth a girl like tht?
His ego was trying to bring him back. But his heart was screaming Rags words. “U r wrong Sanky, itz ur mistake”.
He closed his eyes to remove all these thoughts.

He heard some noise. He thght it was Rags again. But it was someone else.

Sanky: lucky!!
Lucky was searching in sanskar’s eyes. His heart was telling, ” bhaai can’t do like tht.” But sanky’s eyes proved him wrong.
Sanky saw lucky. His gesture showed him tht he came to know everything. Sanky goes to lucky and holds his hands.

Sanky: lucky, listen to me. I just wanted u to b happy. I…
Lucky: happy? I don’t want to b happy by harming someone. Bhaai, I know u love me so much. But is this the way? How can u do this? As long as I know, u never hurted anyone. But y today? I was vth thm by my own wish. They never entertained me. Do u know how much she has suffered in her life? U taunted her by saying abt her parents, but u knw wat bhaai, her parents are dead wen she was just 2 months. She spent her whole life like a puppet in other’s hands. She was trying to move on, but just then u…..

Sanskar was shattered to listen this. He remembered wat all he said to swara regarding her parents.

Lucky: I’m sorry to  say this bhaai, but I hate this Sanskar Maheshwari. I loved my bhaai, who never harmed anyone.

Sanky moved aback. He never expected this much might happen.
Sanky: Lucky, u r right. I’m sorry…….
He turned back. But Lucky has already left from there.

@ car
Lucky was driving thinking wat all happened from mrng. Swasan thghts were roaming in his mind. Swara’s past, her innocence, her tears, swaragini bonding, finally sanskar!!
He applied breaks suddenly.
Lucky:” how can u do this bhaai?. Tht too vth a girl like Swara. I don’t like to behave vth u in this way. I hate myself to scold such a caring brother. But u… u didn’t evn thght wat is right and wat is wrong. Now how can I go infrnt of my frndz? How can I face Swara? Wat hav u done bhaai?”

He was crying.

Screen freezes on separate faces of sanlak.

Precap: Sanskar………….

Plz wait till my next update. And plz share ur views. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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  1. Sry to say…i thought its ragsan bt nw i m very disappointed bye bye

  2. Awsm episode

  3. I am sry yar about pairing i thought the way tashan between san and rags they will be best pair i am sry once again so many rag lak ff are their now i am getting bored of it sry if i hurt u but plz think again according to your story not per comments plzz.
    Getting bored of swasan really and haa your storry us nice and liked yo see bold side of rags.
    Sry ag again if i hurt u

  4. SUPERB & u showed real swaragini bond

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  6. awesome. …plz make it swasan

  7. Loved the way ragini stood up for swara and even laksh.he deserved the slap. Waiting for next epi.loved it.the situation laksh is in the emotions he is undergoing in this is described perfectly.

  8. byeeeee this is my last comment on ur ff ……I don’t know mein first time midi ragsan karne ke liye itna boli …..because jo mere favorite writers h …….unse toh bolne ki jaroot hi nahi h first time mein apne favorite writers ko chod apke ff ke attached ho rahi thi ……..but anyway shayad apko majority ……..ke taraf jana tha then ok ur ff ur wish ….agar koi hi naam se apko agal naam se 10 times msg karega …..then its ok I don’t know mujhe itna bura kyu feel ho raha h ….agar shayad aapko roj swasan fans ke vote jayda mile yeah apne socha ki unki majority jyada h then ok ….byeeee take care …..I m really really sorryyyyyyyyy ….for this type of comment….bye love u

    1. I agree wit u manvi…bye bye aishu nd sorry

  9. Hi aishu… Tq fr making it swasan…. Nd ur ff is fab yaar….loved it…

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    In that case you should also check now how many votting are there i. dissappointment that you changed pairs
    And leaving
    We all doent meant to hurt u but u really made us bad yar i dont care about pairs but first u said something else and niw doing something else
    Really hurted atleast you do something different than other swasan ff
    Any way bye dear
    Me to leaving

  11. It was obvious even u should think that swasan fans are more than ragsan so they will definetly win u should have thought of ragsan swalak fans disappointed with u so bye to ur ff

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  13. I’m a silent reader but I want to comment today by seeing all your comments…
    Why u guys are hell bent towards pairs?
    U guys just see her storyline
    It’s too good
    And regarding pairs its her decision, & why to hurt her by saying ” I won’t read again” “bye bye” etc… It will be very difficult for her also to decide as there r fans for both pairs…
    U guys if possible support her but don’t discourage…
    This is sincere request….
    By the way Aishu your ff is going good & u don’t worry about pairs & readers comments… & there r many silent readers who like your ff…

  14. I agree with you Sravya

  15. I agree with shravya … I have no complaint regarding pairs …
    Most important is stry n this stry is so good..
    So y a guys bothered of pairs.. Actually don’t fight for pairs seriously u should look strory…
    Can’t u know how difficult for her to decide pairs u all r hurted her n saying sry seriously ..
    U guys read only if ur fav pairs story right …
    Let me tell u one thing story is more important than pairs ….
    U guys think about it k…

  16. Aishu don’t be sad for comments k…
    There r many silent readers who like ur ff …
    Ur ff is good …

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    Swasan raglak is also best…..

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