Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 13)


Guyz tq fr ur love. Ur huge respose is building my confidence level. But guyz I’m totally confused abt pairs. I like both swalak and swasan. I got equal requests fr both. Depending on todayz comments I’ll start to pair. Plz respond me. I don’t want to dissappiont any of u. So it vl b ur decision completely. Plz share ur suggestions through comments abt whom u guyz like to enjoy pairs in this ff. Love u all. I’ll b waiting…..

Recap: swaraglak moments.

Precap: Swaragini collides vth sanskar…. Sanskar hurts swara.

It was night.
Sumi and swara were serving food to all.
Swara: aunty, plz b seated. I’ll serve u all.
Sumi: no beta, u wud b tired. I’ll manage.
Swara: itz OK aunty….
Rags: offo…. Watz this I’ll serve, I’ll serve… I hav a better idea. U both hav ur seat.
Sumi: Rags beta, r u gng to serve? Omg!! Someone plz hold me…. I’ll go unconscious.
Everyone laughs.
Rags: very funny. Y wud I serve? V all hav hands…. Letz hav wat v want. So simple.
Swara and sumi hav their seat.
Swara’s eyes were moist looking at all of thm. This was the first time she was sitting vth such a huge family who cares fr her a lot.
Rags: Swara, Wat r u thinking? Hav ur food. Itz really yumm……
Swara smiled.
Dadi: Swaru, r u comfortable?
Swara: yes of coarse dadi. I feel blessed to stay vth ppl like u. I can’t explain how happy I am…….
She cudnt speak further. All consoled her. Her innocence won heart of everyone over their.
They all had some light moments. Finally all went to sleep.

Next mrng. It was 8.
Swara: ladoo…. Ladooo.. Uff I’m tired calling u.
Rags: thn come nd sleep, ur tiredness vl vanish.
Swara: offo, get up na ragini.
Rags: ha ha meri maa…. I’m up now. Happy? Itz still 8. U got me up so soon.
She made puppy face.
Swara: yes itz 8. V hav clg @ 9. So go n get fresh. Faster!!!
She shouted. Rags made faces went to get fresh.

@ Maheshwari mansion.
Uttara and lucky were having their brkfst.
Lucky: Thank god papa has gone. Otherwise. I wud hav got a big lecture. Uttara laughed at him.
Lucky got a call. It was Sanskar.
Lucky: hey bhaai…
Utt: sanky bhaiya…. Bhai plz give me the cell. I wanna talk to him.
Lucky: let me talk first.
They began to fight. Lucky ran to his room and locked the door.
Lucky: offo bhaai, now I’m away from tht devil. Tell me bhaai how come u remember this charm early mrng?
Sanky: bcoz I want to meet my charm now.
Lucky: I hav clg now and…
Sanky: wait wait wait… My bro who just wanted reasons to bunk classes is now excited to go there. Not bad lucky!!! Watz the matter, huh?
Lucky understood his time.
Lucky: nothing like tht bhaai. I hav results today. I mean tht project….
Sanky: oh yeah…. No prblm. I’ll come to u and drop u to ur clg, v can hav a talk on the way.
Lucky: done bhaai, I’ll b waiting.

Swara: ladoo, I think u dnt hav any planz to bunk like sterday.
Rags: Oh no swara. I know u’ll kill me if I do so.
Swara: hmm… Thtz gud. Then letz move.
Rags: Wait, let Lucky come.
Swara looked at her suspiciously.
Rags: offo, swara there’s no plan to bunk. I swear. He has helped us a lot. V shall wait fr him na.
Swara nodes.

Just then a car stops at thm. Lucky came out of it. Sanky didn’t come out.
Lucky: bye. Meet u in evng.
Swaragini didn’t know who was inside.
Lucky: Rags I’m starving.
Rags: wat? Now?
It was Lucky’s excuse to bunk first hour. Rags understood. Both of them winks each other.
Rags: Shona….. Poor guy, he is hungry. V shall wait fr him to hav food. If we miss one class… Noth……
Swara: not at all. If u guyz wanna eat u can. I’ll not bunk.
Lucky expected tht she will join thm. He was bit disappointed. But soon he smiled tht he got escaped from class tht too vth the help of Rags. He gav a naughty smile to rags.
Rags: OK Shona… V r gng to canteen. Meet u in next class. Bye.
Swara: bye.
They both headed towards canteen giving hi-fi. Swara didn’t come to know tht it was their plan. She started moving towards class. Sanky who was seeing all these, rushed towards her. He pulled swara holding her hands and took her aside where no one was there. Swara tried hard to escape from his grip. But his rude and strong hands dominated her strength.
Swara: hey, wat r u dng? Leave me. Y hav u brght me here. I hav my classes.
Sanky: don’t try to act infrnt of me. I know everything abt ur fake classes.
Swara: who r u to talk to me like this? Y am I here?
She was about to go. Sanky held her arms tighter. His nails were on her soft skin.
Sanky: I know u both. U and ur sis. She is trapping my brthr and u r supporting her in tht. I’ll never allow u to succeed in tht.
Swara: how dare u talk abt my ragini? U r not evn fit to take her name.
This made Sanky evn more rude. He tightened his grip. Swara had tears in her eyes due to pain.
Sanky: Didn’t ur parents teach u any good things? They’ll repent to hav such a daughter like u. I’m sure girlz like u just ruin their parents dignity. U vl lose ur parents one day for ur mistakes.
Swara got shattered by this. Sanky’s each and every word started to disturb her as an echo. Sanky saw her in tears. He loosened her grip. He didn’t had courage to look at her eyes again. He went to his car in anger.
Sanky: I think, she vl stay away from my brthr from now. I just want to focus on tht another girl now.
He moved from there.
Swara was still on shock. Sun rays were pearcing her eyes. She felt everything around her is rotating. She started to feel dizzy. She fell on ground unconscious.

@ canteen.
Raglak were cracking jokes on students who were roaming there.
Lucky: look at him he’s ….
Just then omi came running.
Omi: ragini….
Rags: omg omi, relax. I’m here. Y r u wheezing like tht. Is ur girlfriend chasing u? Did u get caught flirting?
Raglak gave hi-fi to each other.
Omi: oh no ragini. Swara…. Swara….. She was unconscious beside library.
Raglak were shocked to hear tht. They rushed vth omi…..

They came to a room where their frndz were treating swara.
Raglak were shocked to see her in tht state.

Screen freezes on worried faces of raglak and unconscious swara.

Recap: raglak goes to sanskar and lucky gets angry on him…..

Guyz plz suggest pairs by ur cmmnts to this episode. I’ll start to pair up. From next epi u’ll see ur fav pairs. Plz plz comment. FASTER!!!!! Remember u hav to cmmnt in this epi. I’ll post my next epi by tmrw mrng . I’m sorry if I’m forcing u. I know I shud hav asked abt the pairs earlier. Forgive me fr this. And plz b QUICK!!

Credit to: Aishu

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