Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 12)


Recap: Rags takes Swara to her home.

Precap: Swaraglak fun.

@ night
Swara and rags were lying on bed. Rags was sleeping.
Swara: ladoo….
Rags: hmm……
Swara: y do u love me so much?
Rags woke up.
Rags: bcoz no one can stop themselves from loving u. U r so sweet.
Swara: y rags? U r doing so much fr me. But in return I am unable do anything fr u.
Rags: so u want to do something fr me. Thn keep smiling all the while. And don’t change urself.
Swara became emotional. They hugged each other.
Rags: Now let me sleep. I’m too sleepy.

She slept on Swara’s lap. She caresses her hair looking at her lovingly. …..

Rags was shouting….
Rags: mom quick!! I’m starving. V r already late.
Sumi: itz ur mistake, u woke up late and u r urging now.
Swara: itz OK aunty. Don’t get tensed. I’ll help u.
Sumi: itz OK beta. I’m done.
She kissed her forehead. Rags smiled at thm.
They cmpltd their breakfast and went to clg.

@ clg
Rags: Where is this lucky? Idiot, he doesn’t hav time sense.
Rags said making faces.
Swara: Y r v waiting fr him? Come letz go to class. V r already late. He may b comng.
Just then lucky came…..
Lucky: Waiting for me? How sweet!!!!
Rags: aww…. So sweet!!! Stupid, watz the time? U told u’ll come early. Look u r late fr half an hour.
Lucky said sorry holding his ears.
Swara: If u guyz r done shall v move? V r late already.
Raglak gav a naughty smile.
Swara: ladoo, whatz going on in ur mind?
Raglak in unison, ” Letz bunk”
Both winks.
Swara: no wayz. V r going to classes.
Rags: offo

She signed lucky. They both held Swara’s hand. They both dragged her out. Swara didn’t oppose as she knew it was of no use.
Lucky: so? Where r v going?
Rags: Beach…..
Lucky made faces. “Itz too sunny!!”
Rags: so wat? V r going, no more arguements.
Lucky: OK beautiful
They both stepped inside the car. Lucky started to drive.

@ beach
Trio were enjoying the scenary. Swara was looking at infinity. She was quiet as usual.
Lucky was humming a song. Rags who heard it….
Rags: Lucky…. Y did u sing on fresher’s party?
Lucky got struck. He started blabbering.
Lucky: ju….. Just like tht. I love to show my talent
Rags: wat? Talent? Oh god!! It was irresistible.
Lucky: don’t underestimate me Ragini. Can u sing like me?

Rags started laughing. Lucky was mesmorized at her.
Swara: lucky, u don’t underestimate her. She is an expert in music. Ladoo… Can u sing now? I didn’t hear ur voice since a long time…… Plz…

Rags first said no. Later she agreed. Lakshya was looking curiously.
Rags started to sing, “mein tennu samjhawan ki….”
Swara was enjoying her song. Lucky saw her.
Lucky: she is so cute…… Therez no match to her innocence.
His gaze shifted to Ragini. She was enjoying the song. Her hands were moving in air. Her sweet voice has strength to distract anyone. Lucky was continuously staring at her.
Lucky to himself, ” She is so beautiful!!!”
Rags cmpltd her song. She saw swalak losted somewhere. She waved her hands.
Rags: oye!!! I’m done. R u guyz sleeping?
Lucky: no rags, u sing so good. Uhh but not as me.
He winks.

Rags: oh yeah I know….
The trio had some light moments.
Lucky was observing Swaragini. He became so close to thm. Swaragini too enjoyed his company.
Rags: Lucky, u r really very nice. All think u as a flirt but they’ll come to know u wen they interact vth u. Thank u, for being there for us yesterday.
Lucky: my pleasure, gorgeous.
Rags: but ur brthr….. U both r poles apart. Y is he like tht? I just hate him.
Lucky became serious.
Lucky: Rags plz.. U donno abt him. He may b rude but not bad. I know wat he is.
Rags gave an whatever expression. Swara was unaffected by their talks. She was enjoying the nature’s beauty while raglak had great fun.

Precap: swaragini collides vth Sanskar…. Sanskar hurts Swara.

Guyz I know todayz episode was somewhat boring. I’m really sorry fr tht. But I promise, next episode vl b different. Sorry again guyz. Plz don’t lose interest. Love u all.

Credit to: Aishu

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