Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 11)


Recap: Raglak come to swara’s house and are shocked to see her.

Swara’s eyes were swollen. It was clearly visible tht she was crying from long time. Anyone cud easily notice tht she didn’t sleep or eat anything from past two days. She was looking very weak. Rags whispered “Shona..”
Rags ran to her.
Rags: wat is this swara? Wat hav done to urself?
Lucky: y didn’t u cme to clg?
Swara was looking at infinity.
Swara: I left my studies.
Raglak were super shocked.
Lucky: What?

Shailu: hey ladki!!! Wat r u dng here? And who is this? Just get out of my house.
Rags: now I understood. Aunty how can u restrict swara to study? Itz her right.
Shailu: I know wat to do nd wat not to do. This is my home. Don’t try to argue vth me. Just get out.
Rags: At least plz behave like an elder aunty. How can u b so cruel? It was the only way tht she was relieved by ur tortures and now u are snatching it from her. No, I’ll not let this happen.
Shailu: mind ur tongue.
Rags: fine. Itz done now. Swara, itz enough u bared this lady till now. Common, pack ur stuffs. I’ve come to take u from here.
Shailu: how dare u….
Rags: plz, stop it aunty. Itz enough now. She has respected nd listened to u a lot. But u don’t deserve it. And more over, I’m sure u vl b happy if she moved from here. U may miss someone to torture, thtz it.
Swara: ladooo wat r u speaking? I cannot come vth u. This is my home. Itz my fate and I hav to agree.
Rags: Shona plz…. Itz enough of ur excuses. Open ur eyes. U hav nothing left vth u now. I’m not gonna listen to u anymore.

She took swara’s hands and walked out. Swara was trying harder to loosen the grip.
Swara: ladoo… Plz leave me. I cannot come vth u.
This time rags lost her patience. She slightly slapped swara. Lucky didn’t expect this from her and Swara too.
Rags: shut up and come vth me. Got it?
She dragged her. They went to car. Shailaja was fuming. Somewhere she was happy vth this.
Lucky was driving and swaragini were at back seat. Both were facing opposite. There was unbearable silence inside the car. All were disturbed. After a while it was swara who moved her hand and tightened her grip on ragini’s hand. She was crying but this time her tears didn’t had pain.
Swara: I’m…. I’m sorry ladooo. I didn’t mean to hurt u.
Rags didn’t see her. She was looking somewhere out. Lucky stopped the car. He went out of the car so tht they can talk in private.
Swara: ladoo plz talk to me na…
Rags: OK I’ll. But u hav to promise me tht u vl never leave me.
Swara: ladoo.. How can I cme vth u? I know u welcome me vth open arms. But ur family…
Rags: they vl b more happier than me Shona. They treat u as their own child and u too know tht.
Swara hugged her. “I’ll never leave ladooo”
Rags reciprocated. Now everything got sorted out. Swara was out of the hell. Both were very happy by this.

Swara: ladoo…. Shall I say sumthng?
Rags: hmm….
Swara: I was missing mother’s love and affection. But u know wat, now I’m feeling tht I’m vth her ri8 now. Ur love reminds me my mom. I never felt her love but I’m feeling it now in u. I think today I got completed. Ur unconditional love has made me to forget all my pain. V shall b like this forever na Ladoo?
Rags was moved by her words. She was crying. She hugged her and said SWARAGINI vl always b like this.

Swaragini plays in bg…
Lucky saw thm hugging each other.
Lucky: wow!! Wat kind of relation is this? I never imagined this type of bonding between two frndz. These girlz r out of world. I’m happy to say tht I’m their frnd.
He was smiling continuously. He stepped into the car.
Lucky: so….
They both break their hug.

Rags: Driver, drop us to our home.
Lucky: wah!! Wat a reward?!!! I deserve this.
Rags: yes u do.
Swarag laughed at him. Rags started to speak how shall they enjoy together. Swara was continuously smiling at her. She was very happy. Lucky saw thm both vth the mirror.
Lucky: I wish I shall join their gang soon.
After a while.
Lucky: madam, v hav reached.
Rags: so quick!!. Keep it up.
Lucky: wherez my reward?
Rags: so u need tip?
Lucky: not a tip, at least a cup of coffee.
Rags: but v never invited u to our home.
Lucky: so wat? I know u r taking me inside now. In addition u can offer me a coffee, I don’t mind evn if u serve lunch.
Rags: o plz…. U no need to come to my home. I never invited u. I want some privacy vth my friend so u can leave.
Lucky: thtz so mean…

Rags: is it? I’m not sorry.
They started arguing. Swara was smiling at their behaviour.
Rags: better luck next time Mr. Maheshwari. But for today….. Bye.
Lucky: itz OK beautiful. I’ll watch u tmrw @ clg. Now bye…. Bye swara.
Swarag: bye.
They shared a laugh.

The trio were happy vth wat all happened today. Rags explained everything to her family.
Dada, dadi, sumi, shekar got proud of rags. They welcomed swara open heartedly. Swara was overwhelmed by their reaction. Her pain came to an end by today. She was out of world thinking she has got such a caring family. She was looking at Rags vth infinite love and gratitude.

The episode ends vth happy faces of Swaragini.

Precap: swaraglak fun time….

Credit to: Aishu

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