Swaragini- Ek Anokha Bandhan (Episode 10)


Guyz tq u all for showering soo much love for this ff. First of all, I wanna say something. I know u guyz want the pairs to b revealed. But guyz it vl b a suspense. And plz don’t guess the pairs. Bcoz I’m thinking to give many twists vth the pairs. But I’ll reveal it soon, but till tht plzz wait. I just want u to enjoy how swasanraglak bonding increases in every meeting. So guyz plz cooperate. And one more thing there vl b no love triangle n all. So I request u to enjoy and support me as u guyz r dng till now. Sorry nd Love u all.

Recap: Rags slaps sanskar and shailaja orders swara to leave her studies.

It was Sunday. Lucky was calling sanky continuously. He didn’t pick his call. He thght to meet him in his house. But he thght to go tmrw as he had his project to cmplte.
It was night. Lucky cudnt control himself. He called sanskar again. Sanky picked his call this time.
Sanky: what?
Lucky: Bhaai. I knw u r angry. I hav also asked u sorry several times. I shudnt hav brought thm to our private place.
Sanky: lucky plz, I’m not in mood. But if u really love me, thn plz listen to me, stay away from those girlz. They’ll destroy u.
Lucky: no bhaai, listen to me.
Sanky: how can u leave me fr tht girl lucky? U left me to drop tht girl. I didn’t expect this from u.
Lucky: bhaai, I know I was wrong. But u dn knw y…..
He narrated the entire incident.

Sanky: is it true lucky?
Lucky: bhaai y wud I lie, tht too in such matters. Bhaai plz, now letz forget tht. Can’t v talk as before?
Sanky: sorry yar. S v vl b like before forever. Now u open ur laptop. I’ve sent u a mail.
Lucky: mail?
Sanky: I know u havnt yet cmpltd ur project. I’ve done it for u.
Lucky: bhaaaai…… Tq u sooo much. Love u. U r the best. Tq bhaai.
Sanky: itz OK yar. Now go n sleep and let me sleep or else I vl not b able to call u and wake u up.
Lucky: OK bhaai. Gud ni8. Tq, sorry and love u.
Sanky: love u too yar. Gud ni8.

@ clg
As usual Rags was waiting fr Swara. She was unaware of wat all happened vth Swara on Saturday. Someone pats her shoulder. Rags looked around and spotted tht person. He turned out to b our Lucky.
Lucky: hey, beautiful.
rags raised her eyebrows.
Rags: Flirting tht too vth me? It vl b too dangerous lucky boy!!!
Lucky: whatever. By the way, howz ur dadi now?
Rags: shez fine, she got discharged sterday. Hey, hav u cmpltd ur project?
Lucky: yes
He said proudly and shows it to her.
Rags: itz so perfect yar. But mine…
She made a puppy face “I’m sure I’ll get the least marks”.
Lucky laughed at her.
Lucky: chill yar. Hey, wherez swara?

Rags: I am also waiting fr her. She shud hav come by now. Tht too today is project submission. She wud b the first to arrive every time. But donno y didn’t she come till now.
Just then bell rang.
Lucky: dn wrry, she may b comng. Letz go and submit this.
They went to their class.

@ noon
It was 1:00 pm already. Swara hadn’t yet come. Rags started to worry. She felt something has went wrong otherwise Shona wud never miss classes.
Lucky was smiling at girlz and was enjoying their attention. He then looked at rags whoz eyes were moist.
Lucky: rags, are u alright? R u crying?
Rags: lucky, I committed a blunder. I shudnt hav left Swara to go alone tht day. I’m sure something very serious has happened. I cudnt call her as I was busy vth dadi.
Lucky: no rags, may b she is busy.
Rags: no lucky, now I am realising, she didn’t call me to ask for dadi’s health. I’m sure she is in trouble, otherwise she wud hav come and had taken care of her personally. O shit!!! How can I b so careless towards her!!
Lucky: hey chill. Y r u worrying so much? Y vl she fall in trouble? If she is in trouble, her family vl b there to help her na?
Rags gave a pale smile.
Rags: family? They r her greatest enemies.

Lucky looked on confused.
Lucky: wat? Her parents vl always b there fr her.

Rags: her parents are dead, lucky.
Lucky was super shocked. Rags had tears in her eyes. She started to explain him everythng.
Rags: “Swara lives vth her cruel aunt, brother and a helpless uncle. They r animals!!!. My Swara is treated worse than a servant. She fears to open her mouth. She has to think thousand times before taking a step. She has to act on their words or else she’ll visit hell tht day. U know wat Lucky, there’s no single day tht went out vthout her eyes becoming wet. I hav consoled her daily in this same place. She has become a puppet infrnt of thm. I hav insisted several times to leave tht house and come to me. U knw wat she says, huh! she feels tht it vl b a sin to do tht. She loves thm evn after suffering their taunts. My Shona….”

She cudnt speak further. She went out of control. Her voice got blocked. She closed her eyes remembering Swara, HER swara. Lucky, who was listening to her was totally speechless. He was unable to think or speak anything. He didn’t console Rags as he has lost his thinking capacity. Suddenly he got back to the world, listening to rags,

Rags: I am so stupid tht I realised this now. I’m sure she is suffering there. She needs me. I want to go there.

She literally ran towards her car vthout looking to Lucky.
Lucky: Rags wait, I’ll come vth u.
Lucky brought his car. They started to move.

Rags: Lucky plz go fast. I’m feeling restless.
Lucky: Yes rags, we are almost there.
They reached her home.
Rags rushed inside. Lucky too followed her.
They looked around. They didn’t find anyone. Rags was abt to call Swara just thn she came out of her room. Raglak were totally shocked looking at her.

The episode ends vth shocked faces of raglak.

Precap: Rags to help Swara to rejoin clg and Lakshya’s thoughts………

Credit to: Aishu

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