Swaragini- Ek anokha bandhan (Episode 1)

Hey guys….. I am very excited. Letz start the 1st episode.

Episode starts with a lady shouting out, she is Shailaja.
Shailaja: as ladki, haven’t u done yet? Don’t u hav a sense of giving me a cup of coffee early morng? Come soon or else….
A scared voice of a girl is heard ” coming aunty”.
She handed over the cup of coffee to her.
Shailaja who tasted it just spit it out ” yak, can’t u make the difference b/w salt nd sugar? Idiot.”
The girl was scared enough. Teats were rolling down from her eyes which was full of fear. She added salt instead of sugar in hurry.

Shailaja: u r useless. I know u did it intensionally. Get me another cup soon or else u will b seeing my rudeness. U know very well wat kind of rundess I am talking about.
The girl sent down in hurry. She made another cup of coffee n gav it to her aunt who was looking at her in rage.
She is Swara. Destiny had given her nothing except pain. There was not a single day which has passed without crying.
She was allowed to go to college only after cleaning house and preparing breakfast for all. College was the only place of relief for her as she cud meet her best friend who used to console her.

The screen shifts to Gadodia mansion.    A voice came from background ” omg, beta wake up. U r already late fr college. I am tired enough by waking up this girl.”
The girl is none other than ragini, princess of Gadodia family nd future of Gadodia industries.
Ragini: ooo maa, u r so sweet. Don’t get angry. Luk I’m up.
She kept kisses her mom nd went to washroom.

She cane out with a beautiful pink anarkali suit which lit up her beauty even more.
Sumo was still angry on her. ” bechari, swara might b waiting for u in clg”. Listening to swara’s ragini’s face got brightened. They were besties. All friends used to call them soulmates. Ragini soon came out of her thoughts, “bye maa , I’m getting late”. ” at least eat ur breakfast, beta” said sumi. ” I’ll eat in canteen ma, no worries”, she ran I’m excitement to meet swara. Sumi smiled at her childishness.

@ clg
Ragini was waiting for swara. ” oh god, itz already late nd this girl….. I donno wat that devil aunty is doing with my swara!!”. She saw swara coming towards her. She was wearing white top nd black long skirt. She was simply beautiful which has been increased more by her open long hairs.
Swara saw ragini nd all her worries just went away by looking her at her smiling face. Ragini was the only one for her in this world who was her true happiness.
Ragini: oh god shona, come soon. We r greeting late.
Swara just came out of her thoughts.
Swara: sorry ladoo, come let’s go.
They literally ran towards the class room.

Precap: sanlak entry.

Guys how’s it? plz encourage me through ur comments. If u feel it bored plz do tell me. I’ll try change the storyline. Ur comments r precious fr me.

Credit to: Aishu


  1. Tooba

    Nice but swara wearing modern dress and ragini wearing traditional dress it looks opposite by reading the story 🙂

  2. Aishu

    Guyz don’t worry much about the pairs. Just enjoy their bonding wen they meet each other and how they help each other in their pain

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.