swaragini DREAMS (intro)

Hi guys I’m saniya in short sannu , I’m 13 years old….. This is my first time to write ff there might be any grammatical mistakes or others so plz comment and suggest . firstly I don’t know the way to write ff ( but I was encouraged by my friends and some quotes like TRY & TRY UNTIL U SUCCEED & etc )but I’ll try my very best . Secondly i don’t think I’ll put much romantic scenes or might be I’ll & I think I’ll end the ff when marriages are gonna be done . So let’s begin

Gadodia family :

Dada&Dadi r not in this ff

Shekhar gadodia : one of the famous businessman and richest person in whole kolkatta . loves his family a lot . Pampers his daughters a lot .

Sharmistha shekhar gadodia: she is a heart surgeon & has her own hospital . loves her family . Pampers her daughters a lot

Swara Gadodia : beautiful , bubbly , modern and mischievous girl . Music and Fashion are her Passion .loves her family .

Ragini gadodia : cute , bubbly, modern and mischievous girl. Music and Fashion are her Passion . loves her family .

Swaragini : both r _19 years old twins . they r admitted in both music and fashion designing college . they have a band called ‘Thunderz’ .

Abhijay sighaniya : usually called Abhi . member of THUNDERZ band . sweet , cute, little silent type of guy . plays drums.

Sunil agarwal : usually called Sunny . member of THUNDERZ band . handsome & dashing guy . other guitarist .

Asha sharma : usually called Ash . beautiful , sweet girl . member of THUNDERZ band . plays piano.

( Swara plays lead guitar ,Ragini plays electrical guitar )

Thunderz : all the members r 19 yrs old & r admitted in both music and fashion designing collage 2nd yr. in both of the collages everyone r afraid of them. to world they r great band and team in fashion designing but in the collages they r very mischievous not every time but if someone does or say something to them
They play pranks . they all r childhood friends and besties. No one can break them apart .

Maheshwari family :

Durga Prasad maheshwari: Rich person and famous businessman in whole delhi ( not rich as shekhar ) . loves his family .

Anapurna dp maheshwari : house wife , kind and nice person. Loves her family

Sanskar maheshwari : handsome , sincere & little mischievous . 20 yrs old . music is his life .loves his family

Laksh maheshwari : handsome , flirty & little mischievous . 20 yrs old . music is his life .loves his family

Sanlak : both r twins . they don’t have any band they can work with any band they choose .

Ram prasad maheshwari : works with dp in family business .loves his family a lot.

Sujata rp maheshwari : loves shopping . nice and kind person . loves her family a lot.

Adarsh maheshwari : sincere , innocent , polite type of guy. Helps in family . 23 yrs old.loves his family

Uttara maheshwari : naughty , sweet little girl. 17 yrs old . loves her family a lot .

Three mysterious people will be known later:
( it’s gonna be twist but I think u guys can guess)

Janki vina : very beautiful women. kind hearted .her own business of restaurant in delhi. loves her daughters

Samaira vina : beautiful , cute, kind 17 years old girl. Bff of uttara . loves her mother& sister

Parineeta vina : ( adopted by janki & she herself knows all this ) very sincere and beautiful girl .21 yrs old.

So plz comment and suggest
( I won’t b able to write ff for some days cause of my sisters marriage is going on
And after that my final exams from 9th march , but I’ll try to write if possible)

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  1. Pls u may find it pessimistic but I suggest u stop ur ff… Coz u r 13 n at dis age ur concentration shud b on ur life,studies n ur childhood….. Getting involved in this unnecessarily will just ruin it believe me…. Rest ur wish…

  2. nice ….

  3. very nice

  4. Nice make it swalak if you have not decided pairs

  5. Hey!! As you said you are just 13! I would like to say uh that if you like writing then write! Uh r writing splendid! Superb! But you should give importance to uhr studies! Studies are first priority. While exam concentrate on it!

  6. Guess???,cute girl, tina thanks for liking my intro ur comments really means a lot to me
    As for welwisher : thanks for ur concern actually I don’t have anyone to play with or something like that so I spend my free time writing stories
    Jyotii : thanks for liking and appreciating my intro and also while exams I’m not gonna write ff after exams during holidays I’ll write it
    Once again thank to everyone

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