swaragini DREAMS (episode 7 – part 4 ) HOLI SPECIAL


hi guys part 4 to begin

In Kolkata
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Abhi takes ash asidr and asks if she is fine ash says yeah he doesn’t bother me any more abhi smiles and rest of them camecyheur and they began to have fun .. ..after a while ash excuses herself and goes to washroom and when she is about head towards sanhay blocks the way … ash : oh commonsanjay just leave
Sanjay : not so easily … Ash : u don’t bother me any more… Sanjay : really ?!! …ash : yeah ! The more u come near me the more I get stronger ! I’m no more weak !! .. . sanjay : wow I’m impressed ,,he holds her hand tightly and takes her to corner and pins her to the wall she tries to get out of his grip but all went vain ,he comes near her and twists her hand and speaks up so now also u r not weak … Ash : yeah (confidently) …. He twists more ash front wad touching sanjays chest and her hand twisted tightly around her back now ash was about to cry because all her attempts to get out of his grip were going vain from a distance lucky saw this and is about to go there but stops seeing rest of the thunderz going there …. Thunderz comes there abhi removes sanjay from there ragz consoles ash.. swara goes near sanjay ..

.. Swara : how dare u mess up with us I think u forgot who we r ??! ( angrily ) …. Sanjay : yeah yeah thunderz ( easy tone ) …. Swara : ash this us ur right to do… Sanjay doesn’t understand at first but understands by the reaction of ash … Ash slaps sanjay hard and warns not to mess up with them again …. Now holi party was about to end …sanlak came near swaragini .. .sanlak : hey , hi , happy holi ….thunderz : happy holi…ragz : by the way u guys r last to wish us … Lucky : yeah we know, we wanted to be first but ur parents r and we wanted to be the one u could easily remember….last is better saying this he winks ….rags at first didn’t understood but gave a smile because she was not able to understand the feeling buy she thought to her self my dad’s best friend’s son that’s why leaving u but if any other person was there na till now he would be lying on hospital bed …..swara: so u wanted to say something ?!! … Sanky : yeah, r ur parents home ?? …. Swara: why ? …sanky: because we have some work with them …swara : yeah they r at home, u can come now and leave before 6 pm …lucky : why so ?? …ragz : because all thunderz family have get together a small holi party at our home starting from 6:30pm ….lucky: OK , by the way now it is 5:36 better we leave for GM …

.they arrive GM ..sanlak wishes happy holi to sumi and shekhar an invites them on adarsh and pari marriage which goung to be done after 1 week , shekhar is happy and says that he will come …. Sanlak leaves …now it’s around 6:30 all the parents arrive all of them are enjoying drinking bhang and all the dramas started as it happens every year swaragini r happy that this family friendship has started from their parents childhood till now there is no change except their increasing bonding and trust and love between them …. Mr sharma revealed how they became friends when they were neighbours there parents use to be friend too and all of them had done love marriage and now its their turn to search their pairs …everyone had fun and slept in garden itself because of the effect of bhang

Precap : swaragini to go Delhi with sanlak

Hope u liked it …

Credit to: sannu

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  1. Superb epi but plz make it longer dr

    1. Thanks ruhani… Actually it’s not full epi it’s divided into parts so yeah …it’s small … ….but I’ll try to make other epi part longer : )

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