swaragini DREAMS (episode 7 – part 3 ) HOLI SPECIAL


hi guys part 3 to begin

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all the decorations r handled by ash , she is perfect decorater… all the garden is given red ,blue , yellow lightening and and all the special dishes r arranged and whole dry colors and water guns etc r ready the gate is decorated too every one is excited ….. all r wishing eachother , applying colors on eachother , playing like kids … all collage students love holi because they get to see thunderz behaving like small children and most of all pranking on eachother ash doesn’t like colors because of which she hides in one class …but this time students were not sure as to how holi will be because of the arrival of sanjay ….sanlak entered the collage and were astonished to see so beautiful decorations and arrangements when they got to know that it was done by ash ,they went and praised her and she thanked ( it happens only on special days when thunderz r behaving nicely with some one ) …

party started with a special dance performance by thunderz on nagada sang dhol from ramleela…all of them enjoyed … now everything was going normal sunny and ragz running after ash with colors in their hands ….while swara and abhi were eating sweets and they were joined by others too ash was angry but soon became ok ,they all were enjoying …just then sanjay entered and came near ash …sanjay: see sweets r eating sweets …. ash : just shut up … sanjay : by the way u look … but before he could complete his sentence it was cut by abhi ‘ yeah i know she look gorgeous ‘ saying this he hold ash by her waist and took her away .. now sanjay was fuming with anger but didn’t show it to anyone and left while others were laughing at his reaction …. now the hell is gonna be created by our beloved thunderz and their foe sanjay students thought

sry guys i know small i’m writing as i’m getting time so plz deal with this but yeah part 4 will be uploaded soon till then guess why sanjay fumed with anger by the behavior of abhi and ash ?? what does he want ?? why is he foe of thunderz ?? what is the past ??

Credit to: sannu

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