swaragini DREAMS (episode 7 – part 1 ) HOLI SPECIAL


Hi guys, these days there was some internet problem due to which I couldn’t upload the ff so now let’s begin with epi 7

@ GM. ( 8 am )
Sumi is dressed up in beautiful white saree with meroon border and her hair with a puff and straightened she is looking beautiful, she walked up to swaragini’s room as she opened the door she screamed swaragini were shocked
Swaragini: mom what happened ??…… Sumi : how many time should I say to wear traditional clothes on holi ..at least on holi ,,she explained ….. Swara: mom plz we r not comfortable in those clothes plz ,,she pleaded with a pout and her puppy eyes ….sumi : no.. not this time , ur puppy eyes and pout is not going to work on me
Ragz : plz plz plz mom our sweet mom world’s best mom …. Sumi : don’t butter me up now u pleaded so much so …,,she said thinking deeply… Swaragini’s eyes lightened up a sweet smile was going to appear but vanished when they heard these words ‘ now u should not wear frock but more traditional dress ‘ . . sumi left after saying these words …. Swaragini couldn’t refuse their mom’s wish so they decided to wer PURE traditional dress… Now after half an hour ..sumi and shekhar were sitting on dining table busy with their holi romanc ; p…. Just then ash , abhi and sunny arrived with some packets in their hands, seeing sumi and shekhar so close sunny gave a fake cough and dramatically ‘ sry to dusturb ..we came here for swaragini we r going upstairs .. By the way happy holi ‘ saying this they left for swaragini’s room … Sumi : these children na ( blushing)…
In swaragini’s room
As rest of then entered the room Swaragini became happy ….. Ragz: u guys bought it ??!! ( curiously ) …. Sunny : yeah yeah first dress what about friends no wishes no nothing ( dramatically )…. Ragz : sunny !!( pressing his cheek, like we do as so cute expression ) happy holi ( hugged)…..and everyone wished each other … . swara : now let’s get ready …. ‘Boys were sitting in balcony while girls were getting ready ‘ ash : ok finished u guys can come inside …. Boys were Mesmerized to see girls ,ash was wearing silver saree with golden border and long pallu her hair with date pony ( khajoori choti ) …. Swara was wearing half saree of red shining lahenga and red pallu with black border with a waterpool hairstyle .. She was looking gorgeous …..ragz was wearing right pallu saree of green color with silver border with puff and curls at end hairstyle they all were looking gorgeous and boys wear wearing whit chicken work kurta …… After a minute of silence ragz spike up ‘ common let’s go down and surprise mom and dad as they didn’t saw us in these traditional clothes ever ‘ she said excitedly …. They went down sumu and shekhar were shocked to see thunderz in such traditional dress, they apply colors on each other and gave blessings to them and thunders left for collage as there is a holi party

2nd part will be uploaded son

Credit to: sannu

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  1. But why do u have ragsan pic for this ff?

    1. No dear ,it’s swasan pic side by side and raglak pic side by side

  2. Awesome yaar
    …..swara looks beautiful yaar….

  3. Keep swasan yaar

    1. Yeah anusha it’s swasan only

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