swaragini DREAMS (episode 6)


hi guys i’m back …. sry for late update… as i was not well so sry but now let’s begin with epi 6

in kolkata @ GM

shekhar , sanky , lucky & thunderz r in garden chatting with each other ….. shekhar : so how do u guys know each other ?? ….. ragz : dad these r only those mister saviors … shekhar : oh sry if u guys have been angry on them these thunderz always want to prank around ( to sanlak ) …. swara : dad y r u saying them sry did we did anything with them !! ……sumi comes with snacks … sumi : swara u shouldn’t say like that …. swara : haan haaan now childhood’s best friend’s sons came na now no need of daughters !! ( in a frustrated tone ) …. ragz : lets go to swimming pool we can chill out there …. ash : yes now enough of these dramas let’s go …. sumi : okay u guys go n enjoy …. thunderz r in swimming pool playing like small children sanlak comes there but r at a distance …. sanky : yaar these girls look so cute innocent then….. why did they …?? …..lucky : yeah bhai donno why they did so much bad with that kriti …… sanky: lets go home v have lots of work to do …. they leave for there home while thunderz enjoy

next morning …… sanlak r in market for some work they r shocked to see someone … 3 women r shown shown working in a shop , they r wearing gud clothes and jewellery …. sanky : yaar lucky these are those fisher women only na ?? …. lucky : yes bhai but last time when we saw them was when we were saving kriti they were wearing old and torn sarees then today … what is this ?? lets go and ask them !! ……. sanky: yes lets ask them ….. sanlak went to those ladies …. sanky : see we saw u on that day when u were saving a girl remember ( sanlak reveals the whole incident ) … 1st lady : yeah we remember ….. 2nd lady : we r not fisher women we own this shop … 3rd lady : actually swara madam asked us to dress up like a fisher women and stand there when the girl will fall down we should go save her and take her to hospital … a rooom was also booked for her in hospital but u guys came and took her to another hospital now did u understood ?? ….. sanlak nods in yes and leaves from there …. sanky : yaar they look so tough but she cares about everyone …. lucky : who ??? ….. sanky : arre swaraaa ….. lucky : haan u r right as her parents said she only wants to teach people lesson and nothing more ….. sanky : yeah but remember u r not going to say them that we know there secret….. lucky : ok …by the way aren’t they cute ?… ( blushing ) … sanky : ohho who is that lucky girl ….. … lucky : i’ll say u tomorrow

@ musicana
a guy in blue denims and black t shirt and blue jacket with sun glasses covering his eyes enters the collage ….. as he sees thunderz he waves hi !! and thunderz looks at him in frustrated manner ….. guy : hi guys … i came after so many days r u guys not going to welcome me …… abhi : sanjay we r not in mood ok so u can leave ….. sanjay : oh really !! now i’m leaving cause i have some work but later i’ll be back …. ( sanjay is thunderz childhood foe they don’t like each other if they r very angry they can kill each other why is it so will be revealed later )

in delhi @ mm
adarsh and pari came from the trip now they love each other parent’s sees that they started feelings for each other so they decide that they will get them married they announce the wedding adarsh and pari r happy …. as well as others they didn’t informed sanlak till now but soon will

precap : sanjay and thunderz arguments to make musicana hell ( i mean they’ll fight so much that no one is able to stop them and it becomes like hell ) ….

i know guys its too small but i’m not well so i’m not able to write plz forgive me i’m sry

Credit to: sannu

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    1. Thanks for liking my ff and yes thanks for your concern

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