swaragini DREAMS (episode 4)

hi guys welcome to epi 4 but before we start …… plz remember these r starting episodes so that is why swasan and raglak didn’t met, in today’s epi they’ll meet but ya first comes hatred then comes love so plz guys just have patience . it’s collage life so as other students they r having attitude this will take time ………… and if u guys read my intro i said i’ll end it when there marriage is done so i don’t wanna end it so soon by making them confess there love so soon then marriage then over …… like my ff ending in 9 or 10 epi … so i will take it my way hope u guys understand as every one has their own style i’ve mine so plz have patience ……. here we start the epi : @ kolkatta ( music collage name is musicana )

THUNDERZ comes out of the room as well as sanlak ……. sanlak goes in a different way and Thunderz in different ….. a girl wearing colorful kurti with yellow chudidar and chunni with a juice in her hand and mistakenly collide with ash and juice spills all over her dress ash ( without seeing her looking at her dress ) : u cheapster didn’t god gave u eyes ( angrily) abhi : ( dramatically ) oh no no ash she is not cheapster she is the one u like to play with sunny : yeah so how r u miss kriti ? did u miss us ? swara : so till now u must have gotta know what we can do and who we r ? !!!! kriti : what if i say i know and i’m not afraid of u guys like others in this collage ?? and i’ve created many hurdles for u guys

abhi : lol miss kriti .( thinks something )… well bravo haa? u do know us and u r not even afraid of us ?? well by the way u created hurdles for us.. what did u do ?? kriti : well simple in last week i did so many things but u guys didn’t even gotta know that i did u thought it has been happening mistakenly by ur self ?? ( confident ) sunny : but what did u do ? ( sweetly ) kriti : well first i took out some srews from abhi’s bike so then late night he gotta go by walk , then i applied gum on the bench a strong gum whuch ash didn’t saw and sat down and her new dress got spoiled , then i did some settings in which ur cars petrol got leaked and i filled it in a container and u guys gotta take the local bus which i was enjoying ur expressions while u guys were listening to that local people and etc etc ( she pranked with everyone ash , sunny , abhi , swara , ragini ) ( they were furious to that she did so many things and they didn’t even gotta know but they planned in there minds what to do with her only one shot and she’ll get to kow her limits )( whole collage was listening ) abhi : oh god !! i’m so happy ….. i mean she is so brave we wanna give u treat so tomorrow at the green lane cliff … OK ?? kriti : ok then bye ( excitedly ) ash : what did she thought foool tomorrow she is gonna pay for everything she did it’s morning @ gm

swaragini : bye ma bye ba shekhar : what happened is everything ok?? from so many days i’m observing u guys r busy swara : baa we got a new fool to prank on we have to arrange every thing na ? ( innocent face ) shekhar : ooh .. by seeing ur innocent face na people have to think that u r pranking on her or she is pranking at u ?? ( laughs ) sumi : but do u remember ur promise (swaragini gave their mom promise that they’ll play prank but on whome they r playing prank will not be in danger they’ll just learn lesson ) swaragini : yes ma we remember don’t worry ( and they bid bye to their parents and leave ) @ green lane cliff it is having greenery all over the cliff all the arrangements have been done the table and chairs r kept decorated with flowers ……Thunderz arrive there and r waiting for kriti ash : let her arrive ones then i’ll show her … but swara u said u r going to do something big what’s that ??

swara : just wait and watch a thing she will always remember that what’s the result of messing up with Thunderz give shock man !! ( cool attitude ) ( sanlak were passing by the cliff and saw Thunderz there and decided to spy on them as to what they were doing here and they hide behind a big tree ) just then they see kriti coming happily they give an evil smile to each other and starts there drama swara : yaar what kriti u came so late we were waiting na ?? kriti : yes swara actually i was deciding what to wear at last i got out my new dress and came sry ragz : don’t worry come lets sit and have some food ( they sit and talk on random topics their food gets finished )

kriti : swara why did u call me here i mean see it’s so danger that side all water is there if someone slips !! swara : don’t worry krispy nothing will happen come let’s go and wash our hand kriti : krispy ?? oh i got it we r friends na that’s why u r calling me krispy ok ok ( she tries to get up but can’t she tries many times but no use all went vain ) kriti : guys what happened ? why can’t i get up ? have u guys done something ?? ( scared ) ash : no no krispy might be that decorater which we hired done something up and down u dont wry come give ur hand ( they try to pull her as she gets up her dress gets torn by the back she starts crying nd covers it with her chunni that no boys should see that but neither boys were seeing her they faced their face in a different direction ) swara : don’t wry u have covered it na !! lets go and walk there ( she points at the tip of the cliff kriti including Thunders get doubtful as to what she is doing ) kriti : ok ( they all walk towards the tip and … swara pushes kriti and holds her hand kriti is hanging )

swara : this is for what u did with Thunderz so go and have a bath bye ( she leaves her hand kriti screams nooo but thunderz doesn’t because they know swara have a protective wall behind every prank or action she takes they smirk ) ( sanlak runs towards them ) sanky ; r u guys mad what did u do ? ( in a shock ) lucky : u can go to jail , she can die …. god!! what have u done …. ( tensed ) swara : oh hello mister who ever u r just stay away from our matter see ur safety don’t wry whether she’ll die or we’ll go to jail .. OK so just walk off ragz : yeah and if u really wanna save go and do something … by the way ( seeing towards thunderz ) guys it’s party time ( excitedly ) lucky : first u guys tore her dress and now this after all what u have done u guys r gonna do party .. r u humans or what ?? first time we saw u we were impressed to see ur friendship but now … disgustng !!

ragz : o mr we r not humans we r thunderz we’ll do what we want and secondly did we say u to get impressed no na ?? then go .. sanlak leaves from their furiously and thunderz party

PRECAP: sanlak at gadodia mansion swaragini shock to see them… why did they came to gm ??

Credit to: sannu


  1. Thanks ammu for encouraging me in my every ff, and yeah thanks rafee and arusha thanks a lot, and i’ m not gonna end my ff i’ m very excited to write as my exams r over and now I can write it without any tension

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