swaragini DREAMS (episode 3)

hi guys, SANNU here ….. hope u guys remember me …………………………… lets not waste time and jump into epi 3 ,
epi begins @ kolkata ( jamm room )
swara : guys i think we should see this kriti later first let’s concentrate on music
ragini : swara , then what they will think whole collage that… that looser what’s her name?!!!… …… yeah kriti said so much to our band member and we didn’t did anything ?!!!!
swara : common ragz nothing will happen we’ll se her after one weak …. till then she’ll get to know who we r , what we can do etc etc …… then she’ll come and say sorry to us we’ll give her some task and we’ll leave simple ( she says it simply )
ash : no yaar swara i wanted this prank to be memorable
swara : common yaar first think is music this concert important to us or that looser ……
(after thinking for sometime they all agree )
on other hand sanlak r waiting eagerly for the concert and for going kolkata , same adarsh and pari r going on trip after a week


@ kolkatta ( in music collage )
all the preparations r going on for the test and also for the students coming to the collage from all over india , every one is busy ….. the timings have been announced it’s 9 am to 6 pm …… it’s 8 :57 , first performance is of THUNDERZ as thunderz decided they wanted to finish it of early and rest as they were very exhausted after rehearsing for one week. the judges has taken their seats and the participants were roaming around, a big room like audi was given to them and was locked from inside that other students should not disturb them and thunderz has taken their places as they were about to start the song one of the judge stopped them .. they were confused as to what happened
judge 1 : we know u guys have prepared for rock song but now u guys have to sing a slow song a solo song ( all of them were shocked as for the sudden change)
sunny : but sir it was not informed to us …………………………. ( and all the members agree at that )
judge 2 : so u wanted it to be informed ….if u r not prepared then u can leave, a true musician a true singer is that who is always prepared whether it might be solo,classical, etc
thunderz get furious , abhi : i think u r new here ,u don’t know who we r ( cool attitude ) we r thunderz and we all r always prepared ( confidently )
judge 1 : ok then we r giving u 2 minutes hurry up and decide the song ( they all were thinking what do just then ash said lets sing HASI from (HAK ) in a different style half by boys and half by girl voice . but girl version only as it takes less time.. they all agree , comes on the stage takes their positions and here 1 , 2 , 3 and start )
first comes the music and a humming kind of voice of swara and ragz together : haan aaa ( their sweet voice floating around the room and attracting everyone like a fragrance of a sweet rose attracts butterflies , everyone gathered to here them as they always use to sing rock songs no one thought that they r good at solo too …. sanlak were also their they got their attention towards them and were mesmerized to hear their sweet voice and see their beauty )
swara : main jaan ye vaar doon , har jeet bhi haar doon , keemat ho koi tujhe be-intehaa pyaar doon ( x 2 )
( in her melodious voice attracting sanky speacailly)
continued by ragz : saari hadden meri , abb maine todd di , dekar tujhe pata , awaargi ban gaye ( attracting lucky too ) continued by abhi and in BG all others : haan hasi ban gaye haan nami ban gaye tum mere aasmaan , meri zameen ban gaye ( music ) now ash : kya khoob rab ne kiya , bin maange itna diya , warna he miklta kahan , hum kaafiron ko khuda ( x2)

sunny : hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili tum dua ab meri aakhri ban gaye ( no one till now expected that sunny would sing as he never did .everyone including thunderz were shocked as well as happy at his stunning voice and a unique type of attraction in his voice)
and now together everyone : haan hasi bangaye , haan nami ban gaye tum mere aasman , meri zameen ban gaye with proper up and downs in tune and now music
and the end … …( sanlak jaws dropped down on seeing there performance their confidence , friendship as they were smiling and were passing glances at each other between the test it seemed to them like it was just a rehearsal not a test but an amazing one )
sanky whispers in lucky’s ear : we need to practice a lot ( shockingly) and lucky nods in agreement ( till then Thunderz leaves the room as well as sanlak)
@ delhi in mm
adarsh and pari gets ready to leave they come to hall with their luggage
dp: sry beta pari we’re forcing u to go if it wasn’t important i would have never told u to
pari : no uncle it is not like that it’s ok i’m glad that i’m going to help u in a way ( elders planned that they will send both of them as a business trip )
adarsh : ok papa it’s time for our flight
dp : ok beta u both go bye …, and also take care
uttu and sam : bye di bye bhai ( adarsh and pari takes blessings from everyone and leaves ) .

i know adarsh pari part was small just u guys tell whether i should write that part or not plz comment on this topic hope u guys liked it
#smile always # be happy and support too as there r gonna be more turns and twists in the future

Credit to: sannu


  1. thanks ammu for liking my ff.. and for kiara i had exams so i didn’t wrote but now i’m free and i’ll write daily … and sujata i gave ur comment’s answer in starting of my epi 4 which i uploaded right now when it comes plz read the starting para hope u understand

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