swaragini DREAMS (episode 2)

Thanks to everyone who liked my ff thanq so much & sry for late update & one more thing I won’t be able to write ff cause of my exams which r gonna start from 9th but after exams I’ll surely write the ff daily
(And one more thing parineeta is doing job I didn’t wrote it in intro )
Right now my story might be boring but after 1 or 2 episodes it’s gonna be fun so and pairs r SWASAN & RAGLAK let’s begin with episode 2

In Kolkata
@ collage

Swaragini r in their jamm room one boy comes in he is in brown pants ,black tee shirt , drum sticks in his hand ( yes he is abhi )
Abhi : hi , beauties whasup ??
Swara : nothing much u say where is sunny and ash ??
Abhi : donno
Just then a boy and girl comes in
Boy : blue Jean , multi coloured tee shirt , and brand new sunglasses
Girl : pink sleeveless knee sized frock & high heels , her hair open with just a puff
Swaragini : thank god u both came today
Abhi : we were thinking u both will come tomorrow
ragini : yaar sunny and ash u both take so long to get ready
Ash : common I need a new wardrobe it’s so hard to decide what to wear I wore everything which is present in my present wardrobe.
Swara : whatever
Just then a man enters he is music sir
Sir : guys I’m here to say u that there is a concert going to be held after a month it’s “MUZIX” the bands all over India r gonna participate after 1 week we r gonna take test in collage it self who ever isvdoing nice will be participated for the finals in MUZIX who ever is gonna win this will get a chance to complete an album
Sunny : wow awesome (excited)
Ash :who is gonna defeat us?? ( attitude)
Swara: sounds cool ( bored)
Ragini : let’s do it (excited)
Abhi : we’ll win it’s for sure ( confident)
Sir : and also it’s gonna be held in our collage the teams who r gonna participate will come here after 1 week ( test) from all over India ( and leaves )
Ragini : let’s see them ( planning pranks )
They start practicing

In Delhi
@ collage

Sanlak gave performance they r very excited they sit in one room
Sanskar : wow lucky awesome yaar
Lucky : u too
Sanky : common let’s change and go home
( they change and r leaving collage )
Lucky : sanky let’s sit in garden for sometime
Sanky : ur right we’ll feel little fresh
( they sat on a bench & r drinking cool water)
Lucky : wow I felt so exhausted now with this cold water I’m feeling a bit normal
( just then a girl comes there )
Girl : hi sanky , my name is reena
Sanky : hi ( confused)
Girl : ( bends down on knees with a red rose in her hand ) sanky I love u
Sanky : ( shocked ) what !? But I don’t even know u we just met
( laksh is sitting on the bench while sanky is standing & he is giggling silently sanky notice this but ignores )
Reena : it’s OK u can take time we can go out some where
Sanky : but I don’t love u I don’t even want to
Reena : why am I not pretty or not good enough for u ??
Sanky : noooo it’s not like that but ……
( a man comes from there )
Man : u r here reena I was looking for u na
Sanky: who r u ??
Man : oh ur here , I’m her brother she is really crazy about u don’t mind if she said something
( he leaves with reena )
Sanky : ( sits on the bench ) u would have saved me but no u sat here giggling ( angrily)
Lucky : calm down . but I don’t understand u never flirt with anyone then also …. Hahahaha
Sanky : very funny ( annoyed)

In Delhi
@ restaurant

Pari : kaka bake this cake a little more
Kaka: OK mam

Janki : well going come eat something
Pari : OK maa ( she leaves from kitchen and sits on a table with a bowl of pasta)
Janki : common have it and rest for sometime
Pari : maa where r u going??
Janki : I’ve some work dear I’ve to leave
Pari : ok
( janki leaves )
(Adarsh enters there and unknowingly sits on the same table )( pari sees this,)
Pari : hey hi !
Adarsh : hi I actually ..
Pari : it’s OK u can sit
Adarsh: so u here
Pari : yeah u actually took leave and was helping maa
(Adarsh and pari knows each other very well cause samaira is uttaras besty plus janki and ap t gud friends too in short they r family friends)
Pari : and u ??
Adarsh : actually I went for survey and was really hungry that’s why
Pari : ooh
( they have sweet convo and finish there food and adarash leaves )

@ collage

Samaira : what happens uttu u look so angry today
Uttara : yes I’m angry
Samaira : why??
( uttara says everything and samaira burst out laughing)
Uttara : why r u laughing??
Samaira: fool , our brothers say like that but they love u . did they said u sry ??
Uttara: no
Samaira : OK then let it be . I was thinking to stay at ur place .
Uttara: wow awesome
Samaira: but for now let’s attend the class
( they both leave for the class)

In Kolkata

Swara: let’s take a break
Abhi : yeah , I’ll get something to eat
Ragini : cool come back soon
Sunny: I just need some fresh air
Ash: do u guys know some refreshers r coming today at our collage
( sunny leaves with his guitar )
In collage garden, sunny sits there and is playing guitar he is in deep thoughts just then a girl comes there and throws a coin in front him
Girl: oo poor boy ,want some more?!! ( teasingly) all the people around laughs at him

Sunny fumes with anger but before he could say something girl leaves
Sunny in mind : she must be from refreshers because anyone from collage cant do this ,huh , u messed up with a wrong person now be ready
( he leaves for jamm room )

@ jamm room
Sunny : guys we have to plan ( busy attitude)
Swara : what??
Sunny : prank sweety
Ragini : refreshers!?
Sunny: yeah a girl (and reveals everything)
Ash : after such a long time , let’s make this prank memorable
Abhi : I’ll get her details
Swara : cool ,now let the fun begin ( evil smile)

In Delhi
@ MM

It’s 5 pm sanlak arrived home
Ap : how was ur performance ??
Lucky : we just rocked it and …
Sanky : ( cuts him) and by ur blessings
Sujata: very good now have lunch
Lucky : noooo we’re not hungry
( they both leave for preparations for saying sorry to uttara)
Just then uttara arrives with samaira
Samaira: hello aunty
Ap & sujata : hi beta
Sujata: have lunch na
Samaira : sure aunty I’m very hungry
Uttara : OK then I’ll go to room u have lunch and come
( uttara leaves she enters the room , whole room is lightened up big sorry is written on the wall with great font her fav ice creams and chocolates r on table )
Uttara : new drama
Lucky : sry
Uttara: ur so sweet u did so much but next time if u scold me I’m not going to forgive u
Lucky : thanq
Sanky: atlast
They all have a group hug samaira enters
Samaira: oooh someone was very angry
Uttara: past is past
They all laugh and eats ice cream & chocolates

@ vina house
Janki: god where is Sam ( samaira)
Pari: maa she is staying at mm
Janki : oh well let’s go to mm I’ve some work there
Pari : OK

( they both leave for mm)
@ mm
Adarsh , pari , uttara , samaira , ap r having fun
Janki : what do u think??
Dp : yes , what about u ram??
Ram : what bhaisa??
Janki: pari and adarsh r gud friends
Dp : they both like each other
Ram : ( understands) yes pari is well mannered , responsible, honest and humble girl . I’ll be blessed having daughter in law like her
Sujata: yes I like her too
Ap comes and they say about it
Ap : wow awesome I like her too
Everyone agrees they plan to send them somewhere far so that they both can be alone and think about themselves after they return they’ll say about marriage

In sanlak room
Sanky is thinking about reena
Lucky: I think u have fell in love with her.
Sanky : ( dramatically) hahaha very funny
Lucky : then what r u thinking??
Sanky: I’m thinking how is love??
Lucky : I donno , I just flirt I don’t love
( all of them adarsh,pari,Sam,uttara enters).
Adarsh: love?? I think knowing eachother very well
Pari : same
Uttara & Sam : trust
Sanky: thank god it’s not love between me and reena
Adarsh : but what happened??
( lucky reveals everything everyone laughs)

Sanky gets a call he attends it he gets happy sanky comes to lucky & says everything everyone is happy ( it’s about MUZIX)
sanky : we’re already selected cause of our performance today we’re going to Kolkata after a week

In Kolkata
@ gadodia mansion

Swara: huh, exhausted
Ragini: question of the day : what’s ur opinion on love??
Swara: in conditional
Ash: our loved ones happiness
Sunny: sharing every moment happy ,sad..
Abhi: hurdles , have to go through many of them
Ragini: trust ,unity.
Swara: by the way abhi did u got her info
Abhi : yeah, her name is kriti abhiwan
Rags: and??
Abhi: middle class family , father is doing job he gets paid 50,000 per month
Mom is house wife , big bro in US for studies, small two sis 4 & 5 class , she does a part time job
Rags: cool tomorrow morning
Sunny : OK let’s leave it’s 8 pm
( sunny,ash,abhi leaves in car) ( shekhar and sharmistha comes home)
Swaragini : hi dad hi mom
Shekhar : hi princesses
( they all go in & have a family chat )

Precap:a week leap. THUNDERZ performance !! Sanlak comes Kolkata !!
How will be our heroes entry towards our heroins??! , pranks on kriti !! adarsh and pari on trip !! Will they realise there love??!

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