swaragini DREAMS (episode 1)

Hi guys,
I did mistake in intro in adarsh’s it was written help in family actually it was ‘works in family business ‘.sry for the mistake. And let’s begin with episode 1

In Kolkata

Big golden gates r shown security guards r at there work .As we enter inside beautiful tiles r laid till some distance for parking and as we go in further we see a great garden, land filled with grass ,so many plants and trees r there sofa set is also present with a small table as we go in further we see a great mansion with latest architectural design and inspiring colors . ( it’s 7 am )
Inside in one room a lady is getting ready she is wearing a modern saree ( in serial ragini use to wear when she became the owner of maheshwari property) and let her hair open ( straight hair ) ,she is looking beautiful her face is revealed she is sumi .
A man in pure peoffesional dress comes there and says ‘sumi , where is my wallet and watch ‘
Sumi : shekhar it’s in 3rd drawer .
Yes the man is shekhar
Shekhar : thanks sweet heart
Sumi: it’s OK now go and have your breakfast today is your important meeting remember ??!! And have to leave at 8
Shekhar : obviously I do , and one more thing I’ve to prepare for the presentation so I called whole staff today at 8am so that we can work together & meeting is at 10am
Sumi : OK we’ll do breakfast now come hurry, however our princesses morning is going to be at 9 only

They do breakfast and shekhar leaves

Sumi gets a call she gets worried she says ‘ kaki I’ve to leave there is an emergency when swaragini wakes up give them breakfast bye’ ( kaki is old worker of gadodia family )
Kaki : ok I’ll bye

A room is shown painted with pink color
there are two study tables, dressing table , cupboards, couch & one huge bed .
A girl wearing black jeans and blue sleeveless tee shirt with black heel shoes and she is in a high pony she is ragini
Another girl is shown she is wearing black color jeans with pink sleeveless tee shirt with flat black fashionable shoes and her hair open straight she is swara
They both gets ready and comes in the kitchen
Swara : kaki what is there in breakfast today
Kaki : sandwich and Orange juice
Ragini : oh OK give us we’ll have it
Kaki gives them breakfast and they leave
Swaragini r in garden sitting on sofa having there breakfast
Swara: rags first we’ll go to music collage and let’s rehears
Rags : yeah I also messaged everyone that first music collage ( they r having a group on whats app called Thunderz)
They finish their breakfast
Rags sits on her bike while swara on hers
They both leave with a great speed

In Delhi

Huge iron gates are shown guards are at their work as we go in there is parking area ( no garden ) as we go in further there is a big mansion


A women is arranging breakfast at dining table she is in traditional saree and heavy jewelry her face is revealed she is Anapurna another women comes in saree ( nor too traditional nor too modern,) and says ‘ jiji there is 35% off on sarees today we’ll go shopping’
Ap smiles and says ‘ sujata yesterday only we went for shopping na !’. Yeah that women is sujata
Sujata: jiji yesterday it was for jewelry today for saree plz jiji
Ap : okok we’ll go first let’s do breakfast
Sujata : thanq I’ll wake up uttara
(And she leaves)
A man comes there sits on the chair of dining table his face is revealed he is dp ( clothes are as same as in serial )
A man comes there and says’ bhaisa we’ve meeting today at 12:30 pm ‘. Yes he is ram
Dp : OK then tell adarsh to go on survey today and u come have breakfast
Ram : OK bhaisa
A boy comes there in brown color shirt and black pants and says ‘ gud morning bade papa & badi maa’ ap smiles
Dp : gud morning , adarsh today u go for survey ( yeah he is adarsh )
Adarsh : OK bade papa

A room is shown it’s painted with dark blue and white color many photo frames r their on wall there are two study tables , one dressing table( filled with perfumes , watches and stylish hand bands ) , and obviously cupboards , a couch & a huge bed on which two boys r sleeping peacefully a girl in long kurti and jeans with chunni her hair open straight comes inside and says ‘ offo u guys r sleeping till now it’s 7:45 bade papa is calling u for breakfast ‘
( no respond )
Girl : plz bro’s wake up

( no respond )
Girl : my sweet , cute , handsome, intelligent brothers na plz wake up
( no respond )
Girl tickles them
(No respond)
Girl : enough is enough ( angrily)
She goes and comes with an average sized bucket filled with water and she pours it on them both of the boys wakes up in a shock ‘ what have u done uttara ?! Don’t u have any sense. Mad girl ‘ one boy says angrily ( yes she is uttara )
Uttara : what ?? I’m younger than u so u should pamper me right ?! But no here I should pamper my elder brothers and also hear their scoldings…now get ready bade papa is calling for breakfast (angrily and leaves )
Another boy : yaar lucky, why did u say so much she got angry again now what to do ?? ( yes the boy is laksh our lucky )
Lucky : first let’s get ready sanky, then we’ll think. ( yeah the another boy is sanskar our sanky)
Sanky : ok let’s get ready

They both gets ready
Lucky is wearing black Jean white full sleeved tee shirt with green sleeveless puffy looking colard jakcet
Sanky is wearing black Jean white tee shirt with full sleeved jacket
Both r looking stunning
They both leave for breakfast
Dp : come sanlak have breakfast
( everyone is sitting on dining table uttara is sitting between sanlak )
Uttara in her mind : now they both r sitting beside me oh god !! Why always me ?? But I’m not going to talk to them
Under the table :
Suddenly someone taps on her foot with their foot she sees sanky ,yes it was sanky he makes a sorry face she makes an angry
Look and continues eating same happens after a while this time it’s lucky he makes a pleading look she rejects again
Dp : OK u both u guys said yesterday u have to talk to me what is it ??
Sanky : actually papa we’ve performance today it would have been nice if u all would have come
Sujata : sry beta but we’ve loads of work to do
Sanky : it’s OK then ( sadly )
Ram : don’t worry beta our blessings and gud wishes will always be there with u
Everyone wishes them luck except uttara

Uttara : I’ve finished ( leaves to kitchen ignoring sanlak )
Sanlak goes to kitchen lucky whispers in uttara’s ear ‘today is our performa..’
She cuts him and says ur performance my foot’. ( and leaves )
Both sanlak r hell shocked she never talked to them like that before and also they understood that she was very hurt by Lucky’s words
They both decides that they’ll see uttara later first they’ll concentrate on performance / concert
Both sanlak leaves
As well as uttara leaves for collage

Other side in delhi
A beautiful independent house is shown
A women is doing pooja she is in a normal saree her hair open she is janki
Behind her two girls r standing
One is wearing pink long frock with blue Jean her hair tied in a plat she is looking beautiful she is samaira
Another girl is wearing chudidar and short shirt with chunni her hair open straight she is looking very pretty she is parineeta
After the Pooja is done. they have breakfast
Samaira : I need to go , uttara might have reached collage bye mom bye sis
Janki : I also need to go to restaurant there is some work
Pari : mom today I’m taking leave so I’ll come with u
All of them leaves

Precap : thunders bonding , sanlak trying to say sorry to uttara and more part for vina family

I know I did very small part for vina family but in next ff I’ll write more .

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