Swaragini – dreams, aspirations and love episode 4

Episode 3
Ep 4:
Swara went to college but while coming back someone kidnapped her.
A leap of five years
In this five years everything is changed Raglak is married and they have four year kid name piyush and laksh and Sanskar both set up a company they became successful business man in Kolkata. And Ragini and her parents missed Swara badly as they didn’t found till now and they hope someday they will meet her.

A girl came in a black Audi and stopped at an office and she came out and afterwards another girl came out and saw the building it is written Swara Gadodia industries and enterprises
Girl 2: Shall we go piya
Girl 1: yes swara madam
The girl 2 is none other than Swara and piya is her PA
They both entered the office whole office greeted swara and she went to her cabin.
And she sat in her chair and took out her family photo and talked to the photo mom dad Ragini di I miss you all and I am sorry I didn’t come to meet you all but wait for some time I am coming to Kolkata and take you all with me and we will settle in Mumbai after that she called her PA to ask about today schedule and she is immersed in her work

Ragini is crying thinking about Swara she missed her very badly and suddenly laksh came and saw Ragini crying.
Laksh: Ragini please don’t cry we will meet swara soon if your sister see like this then she will beat me as why I let you cry I promised her that I will take care of your sister and I will not make her cry
Ragini: laksh I miss her she is my little sister I am not able to control myself from crying
Laksh: Ragini don’t cry swara will come to us soon
Ragini: Really Laksh she will come to us
Laksh: yes now stop crying and smile
Ragini stops crying and smiles a little
Laksh: that’s my good girl
Ragini: laksh you are dumb I am mother of kid and you are calling me good girl
Laksh: so what you are a girl first then mother
Ragini: waste to talk with you and where Sanskar and piyush is if they both team up together then they will do prank on everyone and we cannot control them Sanskar being elder behaves like a kid with piyush
Laksh: they both went out to roam
Ragini: ok I will go down to help mom
Laksh: Ragini I am planning to have a princess now so why don’t you agree
Ragini: what and then realizes no
Laksh: yes
Ragini: no
And tries to run but laksh holds her and takes her to bed and they consummate

@Swara office:
Swara completed her work and called her PA Piya.Swara is waiting when she heard a knock on the door
Swara: come in
Piya: madam you called me?
Swara: yes tomorrow I don’t want any meetings and appointments am on leave as am in leave I want to give all of the staff holiday so announce them and you are also on leave
Piya: ok madam and thanks
Swara: not needed ok I am leaving now and if you have any work then complete it and if you got late then call me from landline or any phone I will arrange a car for you
Piya: ok madam bye
(Guys I want to say one thing swara arranges car for every female employ and male employ those who work late nights and if there cell is switched off then they call from office landline but separate for male and female it’s for their safety)
Swara left her office and entered to big mansion it is her house on the wall its written shekhar and sharmistha mansion.
She kept her parents name on it and she entered to her house and went straight to her room and closed it

Precap: Swara meets her family

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